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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 471 Harm to a Comrade! Read Novel

Chapter 471 Harm to a Comrade! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 471 Harm to a Comrade! VERSATILE MAGE

Chen Ying herself was in the first lines of the ranking of the strongest in Imperial University, but even taking into account all the past training and support from the agile wolf, it was very difficult to defeat the quartz giant.

The agile wolf of the pack leader level was Mo Fan’s, and I just can’t believe that he is capable of wiping a quartz giant off the face of the earth in an instant!

Mo Fan, I see you are doing great! When you finish, help Zhao Man Yan, it seems he won’t last long!, Being in the middle of the fight, Lin Lin ordered Mo Fan.

Mo Fan nodded, also knowing that now was not the time to joke, quickly dealt with his quartz giants, and with the help of the Absorption, he quickly transferred to Zhao Man Yan.

Brother Mo Fan, wait, Xin Xia hurriedly called out, flashing near Mo Fan.

Mo Fan slowed down, his body was understood from the shadows, Xin Xia looked at him puzzled.

Mo Fan did not have time to ask Xin Xia what she wants, as the milky-white spirit of a butterfly shone in front of his face, it looked like she smelled blood from a wound, and lingering a little on Mo Fan’s shoulder, immediately flew onto his back.

His whole back and body were in various wounds, and this healing spirit, in addition to helping the wounds heal, also eliminated various dirt from them.

The healing speed of the healing spirit was high, it lightly touched the wings of the wound, and from it right there there was no trace left.

Just as long as the healing spirit healed Mo Fan coming from him, the bright light dimmed.

This healing spirit can accompany you, and as soon as you get a wound He immediately patches you up. After each treatment, his body fades to the point that it will disappear altogether, and this magic will end, Xin Xia said with a slight laugh, making Mo Fan’s heart beat.

Mo Fan looked at his the shoulder over which the healing spirit was, and was surprised at how cool the healing magicians are, who are able to create helpers for themselves, following careless battle magicians, who, in case of serious injuries, are not even able to draw up an elemental star map.

Having got rid of many wounds, and also having received a healing spirit, M Fan rushed into battle.

Zhao Man Yan, I’m going to save you! Shouted Mo Fan enthusiastically.

But when he saw that there was already near Zhao Man Yan more than a hundred quartz giants gathered, his high spirits vanished in an instant.

Damn it, you turned up a nest of quartz giants, otherwise, why do you have so many of them here? said Mo Fan Zhao Man Yan surrounded by quartz giants.

Zhao Man Yan’s defenses continued to amaze, he kept an entire army of quartz giants, and if he met, he was a hunter Since there were similar armors, then they would definitely be still alive.

Your mother, stop chilling, I have three minutes myself, get me out of here soon, growled Zhao Man Yan.

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I also want to help you, but the question is how can I overcome this wall of giants. Could you, together with heaps of these protective artifacts, buy normal magic wings for yourself, and you just profiled a bunch of dough, said Mo Fan, who himself was in a difficult position.

Now he just stood and slammed into the wall of quartz giants, but even so for the short time when a gap appeared between them, Zhao Man Yan could not get out.

Can I help?, Xin Xia’s voice seemed very alarming.

The only way to help get out of Zhao Man Yan in such a short time is to soothe Xin Xia magic.


Brother Fan, let me help, Zhang Xiao Hou’s voice sounded in his ear, and he was not from the transmitter.

Mo Fan automatically turned his head and noticed Zhang Xiao Hou himself near him.

Mo Fan smiled. This guy arrived just in time.

But these funny thoughts vanished immediately. Zhang Xiao Hou was here, which means his quartz giants are with him. The situation has become even worse. This type brought with it a crowd of quartz giants whom it was supposed to distract. How can you do without scolding all his relatives?

But if Zhao Man Yan, who is in the heap himself, finds out about what happened, he will definitely beat him for such a wrecking team!

Mo Fan looked at the angry quartz giants for Zhang Xiao Hou, there’s nothing to be done, you have to spend Xin Xia spiritual magic, otherwise Zhao Man Yan is doomed to die.

Rely on me! Zhang Xiao Hou shouted confidently.

He, without slowing down, ran straight to the ring of quartz giants, it seems as if this idiot was going to ramming?

But the scene afterward made Mo Fan drop his jaw, the quartz giants apart, drawing attention to something very fast!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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