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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 446 Outraged with Anger! Read Novel

Chapter 446 Outraged with Anger! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 446 Outraged with Anger! VERSATILE MAGE

The smell of fresh blood rang out. And if earlier Liu Zhu could not stand the sight of fresh blood, now everything in her seemed beautiful to her: her color, smell and taste However, the girl had not yet plunged into this state completely.

She suddenly realized what was happening, and her body began to shake.

She only now with horror realized that she was sucking the blood of Mo Fan from his neck. Not believing her eyes, she could not decide to grope her fangs.

God! What is she doing?!

Liu Zhu raised her eyes to Mo Fan and saw that he was staring at her.

The girl felt as if her body pierced by thousands of needles. She did not understand how she should look this person in the face.

Liu Zhu sank to the ground, took a few steps back. Her blood-filled eyes looked at Mo Fan She could not believe that she could harm the person who helps her.

Tears stopped flowing from her eyes. They were artificial

What did she turn into?

What did she just do?

The vampire

She turned into a monster

Liu Zhu could no longer look at Mo Fan, she hastened to hide in a dark forest nearby

She herself didn’t feel, how fast she became: in a few moments she was able to cover a distance of a hundred meters!

Mo Fan first wanted to catch up with the girl, but then he was terrified of her speed

Until that moment, she was still the same fragile girl, but after drinking his blood, she finally changed.

Outwardly, Liu Zhu did not change: all the same eyes, pale complexion Yes, she herself did not recognize global changes, but her body was already surrounded by a strange fog

Looking at the girl’s receding silhouette and hearing her sob, Mo Fan’s soul became even harder.

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She had already completely turned into a vampire, and Mo Fan did not know how could this process be reversed

Mo Fan, what happened? Lin Lin’s voice was heard nearby.

We were late answered Mo Fan, sadly nodding his head.

Lin Lin saw the bite marks on Mo Fan’s neck, and then looked at his pale face she understood everything at once.

What shall we do now? That vampire suspected something was amiss and managed to escape somewhere, said Lin Lin.

I’m tired, we have to go back, said Mo Fan.

Liu Zhu managed to drink a lot of his blood, the consequences of which he began to feel only now. It did not make sense to rush into the search for the escaped vampire until Mo Fan himself fully recovered.

Mo Fan thought that, for starters, this vampire should be killed, and with everything else it’s possible sort it out later

Upon returning to the hostel, Mo Fan fell on the sofa.

After drinking the hematopoietic drug, he only had to rest well for a full recovery.

Mo Fan, why did you let Liu Zhu leave alone? asked Zhao Man Yan, entering the living room.

I couldn’t catch her, he answered.

You couldn’t catch up with her?! Zhao Man Yan clearly did not catch up with the essence of what was happening.

Yeah, she was too fast, and I already used bloody boots when I pulled her out of the basement cellar, said Mo Fan.

Hmm You always feared that I would flirt with her, but I’m not blind either! I understood that she was experiencing something for you and was afraid to cause you extra trouble said Zhao Man Yan.

Oh, it would be better for this vampire not to catch my eye!!! Otherwise, I will lower my skin from him! Mo Fan said angrily, holding on to his neck, which was starting to burn.

The drug * (most likely a blood product) was effective and he had already managed to partially recover Now you could think about a vampire!

Mo Fan, I was able to track down that vampire Lin Lin got the news.

Mo Fan jumped up from the sofa now his eyes were filled with determination to kill!

I am not me if I do not destroy this creature! Cried Mo Fan. He was in such a hurry that he didn’t even use the elevator he straightly drove down from the balcony.

At the moment of landing, Mo Fan turned into a shadow. From the side it looked like a bird

By the time Zhao Man Yan looked out of the balcony, Mo Fan was already jumping onto the back of his nimble wolf emerging from silver radiation!

Oh, f * ck! You look at him! Man Yan shouted after his friend.

Even the magician himself, whose main element was light, and the secondary element was water, preferred to use the elevator.

Your mother! It’s good that I have a car!!! Man Yan continued to exclaim. He got into the car, started the engine and Who knew that there would be a paid barrier on his way!

Imagining the reaction of the unstoppable Mo Fan, Man Yan hit the gas!

The paid barrier fell apart Now Zhao Man Yan was clearly not up to him

The fact that Liu Zhu became a vampire was partly the fault of Zhao Man Yan. No one knows when the magical court deigns to pay attention to this case Mo Fan was already rushing at full speed to solve this situation, so Zhao Man Yan should also be present!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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