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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 459 The Sand Tiger! Read Novel

Chapter 459 The Sand Tiger! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 459 The Sand Tiger! VERSATILE MAGE

In the evening, Zhang Xiao Hou gave his answer. Despite the danger of the case, he decided to join.

Zhang Xiao Hou also had no doubt about Xin Xia, taking the side of Man Yan and Lin Lin.

With the arrival of the night, Mo Fan planned to tell Xiao Hou that there was no need to prepare like that, but Xin Xia called at that moment.

Mo Fan knew that Xin Xia could do this job well. She had no doubt about this, even considering the high degree of danger.

The fact that Xin Xia was moving in a wheelchair made Mo Fan hesitate. If something else happens to her, he just won’t forgive himself.

Mo Fan expressed his doubts to Xin Xia.

Mo Fan, you are always good take care of me, protecting me from a lot of trouble. If you tell me not to go, then I will listen to you. It’s just that when they informed about your death, it was very hard for me. My healing magic saved many, but I could not help you because you were always far away I want to be with you! I don’t want to sit and wait until something happens to you, and then regret that I could not save you Xin Xia affectionately said.

Xin Xia was a very fragile girl by nature. The fact that she could not walk made people think that she must be broken inside, but only Mo Fan knew how strong she was. Then, during the tragedy in the city of Bo If she had not been sitting in that refrigerator for so long

After the words of Xin Xia to Mo Fan, he seemed to light up.

He really is too much anxiously guarded her, not even allowing the light breeze to touch her hair.

And if he considered himself a huge tree protecting her from evil winds and rains, he also covered her from the world with a dazzling light

Mo Fan thought about this for a long time. As a result, he came to the conclusion that Xin Xia herself can make decisions for herself. If she wants to be with him, then so be it.

Mo Fan nodded his head. At the other end of the line, Xin Xia lit up a smile that meant that she had finally got what she had been waiting for so long.

Sooner or later, she would still have to get to know the real world, which is so huge

Hearing the sister’s laughter on the phone, Mo Fan’s soul began to gradually ease. Probably, in her small head, Xin Xia paints an image of a small and beautiful desert He should not suppress it, but rather, he should help it with all his might

The basic composition was approved. Lin Lin differed from Mo Fan in her years of advanced intelligence, Zhang Xiao Hou in advanced skills, and Xin Xia in powerful auxiliary magic.

Zhao Man Yan also had his own specifics. As well as Chen Ying from the Zhao family, he was an excellent magician with a basic element of the earth.

The main element in the desert is the earth, secondary fire. And although the second element of Xiao Hou was land, reinforcements in the form of another land mage were not superfluous.

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Chen Ying was a cousin of Zhao Man Yan, who studied at the main campus of the imperial university. Upon learning that Man Yan was collecting information about the red-hot plain and the Flame Belle, and also that he was going to go to the red-hot plain, she voluntarily expressed a desire to join them.

Zhao Man Yan explained to her that there is absolutely nothing good in this mission, but the girl stood her ground. Taking into account the fact that Chen Ying is in the top ranking of the university, striking people on her own, Man Yan still included her in the team.

As a result, the team was determined: only 6 people.

There were few people, but the team really consisted of only a select few. Even if they do not manage to get the baby of a Flame Belle, they will still be able to profit well there.

Six people trained according to the instructions of Lin Lin. The young guys were ready to go to Dunhuang.

Arriving in Dunhuang and seeing the sandy expanses may awaken special magical powers in some people.

The endless sandy gaze extends to the horizon

The sand view was not uniform: the scorching sun above your head can suddenly disappear, leaving only a shadow, sand dunes rise one above to others, shimmering in different shades

Although all six members of the team were magicians, not all of them could use their magic to move, so they had to use camels.

They only approached the hot plain, and the number of magical animals around e varied so much!

Borderline led to the edges of the city of Dunhuang. The borders of the city were also the borders of security: the further you move away from the city along the boundary line, the more dangerous. Beyond the boundary line, the possessions of magical animals begin.

There were many magical animals here: the main ones were the elemental animals of the earth, which included sand tigers. You could meet them here at every step.

Upon reaching the boundary line from the camels, there was no longer any sense. Apparently, they sensed the aura of magical animals, so they began to back away.

Mages fell to the ground, their feet literally fell into the sand. Somewhere in the distance you could hear the roar of animals that seemed to notify the rest that hunters had come to their lair.

* Growls *

At a distance of about five kilometers an animal roar sounded between the two dunes.

From the sound of a roar, the dunes began to move

Here is the failure! We didn’t have time to come here, but we already stumbled upon someone! said Zhao Man Yan, not really understanding what kind of animal it was making sounds.

This is a sand tiger. Known for its bloodthirstiness among the animals of the leader of the pack. Nothing special notified Lin Lin.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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