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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 458 Dunhuang Read Novel

Chapter 458 Dunhuang VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 458 Dunhuang VERSATILE MAGE

After hearing that Xin Xia should join the team, Mo Fan first decided to refuse.

Do you really not know what state she is in? Where will she go? said Mo Fan.

But you have an agile wolf, he will be able to transport her where you need to go on foot. In addition, he will protect her. A red-hot plain is not at all a safe place. I thought before this to invite you to find the magician of the spirit element. Xin Xia is just perfect, answered Zhao Man Yan.

Movement was not a serious matter, because Mo Fan really had an agile wolf.

She’s spending all her own time on campus, and she has no experience interacting with magical animals, Mo Fan continued to object.

Good. Since you have decided so, I will not argue. One hell, you are the boss here, said Man Yan.

Exactly. For now, send all the data that we have to Lin Lin. She knows better what our team lacks to fulfill the mission, said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was pleased that Lin Lin had not yet had time to head into the matter of the dark-bloody spiritual essence. She herself was well aware that the cause of her father’s death was a serious secret that could not be solved so easily.

During this short period of time, Lin Lin had already managed to regain her former human form. Hearing about Mo Fan’s offer to go to Dunhuang, she slammed her eyes in surprise.

Dunhuang is a famous historical site for a large number of ancient magical animals in the country. Hunters go there in search of treasures. If they are lucky, they bring a lot of valuable magical items from there

Unfortunately, Dunhuang has become a place of revelry of magical animals, the most famous of which is the sand tiger, the cruelty of which is legendary.

In the south, the one-eyed wolves are the main threat to people, but even they cannot be compared with the sand tigers in their level of danger

The sought-after place is located east of the city of Dunhuang, in the Gobi Desert. Unbearable heat and strong winds are the eternal inhabitants of this place, which foreign magicians do not know much about.

The red-hot plain of the northern ridge occupies a vast territory in Gansu province and is more adjacent to the city of Jiayuguan than to the city Dunhuang.

Mo Fan was weak in the field of geography, but when it came to the city of Jiayuguan, some kind of internal landmark immediately formed inside it.

After a flight to Dunhuang, it was possible to get directly to the hot plain, moving in the northeast in a systematic way.

In the past few days, Lin Lin was actively preparing for the mission. For her, this was her first visit to the hot space of eternal sand, so she was swept by a wave of admiration.

When Lin Lin was still very small, her father told her about the incidents of Dunhuang, but she had an imaginary idea of ​​this place even earlier. All these thoughts inspired her memories of a dark-blooded soul and a lost father, which made her want to go to Dunhuang even more.

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Mo Fan was very lucky to have Lin Lin as a companion. Unlike the old hunters, who would strive to manage everything here, Mo Fan was the main thing in this matter. Lin Lin supported him, believing that under his leadership they could get even more.

After several days on the campus, Lin Lin returned with almost finished training.

I found out. If we want to get to the hot plain of the northern ridge, then we will have to go through the river of lost sands. This river is a bit of a border. Otherwise, we will have to intersect with sand tigers said Lin Lin, opening the map, which she herself drew. what actually protected the team from imminent death!

Then how can we get through this river? Anyone who saw a fire Little Flame Belle there, in any case, somehow got over it, said Mo Fan.

The river is the habitat of sand magic monsters. They are elemental animals of the earth element and have a centuries-old history. And although alone a sand monster is not as dangerous as a sand tiger, being herd animals, sand monsters become the main obstacle to overcoming the river, the surroundings of which they inhabit. said Lin Lin, moving her finger on the laptop screen.

And if you break through directly? Sometimes Mo Fan reflected too primitively.

Don’t even dream about it. An entire military unit will not be able to break through them. Only if the whole team will consist of the strongest hunters and use specific skills I figured out about 20 different methods of how to overcome the river, but not one of them gives a result. There is only one possible option, it is also the safest you need to find the magician of the spirit element. Lin Lin said.

Zhao Man Yan nodded his head. In such a place, the magician’s element of spirit is clearly indispensable. In this case, the presence of the spirit mage actually guaranteed half the success.

And the presence of the healing mage clearly portended good luck in the case.

Lin Lin also invited Mo Fan to bring along Xin Xia. In addition, Xin Xia, as a magician with the main element of healing, could save the lives of the members of the team that was sent to such a dangerous mission.

However, Mo Fan did not want to put his sister at such risk till the last moment.

I have already told Xin Xia about everything. She agrees to go with us, said Lin Lin.

Mo Fan grinned bitterly.

Xin Xia really was a special magician. Not only did her first awakened element be healing, but the second she awakened the spirit! Although the healing magicians did not have combat power, in the eyes of other magicians and the team they were almost the main defense. Who knows how many people in Hangzhou have already tried to lure Xin Xia

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