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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 444 Convincing evidence Read Novel

Chapter 444 Convincing evidence VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 444 Convincing evidence VERSATILE MAGE

A little later, Lin Li said: With complete loss of blood, the body naturally cools down, and we arrived at the place quickly enough, because I was not surprised that the body is so cold But it seems that everything is different. Since a person’s body temperature cannot drop so quickly.

Perhaps this is a feature of blood sucking by vampires, said Zhao Man Yan.

Lin Lin shook negatively with her head, she cast a glance at Mo Fan, and said in a mysterious tone: There is one more place that I don’t understand.

What kind of place is this? asked Mo Fan.

Her sister Liu Xi`an died of blood loss, which was perceived as a heart disease. In addition, her sister has a death certificate and some other documents in perfect order, and simply can not cause any suspicions among the inspectors. And this is all suspicious, because old Hoto could not deceive us, and saw what happened with his own eyes, Lin Lin said.

She did not have time to tell how Mo Fan suddenly dawned!

We must not hand over the body of Liu Zhu to the police, Mo Fan realized that he intended something beyond the law.

Yeah, but it doesn’t matter. I think that this vampire has already revealed himself, Lin Lin’s eyes sparkled, she obviously came up with something.


So late, everyone the working day is already over, and you still work, the girl told a young court medical expert, laughing, a pretty-looking girl in the police department.

The young court medical expert, making a smiling appearance, said: A girl was found in the forest of Mingzhu with punctured bleeding holes on her neck, the corpse has already been brought and needs to be examined.

Don’t they teach magicians there? How did it happen that an ordinary person committed a crime there, a little comically, said the policewoman.

Who knows, maybe the magician did it. It takes time to evaluate, the young expert medical expert said with a grin.

Wearing a large white robe, he entered a dark room. The walls in it were white, everything was filled with various equipment. In the middle of the room there was a bed, on which lay a corpse covered with white cotton paper.

A young court medical expert had already decided to close the door, as that policewoman decided to squeeze into her: Need help? So you can finish the job faster, and then we go out to eat.

Yes, of course. I’m already terribly hungry, the court expert honey smiled.

The girl nodded: Then I’ll go buy you some food first.

No, it’s just be here, Nie Dong’s smiling face suddenly began to look insidious.

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He only said that, as the girl pressed herself against the wall.

A strong blow followed, and her head is spinning. As soon as she was about to fight back, cold lips fell on her neck.

She felt sympathy for this young handsome man, and she herself thought that this evening would be continued. But she did not expect such rudeness from her partner. In the end, why rush.

Sharp fangs appeared in the middle of cold lips, teeth without any hindrance stuck into the neck. The girl’s body bent, and her face showed how much she was tormented.

Adam’s apple rose, blood from the fangs entered the stomach, and Nie Dong greedily sucked it in.

He became a vampire not so long ago, and was always greedy, and therefore from time to time he literally sucked his life out of prey.

The elders said that it was a very bad habit that it was very easy to attract the attention of hunters. But as according to Nie Dun, elders make an elephant out of a fly. With the power of a vampire, you can easily fool hunters, so what are they afraid of?

Bloody kinship is much more important than the human race. For him, people are nothing more than a toy and a food product. But for the older generation, bloody kinship is nothing more than a bunch of crooks in the corner of the human race, they are obliged to hide, disguise themselves

So funny!

Just think, sucked all the blood in the city has many more millions of the same ones, kill them a few times a day, nothing will happen!

No Don’t, the policeman made a faint sound.

If a vampire sucks blood insanely fast, then all taste and enjoyment is lost, and it becomes terribly excruciating.

Life flows away, and it tries to break free with all its might.

Finally, the blood runs out.

The policewoman turned pale, her body wrinkled.

Not Dong removed his teeth from her neck, licked the corners of her lips.

You I’m really unlucky, I have to finish one rite today, and I need a lot of fresh blood, and if you hadn’t come myself, I would have been forced to look for a girl walking at night, Ne Dong laughed. The fangs slowly fell into place.

Despite the fact that there are cameras in the police station, including this room, he prepared everything in advance and no one will ever know that this girl was here tonight, and no one will know that she has disappeared.

In truth, he does it for the first time at his workplace!

Liu Xi`an, you are here, great. Such a blockhead, running around and around my blende, and now everything that I so desired is in my hands


On the street opposite the police station, an animal running in a wolf-like silhouette, flying over all the obstacles encountered.

Oh no, she died, Lin Lin looked at the laptop screen on the back of the fast-moving wolf.

Mo Fan wrinkled his eyebrows, he thought that vampires carefully hide and do not kill the innocent, but this one has already lost all fear!!

When Lin Lin tried to find out the identity of the vampire, she checked the police base, this site was the last court medical expert.

Despite the trick with the enemy’s cameras, Lin Lin was an ace in computers, easily removed the obstacle and got the shots she needed.

Lin Lin watched not so long ago, but right away she saw a vampire attack a police girl!

Of course, sorry for her, but now they have irrefutable evidence and the vampire can’t escape now!

Zhao Man Yan has already handed over the record to the hunters, but we need to arrest him as soon as possible, at least because of the threat over Liu Zhu! said Lin Lin.

Mo Fan nodded, time does not wait, and he needs how he can to quickly grab the hated vampire to save Liu Zhu!

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