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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 474 The night attempt on beauty Read Novel

Chapter 474 The night attempt on beauty VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 474 The night attempt on beauty VERSATILE MAGE

They probably don’t even know that they cleaned out all the quartz monsters in this area, Chen Ying, who could not believe her eyes, said in fright.

The fight was on for a long time, therefore the girl didn’t have any reason to rush to the rescue: she still wouldn’t have time.

By the way the three young men fought in a team, it was safe to say that they knew and used each other’s strengths. The battle began with the fact that they were surrounded by monsters, but now their number has significantly decreased. Zhang Hou, Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan destroyed them all.

Now it has become apparent that the quartz giants from the River of Lost Sands are not a big threat.

It seems that it will be much easier to go further, said Lin Lin.

After this phrase, the battle ended and all the quartz giants were destroyed.

Since they could find an effective way destroy this type of monsters, then in the future, even if there are as many or even more, then they will not be a problem.

The river of lost sands is really terrible. It instills fear and kills people. Only the worthy can pass.


It was a deep night, but it wasn’t so dark.

The white sand stretched to the horizon, it seemed that infinity itself took on a material form. At the same time, this snow-white beauty was complemented by the radiance of many rides in the night sky. After the battle that happened here recently, everything finally calmed down.

Meanwhile, Xin Xia used her healing power to restore the youth. Maybe her spirit element was weak, but the healing element was the exact opposite. She easily replenished the energy lost in battle and healed wounds. The only thing that could limit it was her own supply of magical powers.

How pleasant it was! Killing monsters has never been so enjoyable! Smiled Zhao Man Yan, which again caused a wound in his face.

Zhang Xiao Hou nodded in agreement. He had never before been so easy and comfortable in a battle with his team.

Mo Fan put a pillow under his head at that moment and looked at the sky, so beautiful and unique. The young man was also pleased by the thought of how many souls he received after this battle.

If you manage to sell them, you can earn about twenty-five million.

Mo Fan Without thinking twice decided to use three souls to strengthen the element of fire.

In total, he strengthened ten stars of the element of fire. He is still far from forty-nine, but if he fights more often, then one day he will be able to improve the Burning Fist.

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Mo Fan knew that the path to a high level of magic is not easy and long, but gradually improving his elements, with time can become stronger than even magicians of the same level.

In addition, their goal was a Flame Belle.

If they succeed in capturing it, their combat power will increase significantly.

It looks like you wear it all the time, Xin Xia said in a soft voice.

Mo Fan turned and saw that the girl had already cured everyone in the unit and started to him.

Due to the fact that Mo Fan was lying on his back, the talisman was clearly visible on his chest. Xin Xia was very attentive, so she noticed right away.

Yes, although I don’t know much about this talisman, I think it brings me luck, Mo Fan said and laughed.

It is very unusual, Xin Xia smiled. Since she possessed an element of spirit, her magical perception was stronger and she immediately felt that an extraordinary power was hidden within the talisman. It’s just what kind of power she couldn’t understand.

However, the girl did not ask Mo Fan about the talisman.

She believed that if it was something insignificant and unclassified, then Mo Fan himself will somehow tell, and if not then asking for any sense is still not a blunder.

Others thought that Xin Xia was too conservative, but this was her childhood instilled by Mo Fan. As she knew in advance, honestly!

She was not a thoughtless doll, not at all, she always had her own opinion, just every time she came near Mo Fan, she became obedient. But she herself was considered special among her peers.

Xin Xia knew a lot of ways to punish someone who suddenly wants to slap her around the waist, and would certainly choose and apply one of them, but if she it was Mo Fan’s brazen hand, she couldn’t just shake it off, but would look around, hoping that no one would see

At that time, corrupted to the marrow of bones, Mo Fan, with a half-suffering, semi-carefree look looked at the sky, and his hand, secretly, taking advantage of the fact that Xin Xia does not see, touched her waist!

It’s good that it was quiet Xin Xia. Another thing is Mu Ning Xue or Tang Yue, these things were the exact opposite of Xin Xia. They would have immediately killed him on the spot for such an action!

Mo Fan was unhurried, he enjoyed pleasant tactile sensations. His hand gradually, slowly began to slide off the waist. Just a little more and he unceremoniously grabbed her buttock!

Xin Xia blushed. She tried to get up, but her body was weak. Moreover, if she gets up, then everyone will see what is happening. The bastard Mo Fan took advantage of the fact that Xin Xia’s body was blocking his hand!

The girl began to worry, her whole body was burning. She even looked indignantly at Mo Fan, but this did not penetrate him. All she could do was keep calm and pretend that nothing was happening.

The most annoying was that Mo Fan chatted with her as if nothing had happened, on the most common topics. In such a night, whatever you hide!

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