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Chapter 443 Substitution VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 443 Substitution VERSATILE MAGE

Lin Lin came up later. Using her hunting certificate, she called the police here to seal them all.

The university administration said they could only help if Mo Fan provided them with this vampire as evidence

After Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan left, a guy in a black cape appeared not far from the scene, watching everything that happened with a grin.

Did you see? They are killed about the death of a low-born girl. They didn’t even dare to report this to the league of hunters, they just called the police, and all because they couldn’t save her and they can’t prove anything, said the guy in the cloak.

His black the cape was very wide a fragile female figure was still hiding under it. The girl’s mouth was closed, and she herself could not even move.

The girl’s eyes were wide open She saw Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan find her body, but she couldn’t believe the words of a vampire.

Anger gripped her.

Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan saw her dead in the forest, and there really lies a corpse

But she did not die! This vampire seized her!!!

Then what did Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan see?!

This is the body of her sister!!!

This vampire then fired her sister’s body More than three months later, and her body was so well preserved Who knows why he kept her body for so long But the most amazing thing is that he used a corpse her sisters, to fool Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan!

They tried so hard to protect her What should they feel when they found her body

And soon they will forget you! And you will understand how much I love you! said Nie Tung with a strange grin.

His laughter hit right in the girl’s ears, but she couldn’t do anything Liu Zhu was too weak for that. She could only watch what was happening

Do not you think that you got rid of the worldly load? All your life you spent in anxiety and waiting for a meeting with me Now that you are with me, you must be feeling peaceful? Whispered Nie Dong.

The girl’s eyes were full of tears, through force she said: You showed yourself! Even if you tie me to you, I will never become the same dirty and evil monster like you!.

And what about now? Ha ha ha It’s okay, you and I still have a lot of time ahead to get to know each other better And yes, don’t really count on your death, for those like us death is just the beginning of a new life Nun Dong said with a smile.

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Liu Zhu was silent. She remembered the entry in the book, which said that vampires could turn people into people like themselves

She had a sense that he wanted to turn her into a vampire too!

The human age is too short We are so calm only because we will live as long as the planet exists Now you are so angry, wait It will take several years, several tens of years, even a hundred years And then you’ll understand that today’s case is just an insignificant conflict, said Nie Dong.

Liu Zhu was upset herself Death, and this thing everything went too far.

This girl is now behaving staunchly, but if she turns into one of those whom she hates the most, then there will be no trace of her spiritual strength

Vampires need blood. If she becomes a vampire, she will also go hunting, and those two magicians will be her first target Their faces will also be when they see her in a new role!

Merging with vampires means for she is the death of her soul and heart!

At the hostel Zhao Man Yan told everything in detail to Mo Fan.

Zhao Man Yan knew what methods vampires use, so he tried everything to stop them. He even went to classes with Liu Zhu.

However, Zhao Man Yan could not imagine that there would be two vampires: one distracted him when the other dragged Liu Zhu.

Zhao Man Yan was reinsured once again, asking one ward to guard outside the school. If the vampire decided to take the girl away, he would not have succeeded.

However, the vampire drank all the girl’s blood in a forest park in minutes Liu Zhu had a device that Lin Lin installed to track her whereabouts. By the time Zhao Man Yan arrived, a cold corpse was already lying there.

How many minutes have passed before this moment? Asked Mo Fan.

Um As soon as I saw Liu Zhu, I immediately called you, answered Zhao Man Yan.

So there were two vampires.

The book said that there are whole vampire families. This does not mean at all that such families consist entirely of blood relatives. A vampire can transform similar people from his inner circle into himself so they can populate entire areas, teaching beginners the rules of hunting and not exposing their homes to attacks of other vampires.

This fact only complicated the situation.

I don’t understand one thing: if there were two of them, then they could kill me If they wanted to kill me, then I could call for help from my ward thought Zhao Man Yan.

They don’t fall on us just because we are magicians. As soon as they kill the magician, the league of hunters and the magical court will immediately take up the matter. Then they can forget about life among civilians, said Mo Fan.

Hmm It’s a pity that this does not apply to Liu Zhu It’s hard to realize how she turned from a pretty girl into a stiff corpse in a few minutes said Zhao Man Yan bitterly.

Stiffened?! interposed Lin Lin.

Yes. There was no blood left in her body. When I touched her, she was already completely icy, Man Yan replied.

What? Mo Fan asked.

Lin Lin, with a frown, thought deeply.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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