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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 440 Divine Grace Read Novel

Chapter 440 Divine Grace VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 440 Divine Grace VERSATILE MAGE

The campus was teeming with young energy. Not all university students were as experienced as Mo Fan, who had already seen all evil monsters.

Having no experience of encountering magical creatures, never exposed to universal hatred, campus students lived in bright hopes.

Sitting on a long bench in the rain of falling leaves, Liu Zhu unwittingly began to envy students of the magical university.

She was an ordinary girl who did not possess magical powers. She looked at these magicians and thought that magical power could resist a powerful vampire. Now she began to regret that she had not tried to enter a magic school at the time, because then she would not have looked so pathetic now.

Mo Fan lived on the campus of Mingzhu University. For Liu Zhu, this was the first time she hit the walls of a magical university. She was not used to being in a world unfamiliar to her. She did not know how she would continue to live her life alone.

As night fell, the air became colder. Liu Zhu met a lot of guys who were interested in her unusually attractive aura. In normal times, Liu Zhu would have been very glad of such attention from the opposite sex, but now she did not have any mood for flirting. Closing her eyes, she involuntarily imagined a vampire in a windbreaker, who was mysteriously standing in the dark

Are the classes over?Asked Liu Zhu, a well-known guy with a smile on his face. I was looking for information. There is so much magical information in the university library I looked through, but I couldn’t find any records about vampires, said Mo Fan.

Let me help you. There is too much work for you alone, said Liu Zhu.

Okay, then I’ll take you to the library tomorrow Mo Fan nodded his head.

Next the day of Mo Fan early led Liu Zhu to the library. By coincidence, Ai Tu Tu went there with them.

Ai Tu Tu was angry. The rules of the hostel forbid bringing outsiders to themselves, and Mo Fan not only brought an outsider, but also allowed her to spend the night!

In the early morning, she saw a girl wearily leave the room of Mo Fan At that moment her anger arose on him! In addition, she told Mu Well Jiao about everything, so that she also understood what Mo Fan was!

Mu Well Jiao was calm, but she also did not understand why Mo Fan brought the girl so she was in the hostel.

Mo Fan tried to explain to both of them the situation, however, they still did not decide whether to believe him or not. Especially Ay Tu Tu, who brazenly snuggled up with them.

Listen, I said I came here to work! Don’t bother me! said Mo Fan Ai Tu Tu.

The activities of the hunter are associated with great risk, so Mo Fan can not draw people into these matters. Since Liu Zhu was hiding from the vampire, Mo Fan went on the second day and took himself another room in the hostel.

Who’s stopping here? Aren’t you looking for information about vampires? I can also help you with this! Yes, I can even help you catch him! Grumbled Ai Tu Tu.

Ai Tu Tu only wanted to make sure that there was no other relationship between Mo Fan and Liu Zhu. So she allegedly tried to save Mu Well Jiao.

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Enough! From this moment you should not climb to me! Do you understand? said Mo Fan, not giving Ai Tu Tu the opportunity for profanity.

Ai Tu Tu, seeing the angry mood of Mo Fan, froze.

After a while she started to beat with his hands and feet, and tears flowed from her eyes

By sending Ai Tu Tu, Mo Fan himself was able to catch his breath.

However, Mo Fan drove Ai Tu Tu not because it could really hinder, but only because vampires hiding among people can attack not only the hunters themselves, but also people from their environment.

For this reason, Mo Fan decided not to draw other prey in their hunting business. Even if we take into account the fact that Ai Tu Tu and Mu Well Jiao were fairly strong mid-level magicians, in a decisive situation all their determination will evaporate somewhere!

Evil lurking among people can destroy even the strongest magicians!

The library was very large and had many floors.

Because the roof of the library, like the books, was old, there were very few students on the floor. Mo Fan and Liu Zhu continued to explore the shelves, waiting for Lin Lin to call if she suddenly got news.

Lin Lin continued to monitor the club all this time, waiting for the vampire to appear. However, he never showed up, apparently suspecting surveillance.

Lin Lin was a little Lolita. Possessing a murderous intellect, she skillfully used various cuties in her behavior inherent in her age, so that even adults did not have doubts about her.

Who would guess that little Lolita was experienced enough? Is the hunter working together against all evil spirits?

Until Lin Lin got the news, Mo Fan only had to sort through the materials, hoping to find useful information about vampire weaknesses.

Mo Fan remembered that after the moment the vampire pulled out his heart from his chest, a huge hole in his chest tightened quickly. This means that using conventional methods to confront a creature with such abilities simply does not make sense. Maybe there is something useful in the ancient books

Looking at the shelves, Mo Fan’s gaze suddenly caught the look of a familiar back.

Her blue and black hair gently flowed down her back Without turning back, the girl also carefully looked for some book.

Looking at this beautiful back, Mo Fan recognized her owner.

Ding Yu Mian, did not expect to see you here Mo Fan muttered under his breath.

Everything in this goddess was beautiful: no other girl I could not wear this hairstyle and this clothes so elegantly

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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