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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 441 Capture Plan Read Novel

Chapter 441 Capture Plan VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 441 Capture Plan VERSATILE MAGE

Mo Fan was surprised that there was no Huang Xing Li near Ding Yu Mian.

Ding Yu Mian was looking for some kind of book. There were very few people on the floor, so it was not difficult for Mo Fan to watch her from the side. Later he saw that she pulled out a red leather bound book on fire magic.

Suddenly, the girl turned around, staring with her beautiful eyes at Mo Fan.

It’s you Ding Yu Mian quickly recognized him.

By the way, after those events on the site, there was no person left in the whole university who did not know who Mo Fan was. He again managed to confirm his nickname Despot (Trait).

Amazing, Mo Fan laughed. The first time he saw Ding Yu Mian’s face.

The girl was worthy of the title of beauty queen: her skin was perfect, her nose was small and neat, and her eyes sparkled with such powerful attractive energy that anyone fell under their charm.

Perhaps this was the influence of the element of fire, but Ding Yu Mian possessed a special flirtatiousness that fell into the soul.

Are you looking for a book? The girl asked.

Ding Yu Mian did not expect to see Mo Fan here. All this time, she heard his name from all sides, even Huang Xing Li, without shutting up, talked about this Despot.

Yes. But unfortunately, I haven’t been on campus for so long, so I can’t find the book I need, answered Mo Fan.

What exactly are you looking for? continued to ask Ding Yu Mian.

Books related to vampires, Mo Fan replied. By the appearance of the girl, one could say that she very often happens in the library.

I will help you, the girl replied.

Mo Fan was a little puzzled: it seemed to him that she is usually cold with strangers, how did it happen that she herself so sincerely volunteered to help him?

Is she really fascinated by his inner charm?

Ding Yu Mian was really very well oriented in the library. After a while, she brought several books and put them in front of Mo Fan.

Seeing Liu Zhu behind, she left without saying anything.

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Mo Fan never managed to introduce them. Seeing that Ding Yu Mian was quickly leaving, a feeling of sadness came over him.

Mo Fan and Liu Zhu shared the work. The books that Ding Yu Mian brought brought out were the ones they tried so vainly to find. The books told the stories of famous vampires, described their strengths and what they were most afraid of.

Historical sources said that vampires were not really afraid of garlic, crosses, wooden stakes and holy water from religious temples. They are afraid of another type of holy water: the liquid obtained by exposure to the elements of the light element.

Everything is logical: vampires are creatures of dark magic, so light magic is the most powerful weapon against them!

In every living being there is a living spirit. If there is no replenishment of this spirit, then the creature becomes aggressive!

The books also had notes on how to grab them.

Among the mid-level magic, the most powerful cordon spell is spikes of the shadow element. They can paralyze not only the victim’s body, but also his spirit. However, since all vampires are venerable shadow magicians, and besides, they do not have their own shadow, using this spell against them is simply pointless.

Traps of the elements of water, light and lightning will be effective against them.

It may be necessary for Mo Fan to ask for help in order to catch that vampire.

If we talk about the element of light, then Mo Fan has Zhao Man Yan, the main whose element of magic is light, and secondary water This guy will certainly be useful

Mo Fan found Zhao Man Yan. Without thinking twice, he agreed to a friend’s request.

After everything that happened to them in the city of Jin Lin, Zhao Man Yan treated Mo Fan as a brother!

Zhao Man Yan, learning that vampires hunt only girls, seriously set about eradicating them.

There are not so many girls of this age in the country, and then there are all sorts of vampires hunting them!

I am constantly haunted by the feeling that someone is constantly watching me I go to the audience, and it seems to me that there is someone behind the podium, in the park as if someone hiding behind a tree I feel this look on myself said the frightened Liu Zhu to Mo Fan.

When Mo Fan left to meet with a friend, Liu Zhu was left all alone. When Mo Fan returned, she hastened to tell him about her feelings.

This is an obsession. The books say that vampires have the ability to sow the seeds of fear in the souls of their victims, which is why people everywhere begin to imagine their presence, said Mo Fan.

Or that vampire seriously laid eyes on Liu Zhu Vampires they don’t let their victims go for nothing.. said Lin Lin.

Anything is possible Therefore, we should look after Liu Zhu soon. Zhao Man Yan to take care of her, Mo Fan expressed his plans.

Your roommates in the hostel can they be trusted? asked Lin Lin.

It’s hard to say Representatives of the golden youth are hardly less dangerous for Liu Zhu than the vampire himself, Mo Fan said.

Lin Lin did not find what to say.

Liu Zhu, who was standing nearby, also did not know what to say. She knew only one thing: in the name of revenge for the death of her sister, she was ready for anything!

Mo Fan returned to the hostel, and Lin Lin used her methods to keep an eye on Liu Zhu.

If the vampire really penetrated the campus to influence Liu Zhu, then the plan of Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan was to network him.

However, the main campus of Mingzhu University remained a magical place. In any other place, it would not have been difficult for them to destroy him Will they be able to ambush him on the magical campus???

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