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Having lost his fangs, Nie Dong finally turned into a kind of vampire.

His hair was disheveled, and his arrogant physiognomy was covered with numerous abrasions. He felt his mouth and, finding the absence of fangs, began furiously scouring the ground.

He was bewildered. Even if he finds his fangs, he has no chance to glue them back!

Having finally realized his position, Nie Tung began to beg Mo Fan for mercy.

I will do everything as you say! Take whatever you want Just please, let me go and give me my fangs I promise that I will not touch a single person again! Just let me go! Ne Dong’s body was already ignited by the effects of light.

Mo Fan held the same pair of fangs in his hands. There was not a drop of pity in his eyes.

This vampire has already killed so many lives There is no forgiveness for this!

I will help you deal with him, he said slowly Mo Fan, turning to Liu Zhu.

Liu Zhu nodded her head. She just wanted to personally look into the eyes of this vampire before killing him.

*** Bam ***

The flame of a fire rose rose in the palm of Mo Fan.

Forces continued to leave Nie Dong, a trap oppressed his power. Now he could not resist the fiery magic.

The fire spread to the body of a vampire. Mo Fan also specifically succumbed to the heat in order to finally incinerate this monster, without giving him the slightest chance of resurrection.

The flames flared up more and more violently. Everything around was already engulfed in red flames.

This battle did not last so long, but fire brigades had already arrived at the scene. The firefighters, seeing that the flame was controlled by a magician, stopped their cars in a remote place.

They, of course, were rescuers, but they were also well aware that hunters could take action in the city. They also knew that any evil could be found in the city. That is why firefighters, seeing the battle of hunters with some magical creatures, first of all, cordoned off the area and dispersed people.

Mo Fan and Lin Lin had hunting certificates, and Lin Lin had was recently at the police station, so this situation will not harm outsiders.

The flame on Ne Dong’s body continued to flare up. His body, which had already become the body of an ordinary person, turned into a lump of coal, the whole process was accompanied by painful moans

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Even through the flame, the terrible changes that occurred with the vampire were visible. His wings, claws everything was engulfed in fire. Only his tail continued to dangle behind.

Vampires were divided into two species: the first kind included humanoid vampires. In appearance they looked like ordinary people, and they lived among people, and ate people too. They just needed not to fall into the field of vision of hunters and follow certain rules, then no problems arose. The second type is werewolf vampires. Werewolves (they are bloodsuckers) were the result of infection by vampires. They almost completely lost their human appearance. Their monstrous nature was fully manifested in those moments when other monsters were nearby.

We can say that Nie Dong was stuck between vampires and monsters. The trick is that werewolves are killing their victims indiscriminately, because they are losing their mind!

Watching the Ne Dong burning in the fire, firefighters who were nearby, involuntarily started backing away. They were ordinary people, and infrequently encountered similar creatures!

Is he still resisting? Mo Fan asked coldly.

In the midst of the spreading flame, Nie Dong’s body was already falling apart

His hands had already fallen off, his head was split All parts of his body were smoldering slowly fire.

In the end, Nie Dong collapsed!

The flame has already swept more than half of the street, and the terrible monster has ceased to exist

Mo Fan, be careful with his spirit, said Lin Lin.

Relax, I’ve taken a special item with me, answered Mo Fan.

A little more time passed and the flame became times flutter the dark red spiritual essence of Not Dun.

After the body dies, its spiritual essence slips out of the vampire, which, however, has no power. Mo Fan rejoiced.

Finally, a full-fledged spiritual essence of the leader of the pack appeared!

After Mo Fan got the spiritual essence of a scaly monster parasite, he has more it was not possible to capture the essence of the animal level of the leader of the pack. During his hunt in the vicinity of Dongting, he did not meet so many monsters of the pack leader level. The spiritual essence of a vampire must be specific and must exceed in its saturation the spirit of an ordinary beast.

Then he sold the spiritual essence of a scaly monster for a lot of money So, the essence of a vampire should be even more expensive!

Mo Fan was surprised that the spiritual essence of the vampire was dark red in color

Usually, all spiritual soul essences have a green glow, regardless of whether it is an animal or a human being. But the spiritual essence of Not Dun was a completely different shade

Wait! Cried Lin Lin.

After the battle was over, Lin Lin looked kind of sleepy.

After completing the mission, she usually calmly returned to her girlish affairs. She did not have much interest in this vampire. However, she was a hunter, and she saw many magical monsters

However, when she saw that Mo Fan was going to absorb such a special spiritual essence of a vampire, serious anger flared up in her eyes!

Her body shook as if she had found what she had been looking for! An undisguised interest flared up on her small face!

Such unrestrained fervor should not appear on such a pretty face

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