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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 475 Fire Threat (Part 1) Read Novel

Chapter 475 Fire Threat (Part 1) VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 475 Fire Threat (Part 1) VERSATILE MAGE

The River of Lost Sands was successfully crossed without a single problem. Further our heroes began to walk along the scorched territory.

This is a northern hot plain, a mysterious place where almost no human foot has stepped.

Hunters exist throughout China, namely therefore, there are practically no places left where it would be easy to find large dens of animals. Those few that have not been destroyed to this day remain the most dangerous of the places.

The northern hot plain is located on the border with the river of lost sands. Those who can get to this place and survive a little. That is why these lands attract many hunters. There is a lot of unknown here, there may be precious resources that have not yet been taken over.

So far, it is difficult to explore something in this territory. Information was received that the Flame Belle lives right in the middle of this plain.

The plain is a huge hollow, the edge of which is not visible to the eye. The northern hot plain from the side looks like a large roasting pan, in which it is very easy to get lost. The soil in the plain is painted in bright red, they also say that in the very center of the plain there is a large, continuously burning pillar of fire.

The fire comes from the earth itself and its not like a flower, and for an ordinary person is impossible to walk here.

That is why the northern hot plain can be called the Chinese brazier.

It is likely that it is on these uncharted lands that you can find a unique, unusually strong seed of the fire element.

It is also likely that not a single seed can be found on this earth element of fire, and maybe even a huge amount of seeds of a high level.

Mo Fan knows from personal experience that such seeds are completely random. In addition, there probably already were several hunters and most likely the level of their magic was higher than average. That is why the chances of finding a seed here are not as high as we would like.

But its okay, the main thing is to find the location of the Flame Belle, and if you find it, the result will exceed all expectations.

As soon as the team reached these lands, Lin Lin seemed to decide something for herself and began to make some strange calculations, glancing at his laptop.

I have an order for you. Take it and bury it in the ground, Lin Lin said and pulled four cone-shaped strange devices from her pocket.

This strange thing was like a top covered with a layer of metal. It looks very modern in appearance.

So this is an element detector! With it, you can check the concentration of the elements energy in the earth, said Zhang Xiao Hou. Being a military man, he saw such devices more than once and was familiar with them.

From one book I learned that flame bellies live in places of increased concentration of the fire element. They need the concentration to be five times higher than normal. To produce offspring, the female Flame Belle must retire to a place where there is a fiery seed. Therefore, as soon as we find a seed, we will immediately find a Little Flame Belle, said Lin Lin.

Mo Fan nodded grimly. He knew that Flame Belles were sedentary creatures. They will not change their habitat without good reason.

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A spiritual seed is a very unusual thing. More than one thing is seldom in one place.

Therefore, the easiest way is to find a seed and then find and get a Flame Belle.

And an element detector is the best device to search for soul seeds and fragments of seeds. It allows you to check the concentration of the element in the soil, which allows you to determine in which place the seed most likely hides.

Our heroes, without thinking twice, complied with Lin Lins request and buried the detectors in the ground.

The detector works very well, however, such a device has one serious minus. Once it is buried in the ground, it will become a kind of bait for animals nearby. The device attracts the attention of all animals around and more than one generation of hunters was killed due to the fact that it could not sensibly assess the strength of the monsters around.

Its good that the device does not spend much time on its task. This greatly facilitates the escape from the danger zone if necessary.

The downside of all this venture was that you would have to use the device repeatedly, which means skirmishes with monsters cannot be avoided.

The detector scans the soil around it, the more time it is given the better the result. If suddenly a seed is hidden underground, then without such an apparatus you simply cant find it.

Lets go that way, faster! Some monsters have already arrived, Lin Lin said.

When everyone began to remove the detectors from the soil, Mo Fan noticed that Chen Ying was somehow slow. Suspicion crept into the young mans heart.

Chen Ying is Zhao Man Yans older cousin. Since he took her with him, this means that she can be trusted. Only here one thing Mo Fan could not understand. Lin Lin, Xin Xia, Zhang Xiao Hou, Zhao Man Yan they are all their own. Each of them knows that by completing the assignment they may not get anything.

Chen Ying, as if she does not need anything. She seems ready to risk her life, but for what? Spend so much time and effort and end up with nothing. Strange.

However, Mo Fan did not ask. Most likely she will not say it anyway. Lets see how she behaves further.

Look, look ahead, it seems something has caught fire, and even how much! Exclaimed Zhang Xiao Hou, pointing forward.

Everyone looked there and saw that indeed, there was a bright red fire dancing

But how could the pillar of fire be so huge and tall, like mountains!

Doesnt it seem to you doesnt it seem that the fire has increased in size, doesnt it seem that it will reach heaven now? said no one.

Mo Fan peered into the fire, and as soon as he saw that the flame was getting bigger and bigger as if he realized something, and the expression on his face changed dramatically. We should run! immediately said Mo Fan.

The fire was like an ocean and mountains at the same time. At first, he simply appeared on the horizon, which made it seem like just an ordinary column of flame. As soon as this flame completely absorbed the horizon, everyone suddenly realized how stunning this flame is!

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