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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 479 Spiritual Seed, Just a Snack Read Novel

Chapter 479 Spiritual Seed, Just a Snack VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 479 Spiritual Seed, Just a Snack VERSATILE MAGE

A fiery threat almost completely cleared the northern hot plain from monsters. Not a single beast was seen in at least two hours of the detector’s operation.

It is likely that the monsters that survived simply did not find the courage in their hearts to crawl out.

Since the devices worked for a long time, the scanning area expanded significantly in all four directions. Soon the team had an exact coordinate. The closer they got to the goal, the more erratic the land became. This is one of the surest signs of the presence of a nearby seed.

Here, Zhang Xiao Hou, Chen Ying, use your earth to find the seed, Mo Fan said excitedly.

Zhang Xiao Hou is a simple man, what Mo Fan said to him is what he does. If a young man would say to look for a seed using only a shovel, then Xiao Hou would do so.

Chen Ying, on the contrary, remained calm. She is one of the few on the team who truly understood that finding a soul seed after a fire threat was a trifle.

Zhang Xiao Hou was fully prepared after being pointed to the place, he regretted that he could not penetrate deep underground to immediately find a seed. Chen Ying came closer to the young man and patted him on the back.

The sand after the storm was still not settled, so visibility remained poor. After some time, sand and ash began to slowly settle, and in front seemed like a meteorite crater.

The crater was at least one kilometer in diameter! It looked like a small hollow, the size of which was amazing.

It was very dry inside, but the earth was all cracked. From here and there, tongues of flame appeared and disappeared from cracks. The color of the flame seemed surprising. They were yellow, like a newborn caterpillar. Sometimes the swaying fire resembled half-ripened wheat spikelets.

There is definitely a spiritual seed here, otherwise where could such an unusual fire come from!

Zhang Xiao Hou looked at the magnificent landscape in which still could not believe it. After a couple of moments, he noticed a column of yellow flame, located in the center of the crater. It was a spiritual seed, it rose two meters above the ground.

Zhang Xiao Hou never found a spiritual seed in his life. However, all the military men vied with each other to say that this phenomenon is very rare and extremely beautiful.

What have we really found it so easily? Xiao Hou asked incredulously.

Mo Fan stood just a half kilometer from the newly emerged elemental spiritual seed. The majestic flame of the fire threat gave rise to an unbearable for the earth and a very beautiful burden the seed of the element of fire.

It is not yet known exactly what properties this flame has. However, there is no doubt that there is something special in this fire.

Usually a seed carries some special effect. Seed of Mo Fan, for example, increased the power of fire two and a half times.

Those that have a strong, destructive effect are usually more expensive. Take for example the seed of Zhang Xiao Hou Swamp stream, it would easily have gone for thirty million.

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Each seed has its own abilities and properties, which directly affects the price. This newborn seed is really unique, so the price will definitely not be low.

There is everywhere that can burn an ordinary person to the ground fire, said Xin Xia.

Zhao Man Yan and Xiao Hou turned around and looked at the revitalized Mo Fan. He was the only one who had an element of fire, the only one who was immune to this flame.

Mo Fan did not wait for what others would say and jumped right into the crater filled with fire. Usually it’s not safe to do this, but not a single monster is nearby.

The animals differed from people, including the fact that they couldn’t just take and absorb the seed. They need to first develop immunity to the necessary elements and only then the beast can absorb the power of the seed.

Since this process takes time, the animal becomes a defender of the seed for the time of getting used to.

Mo Fan came closer to the spiritual seed, and when only a few tens of meters remained, he stopped and looked around.

Mother nature seemed to tempt the young man with such an extraordinary jewel. Mo Fan felt that he irresistibly wants to get this seed into his hands.

But despite all the emotions, the young man decided to remain decent.

Xin Xia was right, people without immunity to the elements of fire could not have lived for a second next to a seed. Mo Fan felt this on his own body. He felt that if it weren’t for the Fiery Rose, he wouldn’t be in a good mood now.

In the end, Mo Fan decided to move on. A seething, hot wave of heat hit him in the face.


With special care, Mo Fan placed the seed in a suitable vessel. As predicted, for the whole time the body of the young man did not receive any damage from the fire.

Different thoughts still circled in the young man’s head. At some point, Mo Fan was almost certain that immediately after he placed the seed in the jar, some terrible monster would appear from under the ground, which would haunt him for the rest of his life. But nothing of the kind happened. Moreover, nothing happened either on the way back with Mo Fan. The flame that appeared from the cracks in the ground slowly began to die out.

Now I really believe that the fire threat has generated a lot of precious resources on this earth, Zhao Man Yan said excitedly after seeing Mo Fan successfully produce a seed.

If they were able to get a spiritual seed of such quality just like that, then what awaits them next.

Is it really just a snack?

Who knows maybe later they will find something even more valuable?

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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