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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 456 Fiery Geter Read Novel

Chapter 456 Fiery Little Flame VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 456 Fiery Little Flame VERSATILE MAGE

Of course, there are also many convolutions with fictitious data, however, all convolutions are checked and pass a certain selection. The higher the probability that the information inside the scroll is real, the higher its value. And the more likely that a lie is, the lower its value. During the bidding, such indecent scrolls can immediately disqualify the magician. Usually, these convolutions are provided by the best hunters of the highest level, such as hunting kings, etc. said Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fan understood a lot now.

If all these scrolls of information come from venerable hunters of the highest level, then they really should be very valuable!

The information provided by such people is notable for its level of significance. These may be indications of the location of fragments of a spiritual seed or the habitat of a magical animal. In this case, even the most ordinary magicians can take possession of a valuable magic gizmo.

There is another meaning hidden in these convolutions.

If you also want to buy some, I can agree said Zhao Man Yan.

Although Mo Fan was a hunter himself, participating in this business was very interesting for him.

Well, buy me a few pieces. How much does this one bundle cost? asked Mo Fan.

There are both expensive and cheap. Dear ones can cost up to 10 million, cheap ones can be bought for ten thousand. Tell me what you want and I will buy, answered Man Yan.

Come on a few for 10 thousand Mo Fan decided to try his luck.


Zhao Man Yan used respect here, so very soon he returned with several bundles.

The packages were made very carefully, after all, they were sold to magicians.

Open it yourself Zhao Man Yang held in his hands three light blue scrolls. They seemed to shimmer with either silver or golden light.

The packages, the information of which was received from the hunting kings, were the most expensive, but even so there was no end to the desire to buy them.

Mo Fan opened the package and read: In the Huangpu River there is a sharp fin of a siren. He appears and disappears. But you can only see it in the moonlight.

Zhao Man Yan, looking at the bundle, said with a smile: The fin of a siren is a famous marine magical creature. Its sharp fin is very expensive, it is used mainly to increase the power and sharpness of magic blades Usually they are found only in the Pacific Ocean I wonder if it is said that this creature is also in the Huangpu River?.

Well, it’s not interesting for me. He threw the money away Mo Fan said with regret.

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It’s okay. There are two more, Zhao Man Yan replied.

Mo Fan nodded his head. He opened another bundle and read: On a red-hot plain of the dorsal horn, a Flame Belle brought life.

Afiget! But this information is worth it! Cried Zhao Man Yan, not waiting for Mo Fan’s first reaction.

Why? Mo Fan asked.

The hot plain of the spinal horn is the famous fiery area of ​​our country, located near the city of Dunhuang. So, there is a very famous magical animal there Well, how to say This animal is born in a place of accumulation of fiery energy. The value of this Flame Belle is hard to overestimate! I can only say one thing with accuracy: if someone puts up for sale the young of a Flame Belle, then all the greatest families of Shanghai will fight for him, raising the price!!! said Zhao Man Yan excitedly.

Come on! You exaggerate! said Mo Fan.

Oh you ignoramus! Only the reliability of this information is unknown, said Zhao Man Yan.

I bought a bundle, why are you so worried? snapped Mo Fan.

Your mother! You do not understand the specificity of the Flame Belle! The fighting power of this animal exceeds the power of an ordinary magic beast many many times! The elemental animal * (the Flame Belle belongs to the element of fire) is the dream of any magician of the call element! Everyone wants to have an elemental beast as a contract animal! If you conclude an agreement with a Flame Belle, then getting into the top ten will cease to be a problem at all! Exclaimed Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fan, observing the violent reaction of a friend who continued to describe the whole exceptionality of the Flame Belle, he himself thought about how reliable the information in the scroll was, and whether it was worth going to Dunhuang to find out everything yourself?

I’m damn interested in this Flame Belle now! How else can I get information? Mo Fan asked sincerely.

Mo Fan previously heard that if a summoning magician signs a contract with an elemental magical animal, the elemental level of this magician rises to the level of this animal.

For example, if Mo Fan, whose main elemental element is fire, signs a contract with a Flame Belle, then his fire magic will increase by at least a whole step! And this is not counting all the specific power that his flame will be endowed with after the conclusion of the contract!

Information can, of course, be obtained But this requires financial costs! Secret packages are different You can buy up all the scrolls that mention the city of Dunhuang or the hot plain. Those hunters who recently returned from there Most likely, in their scrolls there will be information about the Flame Belle. Yes, and so you can verify the accuracy of this information said Zhao Man Yan.

So how much more you need to spend money to get this data Mo Fan was speechless.

These games are a matter of excitement and fortune. If you believe what is written here, then you should buy up all the other similar scrolls. Then the number of possible competitors will noticeably decrease. Personally, I believe that it is the Flame Belle that is most suitable for your contract animal. Now your strongest flame is the flame of a fiery rose, and if you have a Flame Belle, then your flame will have no equal! said Man Yan.

And without a word it is clear that Mo Fan was deeply intrigued.

A lot of students with spiritual seeds study at the fire department. Even his fiery rose cannot help him soak all of them. But if he has a spontaneous contract beast

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