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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 486 Lord of the Plain Read Novel

Chapter 486 Lord of the Plain VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 486 Lord of the Plain VERSATILE MAGE

It should be noted that the fiery man was not much different from ordinary people, except that he was tall, and the body looked vaguely reminiscent of a woman, besides beautiful.

This man looked like Mo Fan, at the moment when the latter released the power of the fiery fist. The only difference was that in a fiery person the whole body consisted of flame. Even a face whose features were hardly distinguishable was fiery.

Do you understand our speech? Said Mo Fan to the fiery witch.

The fiery witch looked at the young man in incomprehension.

Okay, thanks anyway for saving me, said Mo Fan, laughing.

There really are miracles. It was worth hearing the story of the unusual creature that Chen Ying’s mother saved, when he immediately met this witch face to face.

The witch looked at Mo Fan and seemed to smile at least in the corners her mouth seemed to rise.

Mo Fan thought that he had once found a worthy girl, even the creature’s smile seemed sweet and good-natured.

Exactly, my the comrades are still locked inside, Mo Fan recalled.

The fiery witch nodded and gestured that the course of magma would soon end, and comrades of Mo Fun themselves will be able to get out of the predicament. But the young man should take care of his body.

Mo Fan himself understood that there would be no use from him, so he decided to stay with the fiery witch and try to establish communication.

Mo Fan already encountered the totem snake, we can say that we already have experience in dealing with similar creatures.

Can I immediately ask, are you a Flame Belly? said Mo Fan after evaluating the witch.

The books say that the Flame Belle is like a girl, the graceful and formidable fiery girl.

Although this witch is similar to the Flame Belle described in the book, the young man has Equally, there was a feeling that this might not be her: all the same, there is a coincidence and differences.

Everyone who saw Little Flame Belles alive said that she was very shy and runs away at the sight of a person. However, if she is angry or intrudes into her possessions wait for trouble.

If this is a Flame Belle, then this is some good-natured one. The mother of Chen Ying was saved many years ago, and now she saved Mo Fan.

The witch looked at the young man and shook her head, confirming that she was not a Flame Belle.

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A , you probably wonder what I forgot here?, Mo Fan guessed, looking at the girl’s gestures.

I came here to find the Little Flame Belle. The fact is that I am a magician of call and I want to conclude a contract with a Little Flame Belle, Mo Fan answered honestly.

The girl shook her head again, letting the young man understand that he was thinking in the wrong direction.

Yes, I just try and everything, if nothing works, then the dog is with him, said Mo Fan.

Night fell and the stars began to decorate the sky with its radiance. Mo Fan was still lying on the mountain and it seemed to him that the sky was unusually beautiful today.

However, this is the first such experience of Mo Fan: lying on top of a mountain and talking with a creature completely composed of fire.

It seems that the fiery witch had her own affairs, because she left Mo Fan to rest, and went off somewhere on her own business.

It’s a pity, of course, that she she left, because Mo Fan she seemed an unusual creature, which I want to know more.

*** Wind whistle ***

Suddenly a cold, refreshing wind blew, along with chilling soul cries.

Mo Fan’s body has not yet recovered, so the biggest thing he could do was go in the direction of noise to find out what was happening there.

It seems that the fiery witch sensed something was wrong in advance and looked around at the nearest grove.

Suddenly, the leaves of the trees began to stir, as if someone was hiding in the grove.

The foliage spun in the air, after which a boa constrictor appeared with a fiery pattern, which immediately rushed to Mo Fan. The body of the snake was about fifteen to sixteen meters long.

The most striking thing about this boa constrictor was that it had three whole heads.

It should be noted that each of the heads was painted in its own color and angrily looked at Mo Fan.

The leftmost head was dark brown, the central head was painted in bright red, the right head was green. The monster’s scales were covered with fiery patterns, but its eyes burned with scarlet color.

One glance at the right head would be enough to understand that this beast is poisonous and very dangerous.

The three-headed snake immediately inspired fear in the youth’s heart.

Mo Fan immediately noted that the boa constrictor has a very unusual appearance, probably such animals are not often found in humans.

Although Mo Fan is not strong in distinguishing snake species, but he learned from Hoto that the clearer the patterns of snakes, the higher the level of origin.

It seems that this snake smelled a person. Unfortunately for a man, this does not end well for him.

Mo Mo’s position cannot be envied now: he was face to face with a rare snake, and even in such a state.

Even if the young man were not weakened, he would still not be sure of his own victory over such a strong beast.

And at that moment the young man’s meditation was interrupted by a sharp, angry cry!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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