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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 439 Do not let prey escape! Read Novel

Chapter 439 Do not let prey escape! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 439 Do not let prey escape! VERSATILE MAGE

The pale-faced man leaned back and said: Next time I will be more careful, but this little magician who saved my prey, did you find him?

How to search if you don’t know how exactly does he look. But if you accidentally stumbled upon a hunter mage, then we have big problems! said a middle-aged man.

Then I will kill him.

Turn on the brain, after the death of a simple person, unforeseen circumstances may arise, and if the magician dies, do you really think that the league of hunters will not be interested in what happened? So calm down and sit quieter than the water below the grass, a middle-aged man warned.

You are always too strict with me, why exactly with me? Why didn’t you stop her, didn’t make her sit back, and put everything on us? The pale-faced man said displeasedly.

The middle-aged man answered in a cold tone: You are always different was careless. She is in a huge educational institution, among thousands of students she does not attract any attention, why should I forbid her to do something?

The pale-faced man was in a depressed mood and did not answer.

Okay, Not Dong, stick to what I just talked about. In no case do not touch that girl’s sister, otherwise you’ll trap yourself and no one will help you anymore, the middle-aged man said.

I know.


After the man left, the pale-faced Nie Dong continued to sit in the bar, draining one glass after another.

After waiting late at night, he left the club, got into his a luxurious blue sports car, and hid behind the Mountain Park.

The park was located in the north near the cottage village, by car it was possible to get to the very top, and from it observe all the beauty of the night city.

Not Dong was waiting in the car, looking in the rearview mirror, straightened his hair. He could, using his dark magic, lure women, and tonight was just right for this.

After a while, a white BMW drove up to him.

At that time is always quiet, and there are almost never cars. A girl was sitting in a BMW. She was an adult, a bright red stripe squeezing her breasts, shoulders and back were completely open, creating a strong sexual aura around.

Not Dun looked at her, while still offended by the elder, he simply burned, glaring at this beauty. The girl got out of her car and jumped into the back seat towards him.

Mmm, you’re so hot, the girl said with a smile, but passionately.

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It’s all you that burn me so fiercely, said Nie Dong, passionately kissing her neck and lips.

He was a very skilled man, and she moaned from every slight movement of his tongue, from gentle nibbles, wriggled from passionate kisses, and touches to the back of her neck pierced her, as if by an electric discharge, transmitted from the neck to the tips of the toes, then back up between them

He slowly stuck her teeth into her neck, the girl gasped, bent like a bowstring, turned white, and continued to make moaning sounds, like a kitten asking for help. There was a playful smile on Nie Dun’s face, and he looked very deeply immersed in the process, but his thoughts were far from that.

The taste of this woman had nothing to do with those twins, it’s like a low-grade Ergotou (the famous strong 60-70 ° Chinese vodka) and Maotai are of the highest quality.

And the higher quality you tried the blood, the lower the hunt for something average. Moreover, such a rich man who does not cause any emotions, except for the thirst to take her. Easily accessible women of this kind, with their relaxedness, are deprived of all kinds of aromas, which also badly affects the quality of blood.

But how can you again deceive Liu Zhu?, Nie Dong’s soul was extremely sad.

No, it’s impossible to endure, somehow I need her, her body is my nightmare. And to find her, oh, how simple Is she going to be under guard all the time?, Nie Dong said to himself.

It was impossible to tear myself away from Liu Xi`an, otherwise it could happen that it turned out to suck out all her blood, causing Nie Dong to obsess with her sister, Liu Zhu. It combined fragility and tenderness with perseverance and strength.

And the bloodlines? Are they really such a big problem?

This damn hunter, always self-confident Let them all try their own countermeasures on themselves! Let them know that the prey never escapes from him Nie Dong!!!


I need to go, I have classes tomorrow. You know, I’m not ordinary, the girl’s white face was already a little bloodshot.

I know, finished, None Dong himself didn’t want to chat with this girl in vain, climbed into the front a seat, and quickly drove away, baring his snow-white fangs.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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