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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 491 Beauty Nan Jue Read Novel

Chapter 491 Beauty Nan Jue VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 491 Beauty Nan Jue VERSATILE MAGE

Mo Fan decided to go further, but suddenly stumbled upon another corpse now male.

The body was also completely bloodied and bitten from all this it was possible to judge what it had to go through to this person.

Because of the local values, how many people remained buried here. However, if these magical animals did not protect their habitat, then a person would trudge somewhere at the end of the food chain.

Having formed a fire, Mo Fan burned the corpse so that it would not go to other animals for eating.


Suddenly, a stern female voice was heard from the thickets of the forest. Mo Fan just finished burning the body. From the magical aura of the approaching one, it was possible to understand that she was not a beginner, Mo Fan immediately drew a star-like shadow system.

Mo Fan managed to enter the shadow of a nearby tree, becoming completely invisible.

Who? Come out quickly!

Mo Fan already formed lightning magic in the shade.

I asked this question. a girl with blond hair appeared nearby, she looked sternly at Mo Fan.

Mo Fan looked at this girl with an aquiline nose, which was sticking out her military order on her chest. Involuntarily grinned, said: The military, what is not enough money for the war? Because of this, did you rush here for the sake of profit?

Does any hunter dare to bring any nonsense to the officer’s eyes? said Nan Jue. She has not yet attacked Mo Fan. And although she did not see his hunting license, by his appearance it was clear that he was a hunter.

Your comrades were killed here already. I’ll take a look, you haven’t managed to make a lot of money yet, but you’re already dying said Mo Fan.

Nan Jue didn’t answer, just bit her lip.

Like said Mo Fan, they have already lost a lot here, the forest turned out to be much more dangerous than they expected. Now they only needed a safe shelter, which did not die out completely.

Why are you shy away here? Apparently, you are not so strong as to compete with the creature that kills us, the officer said.

From Mo Fan’s assessment, the officer could be called terribly beautiful * (sarcasm, hieroglyph used in circulation, it is used in the meaning of handsome man).

Her broad hips barely fit into military pants, her legs were too long, and graceful ankles, which were created in order to flaunt high-heeled shoes, looked even more inappropriate in these pants.

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Her height was clearly above average: even Mo Fan, not counting iysya stunted by male standards, inferior to her a few centimeters. This whole portrait was reinforced by a stern expression on her face and sheer brutality just such a man can make girl hearts flutter!

The officer’s eagle nose was reinforced by the gleam in her eyes Mo Fan never liked such effeminate boys, nor did they like such emancipated girls, but the officer standing in front of him was quite beautiful. She possessed a kind of arrogant and forceful beauty.

Nan Jue immediately decided that she was a libertine, so her eyes became more and more wary over time.

If you if you want to find a safe place, then call your people, I can take you to such a place, said Mo Fan.

But we have not found the fiery fruit yet

Nan Jue had not even had time to finish, as Mo Fan laughed at her: Do not be so self-confident. You cannot go any further, nor can you get the fiery fruits. I know where they grow, but the keeper of the fiery fruits will not let us get them, it’s better to kill us all. Do not risk your life, it’s better to return to the plain, gather spiritual seeds and get out of here!.

Nan Jue frowned. She did not like the words of Mo Fan, but in one he was right: the number of members of her team was rapidly decreasing, and they did not even know what kind of animal started to hunt them.

Mo Fan continued: apparently, the three-headed ominous python is attacking, it is located at the top of the food chain of the local forest.

When Mo Fan discovered the corpses, he drew attention to the fact that they all died from different types of death: from poison, fire and grinding bones. Throughout the forest, only a three-headed python could cause such troubles to people.

How do you know? asked the officer.

I warn you for the last time: you either retreat or continue to be certain to die cut off Mo Fan.

Most likely, it’s a fiery witch set python on these people. Mo Fan himself did not cause any inconvenience to this forest, so he remained alive, but those guys were not so lucky

Nan Jue hesitated. She tried to test Mo Fan with her formidable gaze, trying to find out if he had any other plans.

However, she understood that every second for her team could be the last, so she agreed: You can take us away to a safe place?.

Yes, only you need to assemble your team first. Let’s go all together, answered Mo Fan.

Mo Fan acted honestly: realizing what a fiery witch is capable of, he decided to abandon the idea of ​​getting fiery fruits.

Then okay, but you better not lie to me, the officer said.

I’m doing it from the bottom of my heart and for the sake of your beautiful cheeks, Mo Fan said playfully.

But after all, in the military units there are also such beauties that make male hearts tremble

-Tray!- the officer started. Nobody had the courage to say such a thing to her

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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