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Chapter 455 Secret Package VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 455 Secret Package VERSATILE MAGE

Lin Lin is too small now. I conducted an investigation, according to which, such spiritual soul essences are not inherent in simple creatures. I did not dare to dig further, as rather dangerous obstacles appeared Lan Qing said in a stern voice.

Mo Fan was surprised. Lan Qing was far from the last person in magical court. Could she not resolve this matter in two ways?

So what kind of red spiritual essence is this? This can only mean one thing, that Lin Lin’s father was a very strong hunter!

So everything that Lin Lin does now All the things that she does Does she try to dig up information? Asked Mo Fan.

That’s right. You see, my position is very specific, so all my attempts to find out more come across obstacles. In this regard, the actions of Lin Lin can be more effective. However, it is possible that everything has already been thoroughly cleaned up, said Ling Qing.

Mo Fan frowned Now it’s clear that there’s a very big secret behind it.

Mo Fan was worried about the safety of Lin Lin. As Lan Qing said, all attempts to dig deeper in this matter end with a confrontation of dark forces.

– Lin Lin is not as simple as you think. If we try to stop her in this matter, then she will resist even harder The fact that she came across such a bloody soul is unlikely to change anything – said Lan Qing.

Ling Qing, after listening to you, it seems that you are really rummaging in this, said Mo Fan to the girl.

There is no need to be seven spans in the forehead. And so it’s clear that it’s better not to speak out against the weak if he doesn’t want to go to certain death, said Ling Qing.

Lang Qing didn’t add anything more to this case, however, everything said already caused Mo Fan is very interested.

Further investigation of Mo Fan’s personality of Lin Lin’s father showed that he was a real hunting king!

Mo Fan met a hunter of this level once in life: at a time when he was dealing with the case of a scaly monster parasite. And until now, Mo Fan has not forgotten the greatness and nobility of that man!

The thought of the death of the leader of the hunters involuntarily leads to the thought what kind of mission should this be?!?

However, Mo Fan simply could not get more information. Even considering the fact that he is a high-class hunter, there are certain data in the league of hunters that are not disclosed to hunters even of his level.

Mo Fan went to consult with Professor Qiu Yu Hua in the hope that at least he should know something.

Such a soul of a dark bloody color is undoubtedly unique. If it is possible to solve her secret, then key clues will appear in the case!

However, unfortunately, the professor only frowned in surprise when he heard about it. He himself did not know that the soul could have a similar color.

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As a result, Mo Fan did not dig up anything. He could only sell this outlandish spiritual essence of the leader of the pack.

He did not find any clues, and the purchase of a contract beast could no longer wait. Buying a contract animal is a matter worth the money!

The vampire soul has paid off in full: its value reached 25 million!

Together with the money earned from the sale of the shell corpse monster, Mo Fan had about 40 million in his arms. And although the purchase of a contract beast required about 50 million, Mo Fan did not bother.

Mo Fan chose the right time. He considered himself an outstanding person with excellent personal characteristics. And if others can, through carelessness and ignorance, spend money on buying a pigeon egg, mistaking it for a Black Dragon’s egg, then this certainly shouldn’t happen to him!

Zhao Man Yan, what is it? Are you selling elemental star systems books here? asked Mo Fan.

When he got to the auction series of the Zhao family, Mo Fan found a lot of interesting new products here.

All the goods were of the highest category, but people who could participate in the auction for them, there were not so many. At the auction, the value of each item could exceed 10 million, which, of course, could not afford most of those present.

Mo Fan saw a large crowd of people behind.

Hey, there they are selling secret packages! said Zhao Man Yan.

Secret convolution? All the magicians are already there, said Mo Fan.

Here’s the thing. Various convolutions with information that can be reliable are distributed. The distributor must certify the information disseminated in the league of hunters, pay a commission so that this is not based on speculation. Since there are many scammers who are chasing easy money, advertisements for this type of activity cannot be published officially, so all participants have to buy something like these packages said Zhao Man Yan.

Cmon, and are people doing this? Mo Fan asked.

It seems to be such petty rumors, but still there are people who are engaged in this. What about magicians? Is there really nothing for them to spend money on?

Brother, we live in the information age. Hunters also want to live well The most important thing is reliable data. You yourself see that there are more than enough people who want to participate in this, said Zhao Man Yan.

So you say that if it’s true, then you can get a reward, and if you lie, then you lose his money, said Mo Fan.

Mages? But who does not want to try their luck? This one secret bundle is inexpensive. If you buy a few at once, then your chances of success increase. If you come across two interconnected convolution, then the accuracy of the content increases! Then you can get a good win. For example, it can be information where to find parts of spiritual seed or clues to find rare magical animals, or the location of values ​​* said Zhao Man Yan.

(* Hunters sell packages with valuable information. Several convolutions of one hunter most likely contain interconnected data, the trick is to buy as many interrelated convolutions as possible so that other buyers are not interested in the subject that is mentioned inside).

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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