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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 473 Destruction of the Giants Read Novel

Chapter 473 Destruction of the Giants VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 473 Destruction of the Giants VERSATILE MAGE

Absorption by the shadow: step through the shadow!

Mo Fan took advantage of the dusk and slowly merged with the nearest shadow, after which he quickly moved away from the place where he had just stood.

Some of the quartz giants noticed this, and, pointing with their swords to a suspicious shadow, immediately rushed after it.

At that moment, Zhang Hou quickly ran the other way, than immediately distracted the attention of another part of the quartz giants.

It’s time to tidy up here! said Zhao Man Yan and smiled, looking at not too much smart monsters.

Yes, no problem! said Mo Fan, and his body was surrounded by flames.

While Zhao Man Yan was protecting the young man, the latter wasn’t talking about than to worry. One could calmly draw elemental star systems and not be afraid to be attacked.

The giants nearest to Mo Fan were easier to kill with a Burning Fist. As soon as the spell hits the monsters, they will immediately turn to ashes.

The sand under the giants turned into magma, which already after a couple of moments burned the monsters. Flames danced everywhere and corpses of giants could be seen.

Do not spare the monsters! Cried Zhao Man Yan, seeing how easily a third of the giants were killed.

At the current level, mages usually have about four spells in their arsenal, but Mo Fan was an exception. His fighting power could be compared with the strength of a team of magicians.

Zhao Man Yan also wanted to take an active part in the battle, so after a second a golden, shining blade appeared in his hand. One could only guess about the cost of such a high-quality attacking artifact.

The young man did not linger and immediately hit the nearest giant with his weapon.

Despite the fact that the blade consisted of from the light, this did not cancel the fact that its sharpness was enough to instantly cut the quartz giant in half.

Moreover, Zhao Man Yan specifically showed off and cut the monster vertically so that everyone around could appreciate the sharpness of his sword.

The young man was saddened only by the fact that this sword was able to kill only one monster per hit, if he had an artifact stronger, then there wouldn’t be a stone on a stone!

So you still have trump cards in your sleeve, said Mo Fan, looking at Zhao Man Yan.

Another group is approaching you, let’s not fly away!, Answered Zhao Man Yan. He didn’t like it when the opponent was outnumbered.

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Mo Fan looked at the giants and once again made sure that they did not know fear. They no doubt went forward. We went to our death.

Well, it’s even better, it will be easier to collect their souls!

The souls themselves went to Mo Fan. It feels like it was not a battle, but just another supply of souls on the assembly line.

Hmm a few more such battles and I can destroy such monsters without even spending energy on mid-level spells, Mo Fan thought.

The souls of these monsters are pretty -so valuable. And the quartz giants themselves are not so invulnerable. Once you find an effective way to destroy them, they will turn into a huge amount of money.

Bro, I distracted them, the rest is yours! Zhang Hou Mo Fan shouted loudly.

The young man turned his head and saw a large group of monsters chasing Zhang Hou.

Are you completely foolish there? Do you want them to turn us into mincemeat? Zhao Man Yan cried out loudly and emotionally, seeing that all these monsters were heading here.

Mo Fan remained calm. A bright red glow appeared in his eyes. The quartz giants suspected that they had been outwitted somewhere and began to randomly rush from side to side.

Before the giants had time to understand anything, they were surrounded by a stone barrier.

Naturally, such huge, heavy bodies cannot stop quickly, so in a moment the monsters hit the barrier.

Burning fist: Nine palaces!

Mo Fan hit clenched fist on the ground, and the flame immediately consumed all the monsters.

Mo Fan’s spell was strong in itself, but it was much more powerful since the monsters and fires were completely isolated by the barrier.

Souls flew one by one to the talisman on the boy’s neck.

Mo Fan involuntarily recalled the events in the city of Bo, after which he thought that if he had such strength and such a team as now, they would have easily reduced the damage to a minimum.

At this time, Chen Ying, Lin Lin and Xin Xia thought that this was already the end, but suddenly all the quartz giants left them and rushed towards Zhao Man Yan, Mo Fan and Zhang Hou.

Now the girls didn’t have to take a direct part on the battlefield, they just had to watch.

There were only three men, but each was good in his own way. One excellently distracted enemies, the second defended in time, the third was the embodiment of brute, destructive magical power!

It’s nice to watch the team work smoothly and efficiently, especially if every single person gives all the best!

The quartz giants had no chance. They were either cut by the sword of Zhao Man Yan, or killed by insanely rushing from side to side Zhang Hou, or burned whole groups of Mo Fan!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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