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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 436 I give you my heart Read Novel

Chapter 436 I give you my heart VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 436 I give you my heart VERSATILE MAGE

Mo Fan himself was a magician of the shadow element, so when the dense aura of this element appeared around him, he could easily recognize it.

The shadow element refers to dark magic. And if an ordinary shadow scatters in the light, then you can enter the magical shadow even in the light, like in a dark cave that cannot be seen from afar.

The student campus was poorly lit, it was easy to get to the forest near. Only now it was so dark that nothing could be seen in it at arm’s length.

This forest darkness was not akin to a black hole from where they didn’t return, however, it was easy to get lost there.

And he, apparently, is a great magician of the shadow element!!! I just have to find him thought Mo Fan, waiting for the criminal.

Initially, Mo Fan was planning to directly burst into the girls dormitory and grab this impudent Now, he decided not to invade the female space, but to wait him here, carefully hiding under the magic of shadow.

Mo Fan was very patient.

If you do not be patient, then everything will go to dust. Especially when you consider that the magic of the enemy’s shadow is far superior to his own.

Two vampire fangs cost 20 million!!!

After a while, Mo Fan heard footsteps in the corridor.

Mo Fan went to the side of the balconies and saw a fragile girl go down the drainpipe!

This is Liu Zhu! Mo Mo Fan thought.

It really was her. Her appearance was still painful, and it seemed to Mo Fan that she could collapse down at any moment.

The girl went downstairs and without any problems crawled through the fence, finding herself in the forest.

The dark forest literally swallowed the fragile silhouette of a young girl.

Feeling that the girl was in danger, Mo Fan fell into thought.

Damn it! This vampire had already seduced her! Is that why she crawled out here to replenish him with her blood? Moan Fan cursed.

Mo Fan did not expect to face such a situation, but the girl had to be rescued!

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Liu Zhu herself went to the separated networks. It’s hard to say what was supposed to happen so that it crawled off campus.

And this vampire is not one of the simpletons either! Feeling the taste of her sister’s blood, he decided to attack her too!

Mo Fan was not afraid to act, but the situation was complicated by the fact that up to this point he had never had the chance to personally see this vampire.

Mo Fan watched Liu Zhu. Using his shadow magic, he could clearly see in the dark.

Liu Zhu continued to advance into the depths of the forest. There was no emotion on her face, like a sleepwalker.

However, when she got to the wider part of this forest, out of nowhere, another silhouette appeared.

This was a man in a red windbreaker, whose collar covered his chin and cheekbones. Only his nose and sinister eyes were visible

Mo Fan tried to look at him, but he didn’t succeed: his face seemed to be washed out by some kind of haze. This technique is very often used by vampires to hide their identity, because they exist among people

Liu Zhu’s hands were behind her. Slowly she walked toward this man in a windbreaker. The whole atmosphere around was also blurred, a strange aroma filled the space

The fragile silhouette of a girl was already standing in front of a guy in a windbreaker. Slowly she raised her head, like a concubine, that she was following her master’s decree

A guy in a windbreaker opened his arms as if inviting her into his arms

Enchanted Liu Zhu took a step towards him And at the moment when she was at his chest, he flashed his teeth, among which two sharp fangs were the most prominent Fangs that cost 20 million!!!!

Mo Fan was about to intervene. However, at the most crucial moment, he saw in the girl’s hands that there was a cold shine behind her back


The cold dagger flashed because of her the backs Liu Zhu’s eyes flashed with fierce anger, she waved with all her strength and without the slightest shadow of a doubt thrust the dagger directly into the silhouette that stood in front of her! stuck too deep.

Not a drop of blood came out on the boy’s chest, as if a blade had been pierced into a dead body.

Mo Fan was dumbfounded He couldn’t even think that Liu Zhu would throw such a thing

All the time she kept her hands behind, and Mo Fan would never imagine, that she had a silver dagger in her hands!

And you surprised me A mere mortal who dared to attack a werewolf the guy said quietly.

He still stood in his place. A silver blade pierced his heart, but he did not utter a sound of torment. He even said something to Liu Zhu.

The girl hastily took a few steps back. Her eyes were filled with hatred and anger.

It is sad that you do not believe the legends of vampires. The silver dagger stuck in my heart will not bring any sense But if you want to get my heart like that, then I will give it to you I will give you everything that you want I like you so much! a quiet voice of a guy was heard.

After that, a guy in a windbreaker sharpened his claws and stuck them into his chest!

He torn his chest, taking his heart out of it

* The sound of a heartbeat *

* The sound of a heartbeat *

It was a living heart that continued to beat

A blade stuck out of my heart, but not a drop of blood was visible either!

I give you my heart! As the most ideal man in the world! The guy said.

However, Liu Zhu’s heart was still filled with sadness and hatred about his sister’s death. Looking at the vampire, she continued to back away

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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