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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 480: Chen Ying’s Secret Read Novel

Chapter 480: Chen Ying’s Secret VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 480: Chen Ying’s Secret VERSATILE MAGE

This seed should be called the disturbing fire. This is the highest quality seed. Those who are interested in such things will pay dearly for the opportunity to possess them, said Lin Lin, smiling pretty.

To be honest, I still can’t believe that this is true. This is really a seed. It is worth a fortune, Zhang Xiao Hou said lifelessly.

Mo Fan looked at the vessel in which there was a yellowish seed and recalled with what difficulty he got the Fire Rose. Yes, he almost died there. And now they have so easily fired up a disturbing fire that you don’t know what to say.

I think we should not keep our eyes on the seed. Despite the fact that the northern hot plain is famous for its fire, there are rare things that can only appear when the flame reaches a certain strength, a certain level. That is why the fire threat has become a kind of rain, degenerating such jewelry on this earth, said Chen Ying.

It was noticeable that the girl did not have an irresistible interest in the disturbing fire. Rather, it seemed as if she quickly wanted to find something very valuable, much more valuable.

The longer Mo Fan watched Chen Ying, the more he became convinced that she definitely pursued unusual goals.

Chen Ying, since we are here as one team, you should not hide something from us. If you know something, say it, Xin Xia addressed the girl.

I what can I know? I just it seems to me that our team should have higher standards, more serious goals, and that’s it, it immediately became clear that Chen Ying did not know how to lie.

Her corresponding appearance also hinted at it. After all, they are relatives with Zhao Man Yan. The latter probably would not have taken her with him if he had not trusted her.

Zhao Man Yan looked at Chen Ying and thought that she should not hide anything from them. After that, the young man told her: I told you, you can trust them all. We see that you know much more about us about the northern hot plain. Besides, you want us to look for precious things, just like everyone here

I no, Chen Ying said quietly. Everyone was looking at her.

Chen Ying was not amazingly beautiful, nor did she act as if she was proud of her high origin, so she made a pleasant impression. However, now, with her behavior, she made everyone in the team think about it. What can she hide that which cannot be told? What are all these hints for? Besides, she still hides all this ineptly.

Xin Xia, realizing that Chen Ying will not tell anything, looked at Mo Fan.

She very anxious, definitely not telling us anything, the voice of Xin Xia sounded, as if over Mo Fan’s ear, but also as if just out of nowhere.

Mo Fan looked at Xin Xia in surprise

Xin Xia didn’t even open her mouth! How did he hear her?

I have an element of spirit, I can listen carefully and catch the mood and direction of a person’s thoughts. I feel that Chen Ying is worried. She drives us forward, as if we’ll find something further that she wants, Xin Xia’s voice again echoed in Ms. Fan’s mind.

Well, it can partially catch a person’s thoughts. This element, spirit, it is too

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Does this not mean that if he thinks about something, then Xin Xia will know everything? He was going to set up a separate tent today and invited Xin Xia there. Otherwise, only light excitement remained from the last time

Can you find out her secret? Said Mo Fan Xin Xia in her ear.

Xin Xia nodded and said: Yes, I need to catch the basic idea and mood of a person. When people think, then all their thoughts are randomly intertwined. In order to hear what a person is thinking about, you need to use the magic of the spirit element in order to make a person think about this thing. This is the only way to learn something specific. Otherwise, the magician of the element of spirit will simply get confused.

Let’s wait a while with this, in the end Chen Ying is a cousin of Zhao Man Yan, maybe he can persuade her to tell us his secret, replied Mo Fan.

While these two were talking about their own, Zhao Man Yan took Chen Ying’s arm and stepped aside.

After some, quite a short time, Chen Ying returned with her head bowed down.

Her face was frozen in mute regret. After that, she began to tell everything that she knew about the northern hot plain.

Everyone listened very carefully, in the end it could be something that would be much more valuable than a seed. Who wouldn’t listen attentively in their place?

I have one close person in my family, his whole body is covered with burns. He does not have a single healthy place on his skin. No matter how many magicians with an element of healing we call, all is useless. No one can restore his former appearance, Chen Ying began slowly.

What are you talking about that uncle from another surname? Lu Jian Li? Zhao Man Yan asked right away as soon as he heard the beginning of the story. Pictures of a man surfaced in a white cloth all day surfaced in his head.

Zhao Man Yan’s house was not far from the man’s house. Sometimes, when he cultivated on the terrace, he saw how this mummy enjoyed life in his backyard.

Zhao Man Yan was not well acquainted with this man. I only heard sometimes that some members of the family scoffed at him. They said that he was doing bad things, so his punishment from heaven overtook him he was burned beyond recognition.

When Zhao Man Yan was still a child, he believed in all these things, in the end, many healing magicians were really brought to that person, and no one could help. Usually, those who got burns, even for the whole body, can be cured with the help of healing magic or some kind of medicine.

Yes, she she is my mother, Chen Ying said quietly.

What? Zhao Man Yan jumped in surprise.

Everyone was dumbfounded, it was obvious to everyone that his uncle was a man, how could it be it turned out that he became a mother? It seems the IQ is not high enough to understand this.

Have you even seen her? Asked Chen Ying.

I no, I just heard okay, it looks like we were all wrong, said Zhao Man Yan, as if understanding something, and smiled bitterly.

In truth, Zhao Man Yan could not imagine that this mummy is a woman. In his family there were many who said bad things about this man. The most frightening thing was that it was Chen Ying’s mother. But his uncle, Zhao Yu Lin, never talked about this

Wait a minute, since she is your mother, what kind of aunt was she shouting at us for days? Asked Zhao Man Yan.

What do you think? Chen Ying said, biting her lip. It was evident that she was very unpleasant to remember this.

Zhao Man Yan suddenly seemed to understand something, just did not dare to say.

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