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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 460 Tiger Hunt Read Novel

Chapter 460 Tiger Hunt VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 460 Tiger Hunt VERSATILE MAGE

Obviously, the sand tiger, with his sparkling eyes, he could see at a very great distance, and even the dense veil of sand circling in the air does not interfere with his fierce gaze! and they were all servant-level, but in Dunhuang everything was much more frightening, only they went beyond the safe world, as they met a monster of the leader of the pack.

If there are so many leaders of the pack, don’t then there are no servant level monsters here?

They are extremely hungry, extremely irritable, and soothe them very It’s difficult. But they must have been injured somewhere, and suffer very much, Xin Xia sat on the back of the agile wolf, and looked warily at the sand tiger.

After the story in Bo Xin Xia very rarely met with monsters, but by the expression of her face, it seemed that she was completely calm.

Is it good that he took with him to travel his beloved sister, Xin Xia, to expand her knowledge of the world?

Who knew that Zhang Hou would be even more hot-tempered than Mo Fan, and rush forward, without looking back, with such a thirst for knowledge of the environment ira, and this famous representative of magical fauna a sand tiger.

Damn, you found a brave man on your head! could not restrain from cursing Zhao Man Yan.

Other magicians, when they meet a monster at the level of a leader of a pack, have shakiness, and Zhao Man Yan has never met anyone like him tearing into trouble. In any case, Zhao Man Yan doesn’t really care.

Do as you see fit. But be careful, the sand tiger, when angry, releases bloody sweat, do not put your life to fight it, Lin Lin informed everyone.

Zhang Hou was the standard of impatience, adopting temperament from Mo Fan, and was not afraid of anything in the world, while acting wisely and resourcefully.

He rushed to the sand tiger with a noise, and was no more than 50 meters away from him.

The sand tiger not only had an ominous look, but was also about four meters long, with shoulder blades raised high to lift the skin.

The sand tiger stood about Zhang looked at Howe, and his sparkling eyes was evident perplexity.

He survived many battles, but has not yet met, like Zhang Hou, people enthusiastically striving forward. Usually, seeing his formidable appearance, everyone took to flight!

The sand tiger was also quite smart, and realizing that this man was not afraid of him at all, he issued a formidable roar, which was appropriate for a decent tiger, rushed to the stupid a skinny man.

It doesn’t matter how much meat is taken, what’s important is to chew!

The strength of the sand tiger was amazing, he broke sand dunes with his chest blocking his path and grains of sand scattered in front of him.

The tiger took on a red furious look, and madly pounced on Zhang Hou.

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Zhang Hou turned white, of course he heard that the sand tiger is an extremely ferocious monster, but he could not even think that he has such amazing power!

Fifty-meter distance It is such a distance in army training that is considered safe when fighting monsters of the pack leader level, and gives enough space and time to create magic.

But the sand tiger was much faster, and it’s good that he was extremely well trained magician, and was able to easily overcome any psychological obstacles that but during extreme danger he could pull himself together.

Using the Wind Path along with the Earth waves, he cleared his way, and then rushed to the left along the created trench, creating a sandstorm under his feet.

Although the sand tiger was extremely ferocious, and had a phenomenal speed, but he was obviously not as smart and brave as an agile wolf. Striking into the void, he rolled by inertia still far ahead, then turned his head and found that Zhang Hou was still fifty meters away from him.

He began to gather strength again, and again with the same speeding toward Zhang Hou, not noticing that the ground under his feet had changed color.

It became dark brown, extremely sticky, and then it began to drag him.

Little by little, the dunes turned into a plain, besides the quicksand between the sand tiger and Zhang Hou began to expand!

After the once dry sand became viscous, the sand tiger tried to get out of them harder and harder, but the harder he tried, the farther he carried, and the distance was fifty meters tripled.

Obviously, the sand fell under the tiger’s paws, and pulled it into the pit.

I thought he was extremely reckless, and he himself began to set a trap, and forced the sand tiger to fall into it, said Zhao Man Yan, smiling.

The most dangerous feature of the sand tiger is its explosive I’m a force that makes it impossible to dodge his blow, even being ready for it.

And Zhang Hou, taking risks, used himself as a bait, and caught a sand tiger in quicksand, which, at least and they won’t bury him alive, but they will deprive him of this dangerous trait.

Mo Fan and Chen Ying joined the battle immediately after Zhang Hou.

Chen Ying, using the magic of the earth, created a barrier, just at that moment when the sand tiger tried to jump out of quicksand.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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