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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 476 Fire Threat (Part 2) Read Novel

Chapter 476 Fire Threat (Part 2) VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 476 Fire Threat (Part 2) VERSATILE MAGE

It was also unclear how many more kilometers were left, but the waves from their movements reached the hunters.

Mo Fan understood the fact that even from a distance these animals attracted all the attention, then by that time when they get here, they will increase in size tenfold!

With huge mountains they rose on the horizon How hot it will be

Tell me honestly. Can we really hide? There is one wasteland around, you can’t even hide anywhere. said Zhao Man Yan, looking at the approaching clubs of fire.

All the others also thought only about this unknown type of animals.

Then you need to run back! This is not just an accumulation of destructive power, it is just some kind of supreme punishment! Chen Ying said.

Indeed, at such moments it was only necessary to think about survival.

*** Boom! Boom! Boom! ***

Having run a considerable distance, all of a sudden realized that the ground was shaking under their feet. A huge herd of animals was already rushing behind them!

Silhouettes could be seen among the dust clubs. The animals had four limbs, and their bodies were covered with a kind of red-brown shell protection, which spoke of their belonging to the element of fire.

There were a huge number of them. The surface of the earth on which they walked with their limbs was simply shaking!

What is it? Are they all running after us? with fear in his voice said Zhao Man Yan.

These animals really impressed with their appearance. At first glance, it was clear that these were unusual animals.

These, most likely, are chain animals, which are famous for their protective armor among animals of the leader level of a pack. They differ from other animals of the pack leader level in that they prefer the herd lifestyle. The shell armor that their bodies are covered with is ideal for creating a magical protective chain mail. However, in order to get their protective coating, you will have to face the whole herd. said Lin Lin.

Hearing these words, Mo Fan added more speed. A whole flock of animals of the leader of the pack!!! One can only guess about the power of a whole herd of these animals!

I wonder what will happen if you set a herd of these animals on a herd of other evil spirits? In any case, there must be such a type of magical animals that can turn these chain beasts on the run, making them beg for mercy!

Mo Fan and the others continued to run. Who knew that the Northern Hot Plain would be even less hospitable than the River of Lost Sands!

Before setting foot on the Northern Hot Plain, the team took a break. The main attention was required to restore the magical energy of Xin Xia.

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Therefore, now, in the middle of the river, they were not in danger.

The chain beasts understood that it was extremely dangerous to enter the river, so they frightenedly stopped on its bank.

We must not let the chain beasts get too close. Their smell of animals of the pack leader level can awaken monsters of the same level, but we can’t compete with them, Xin Xia informed everyone.

Everyone nodded their heads: they didn’t even have any idea force to drag this herd into the river.

Upon returning to the river, nothing will threaten them, the main thing is that the magic of the spirit element of Xin Xia should be active all the time!

However, the chain-mail animals themselves had a choice: to enter the river and run after them, or take a chance and fight the monsters?

But the team was not bothered by this question. For them, there was only one option to enter the territory of the river and rush westward without looking back!

After they entered the river, the silhouettes of animals on the horizon began to disperse.

*** Whistle * * * *

The hot air began to blow out the guys, heating them.

It would seem that nothing could threaten the guys who managed to escape such a fiery beast however, this hot air brought with it a new portion of trouble.

The surface above the plain seemed completely fiery! It was so red!

I heard that the River of Lost Sands is called the River of Death. They say that the number of sand monsters in it is equal to the number of dead.From the very beginning I’ve been thinking about how many people died here, Lin Lin said, she looked toward the plain, it seems to me that most of the dead wandered into the river accidentally, fleeing the chase Just like we just

Maybe we get out of here and continue to move further along the plain? Perhaps then we will no longer have the opportunity to run away, suggested Zhao Man Yan.

None of the guys would have expected the appearance of this fire threat. Although, if you think about it, it wasn’t mentioned in any of the packages or where else. Really no one has been able to go this far, and they should write their memoirs upon return?!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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