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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 488 The Mummy Read Novel

Chapter 488 The Mummy VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 488 The Mummy VERSATILE MAGE

Finally, magma began to recede. All five breathed a sigh of relief.

The cave was small, so soon people began to lack oxygen. If they were another man and they would all have died from a lack of air.

The only thing that pleases people is that the agile wolf of Mo Fan has still not gone away, which means that Mo Fan is alive.

Xin Xia constantly watched the wolf. It was important for her to know that Mo Fan was alive. Even when she was tired and closed her eyes, after a few seconds she immediately opened to make sure that the wolf was in place.

Although the magma has already left, we should still wait. It seems that the air still does not flow, said Zhao Man Yan.

The team decided to listen to the young man and wait a little longer.

Okay, let’s go, it’s time to look Mo Fan

As soon as the team left the cave, they immediately went down to the foot of the mountain.

If Mo Fan carried downstream magma, then most likely down.

The team wanted to quickly find Mo Fan, because everyone realized that as soon as the magma freezes, it will be much more difficult to find a young man.


Having descended to the foot, the team did not find Mo Fan, but they found a long-familiar beast a turtle.

Zhao Man Yan had already begun to figure out how exactly he would cut the turtle into two parts, when suddenly another one appeared next to it, the same one with a bigger size and with a strong shell. And after a couple of moments the team became convinced that the turtles live in groups.

Well, you have to temporarily forget about revenge.

Who knew that the turtles purposefully will persecute people?

What shall we do? We can’t always run away from these turtles, so we will never find Mo Fan, said Zhang Xiao Hou.

It seems that a group of people is approaching us, it doesn’t matter, they ran to them, we’ll discuss everything later, said Zhao Man Yan.

When the team approached a group of people, Zhao Man Yan examined the one who was in front of the group. This would be a middle-aged man with a scythe. He had an enthusiastic expression.

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Chen Ying also saw this man and her expression changed.

Uncle, what are you doing here?, said Zhao Man Yan to the man.

The man looked coldly at Chen Ying and Zhao Man Yan and said: What a mess! Do you think that this is the place for you?

Uncle, let’s deal with the monsters first, and then you will teach us the mind. We still need to save a comrade, said Zhao Man Yan.

Zhao Yu Lin had long noticed the turtles, so he hastened to meet the heroes on horseback in advance.

Suddenly around several elemental stellar systems appeared to him. All these systems were formed simultaneously. After that, stellar systems formed into an elemental galaxy.

The brown elemental galaxy was fully formed, and a gray-brown luster appeared in the eyes of Zhao Yu Ling. After that, a fan-shaped energy of the same color appeared and flew towards the turtles.

In flight, the energy was transformed into a dark clawed paw. After a moment, everything around was petrified, whether it be a refractory cactus or clay.

This is the same stone turning! High-level spell!

The two-headed turtles that stood in the front ranks died instantly. The power of the spell was so great that they did not have time to do anything.

By chance, the surviving turtles decided not to risk their lives and began to flee. Uncle, you are so strong! Said Zhao Man Yan and went over to examine the petrified turtles.

Then the young man smashed the stone statue to smithereens with a kick. It seems that even this was not enough for him, because he stepped on the remnants and angrily said: I warned you, there’s no need to chase us, he said that we’ll tear to pieces, and you? That’s right

We won’t lose a second, went in search of Mo Fan, said Zhang Hou Man Yan.

As soon as the team was about to leave, how Zhao Yu Lin said: You hell, why are you wandering around without warning anyone? If you were not lucky, then we would not even have found your corpses here. Are you still going to save someone? Tell someone, we will help you.

Lin Lin nodded and said: Indeed, with their help it will be easier for us to find Mo Fan

All five immediately joined the group. Chen Ying walked away from prying eyes. A little later, she noticed that among this group there is a painfully familiar person. She could not be confused with anyone.

Mom, what are you doing here? Chen Ying asked in surprise.

Mom nodded and called the girl to her, without saying a word.

Chen Ying began to walk next to her mother. She happily looked at her father, Zhao Yu Lina, and thought she was wrong when she said that her father did not care about her mother. She thought that her father was only interested in enriching the family and himself.

Only now, father took with him the most ordinary, outstanding mages. I’m afraid that of all of them, only Zhao Yu Lin himself is a high-level mage.

The rest are unlikely to be able to defeat powerful animals that guard the fiery fruits.

It seems that that the mother noticed that Chen Ying was disturbing something and said: The river of forgotten sands is thrilled. It seems that in the west of the river some unknown evil has awakened. Even the magic of the spirit element cannot calm them. I am afraid that now only those with special skills can cross the river. I think only father can cross the river.

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