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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 464 Entering the River Read Novel

Chapter 464 Entering the River VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 464 Entering the River VERSATILE MAGE

Arising in the middle of the white mud of three-meter giants, there were already 4-5 rows. With a dense ring, they cordoned off the hunters who got there.

Their quartz blades descended in rows on the bodies of the doomed hunters, literally tearing them to pieces.

The bloody mess started!

Under the moonlight the river silt seemed blue-white, however, being sprinkled with blood, now it began to cast pink shades

Mo Fan rolled his eyes in horror! Of course, he was not going to save these hunters, but he was struck by their swift death It was so fast that even their powerful protective artifacts were absolutely useless in the fight against such a huge number of quartz monsters!

Protective artifacts shattered, and doomed echoed the wailing of the doomed

My God! at the most terrible moment, next to Mo Fan, the voice of Zhao Man Yan was heard.

Mo Fan turned his head and saw that everyone had already woken up and left their tents.

Xin Xia and Chen Ying stood with their mouths wide open, while Lin Lin’s eyes widened with horror. All of them managed to see the moment of reprisal.

The threat posed by the river of lost sands, many times exceeded their expectations. As if ordinary people entered a river teeming with piranhas that tore them to shreds

If we are destined to visit Dunhuang again, where can we return? Where to?!- the blood in the veins of Zhao Man Yan froze from what he saw.

In one of the secret convolutions it was said that the river of lost sands is the most dangerous geographical object of Dunhuang. A huge number of hunters lost their lives here. Today, Zhao Man Yan watched the death of others with his own eyes and began to be seized by internal fear Only recently they watched the sand tigers chasing these hunters, but what if tomorrow they themselves have to taste the quartz blades of these monsters?

We We have Xin Xia She will surely be able to calm them Zhang Xiao Hou was worried.

Chen Ying and Xin Xia stood silently. Their girlish gut needed time to come to their senses. After a while, Chen Ying, looking into Xin Xia’s eyes, said: Will your spirit element magic be able to deal with these quartz monsters? Even the slightest hesitation can lead us all to the same outcome.

Xin Xia, thinking, nodded her head and said softly: These animals have already tasted the taste of blood, so they became so bloodthirsty. If we cross the river in this part, they will definitely eat us. However, if we cross the river in a place where monsters are not yet engulfed in bloodthirstiness, then I can guarantee the result of my magic.

Well then, then doubts will not leave me We can make a company with this, even from the clutches of other animals said Zhao Man Yan in a suppressed voice.

At this moment, Lin Lin intervened: To escape from a small flock of sand tigers implies at least some chance of survival, look at those they managed to escape from the tigers However, the river of lost sands did not gives absolutely no chance to survive, it’s like to go down to hell alive. If we are careful, then with the help of Xin Xia spirit magic, for us this will simply be the transition of an ordinary dry river.

At that time, Xin Xia had completely regained consciousness and said with confidence: Everything should it will turn out if we stick to a previously drawn up plan. You all must remember: in the vastness of the river, none of you should use your magic without my permission. If the monsters learn even the slightest smell of destructive magic, then they will immediately attack, and then none of us will be saved.

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Zhao Man Yan and Chen Ying nodded their heads. They clearly realized that they could not use their magic in the river, but the presence of a spirit mage inspired hope that everything would turn out well.

Everyone returned to their tents. Even the whole night will not be enough to recover.

They were 20 meters from the river. Only the Almighty knew whether these quartz creatures could get ashore to attack.

Dawn arrived. Eastern sun rays illuminated the county. And although drops of blood in the silt had already absorbed, the pink tint on the surface seemed to drive people away from here, showing that this was a deadly place

Maybe someone should go down there first so that we don’t have to die? Zhao Man Yan said in a shaky voice.

I think so too. The only question is who dares to go down there first, because we all are scared, said Mo Fan, staring at Zhao Man Yan.

Zhang Xiao Hou was also shaking with fear. He decided to hand over his laurels of courage to Man Yan.

Zhao Man Yan had already cracked himself and bit his lips.

Without giving up hope, he turned to Zhang Xiao Hou : You are a military man, your gut is not thin In addition, you have two magic elements of movement Still, I pass the baton to you.

Zhang Xiao Hou answered without bewilderment : Fan-ge * ( ge is the ending used by the Chinese when referring to older brothers) said that you have a powerful protective artifact I think that it’s better for you to go first with him you you’ll be born for a while, and there we can save you.

Zhao Man Yan looked imploringly at Mo Fan.

Mo Fan answered: I think that the two of you can go first.

Zhao Man Yan’s soul went to heels. He looked at Xin Xia.

Go. Everything should work out. Just remember, do not use your magic without my instructions! Xin Xia said softly.

Zhao Man Yan took a step into the river.

With each subsequent step his heart was beating harder.

He heard sounds in his ears wind

* bang *

Zhao Man Yan did not even have time to take a few steps along the river, as a crowd of quartz magic animals appeared around him!

10 animals were already standing next to him!

Their powerful figures towered nearby. It seemed as if their bodies were covered with white armor

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