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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 453 Offer her your bunk? Read Novel

Chapter 453 Offer her your bunk? VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 453 Offer her your bunk? VERSATILE MAGE

What? Asked Mo Fan.

Mo Fan first saw a similar expression on the face of little Lolita. This made him seriously worried.

However, Lin Lin did not seem to hear him. She continued to stare intently at the unusual spiritual essence of Not Dong. It was this dark red color that caused this grin on her face!

This emotion on the face of a ten-year-old girl completely unsettled Mo Fan.

In other words, he’s not up to end understood her from the very beginning. He did not understand why she became a hunter, why she had the certificate of an advanced hunter, why, with such a young appearance, she had such an old-fashioned and experienced way of thinking

Lin Lin did not say anything. After Mo Fan placed the spiritual essence of Nie Tung in a dark talisman, her expression changed again.

After all, what is it that you can’t tell me? Mo Fan turned to Lin Lin, touching her shoulder.

Lin Lin seemed to recall something. At this moment, Mo Fan saw glimpses of anger in her eyes.

-I always looked for just such a spiritual essence with a modified shade Lin Lin said strictly.

And what is it so special? asked Mo Fan.

My previous companion disappeared because of such a dark-bloody spiritual essence, Lin Lin answered.

Previous companion? Mo Fan did not even know who it was.

Lin Lin didn’t say anything else. Mo Fan, turning to her, said: Do you want me to pull it back for you?.

Not worth it. I already understood what this kid was hiding, I also know who can dig up even more facts, answered Lin Lin.

Mo Fan, having heard these blurry speeches, did not ask her further.

However, Mo Fan remembered that Lin Lin had a companion, a teammate. Now he was her companion. She helped him to solve a lot of things, and even most of the proceeds went to him.

Mo Fan first saw the reason for Lin Lin’s actions.

After the completion of the case it will be necessary deal with everything.

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Mo Fan went to the side of Zhao Man Yan and Liu Zhu.

Mo Fan was surprised that there were practically no left wounds on the body of Liu Zhu of traces, that is, she was recovering at the same speed as he did.

Looking at her, he said with a grin: In the end, vampires are also humanlike, so but do not bother about it

Liu Zhu, looking up at Mo Fan, said. That I have avenged the death of my sister, Is enough already. As for me, I’m not very worried about this.

Of course, I want to reassure you with the words that the dead hear everything, but I think that everything needs to be let go. It was and was, everything went. Let it be experience. You are then and you are completely different people now, so I hope you can accept it, Mo Fan consoled.

Without being present there, it’s hard to convey all the feelings and emotions.

A smile shone on the girl’s face. Not because Mo Fan’s words hit right in her heart, but because she had already thought about how to live on.

Rising, Liu Zhu headed along the dark edge of a long street.

Mo Fan watched her go. He couldn’t say wise words to her from the category If you go out of the righteous path, then I can help you by destroying you as well. Mo Fan could not help the girl in her thoughts about her new life.

Will you let her go? Asked Zhao Man Yan excitedly.

But what? Offer her your bed? I would not agree to this for anything answered Mo Fan.

It’s also true. Even as a person, she did not want to be imposed on you. Okay. Let’s hope that the taste of fresh blood will not blow her a roof In this case, she will come for us Do you think we will then go to hell or not? said Zhao Man Yan, translating the topic.

Mo Fan nodded his head. There was some truth in his words.

The vampire clan from which there was Ne Dong did not care about Mo Fan. Deal with this vampire, and that’s enough.

After all this, the league of hunters will certainly begin its investigation in the city, and then these vampires will have to get out of here.

Mo Fan got vampire fangs, helped Liu Zhu in her revenge In short, the mission was fully completed, which means that you can already return to Master Hoto.

Initially, Mo Fan wanted to defeat another student with the help of chain mail and climb up the list. However, this week of challenges was drawing to a close, so he would have to wait for the next month.

In addition, he could cut down on the sale of a spiritual vampire essence. If we add to this amount the money that he earned for the sale of the corpse of the commander, then he can buy himself a contract animal.

If he has a contract beast, he will rise even higher in the ranking, which means, he will have even more time to cultivate in a three-stage tower, which means that he will be able to improve the magic of lightning and shadow elements!!!

Strength can build up like a snowball. Sometimes just one push can lead to a chain of improvements. Now Mo Fan only needs a contract beast, and then he will be able to reach a new level in cultivation!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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