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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 492 Witch’s Wrath Read Novel

Chapter 492 Witch’s Wrath VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 492 Witch’s Wrath VERSATILE MAGE

Mo Fan thought was very simple: he was going to go to the fiery witch, so that she would lead them all out of this forest.

After spending several days with her, Mo Fan realized that by nature he was fiery the witch was very kind, especially when it came to fire fruits.

Initially, the officer’s team consisted of 10 people, but by this moment there were only five of them. We can say that their mission did not work out from the very beginning.

Mo Fan still remembered the road to where the fiery fruits grew. Since the fiery witch was supposed to be there, he just wanted to once again show this military man that trying to get fire fruit was tantamount to death.

What kind of place is this Nan Jue looked around in surprise at to the sides.

Fruit trees grew on the side of the mountain. There was not a single tree with crimson leaves visible: the entire slope was planted only with fruitful trees.

Once again, I remind you that you should not touch anything here, the fiery witch is watching everything. The most important thing is that you should contact her without malicious intent, so she is very good-natured. We are here for her to get us out of here Mo Fan Nan Jue and her team warned again.

The officers from her team were very scared by the three-headed python, which made Mo Fan’s words simply words.

At first I will go up to her and say hello, but you calm down, she cannot Mo Fan did not have time to finish his speech, as a fireball began to ignite on the top of the tree.

This fireball was the fiery sun at the top Everything around became flaming red, and flames began to fall to the ground.

The temperature in this place was unbearable before that, so now it so tall that people just started to languish.

Nan Jue changed dramatically in her face. She managed to use her magic artifact and looked with hatred at Mo Fan, deciding that he specially brought them all to certain death.

While she incinerated Mo Fan with her gaze, a fiery creature appeared over the fireball, which resembled a girl in silhouette!

She came down: her body was still covered with flames, and her arrogant tread suppressed any human thought about the confrontation!

The whole sky was lit up with flames!

Idiot! You want to destroy us all! Nan Jue continued to curse in a furious voice.

If I wanted to destroy all of you, I would just leave there. Calm down and give me the opportunity to figure out what happened. Most likely, there are still people who infuriated her. Dukes! Moaned Fan.

The fiery witch was enraged!

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The descending fireball was so frightening that there was a great risk that Mo Fan and the rest would immediately go into the next world.

Mo Fan talked even with the totem snake, therefore, he perfectly understood the full power of such creatures. He also understood very well that a fiery witch was even kinder than a totemic serpent and wouldn’t just kill people

Fiery fruits?

There were no fiery fruits on the trees

This means that the reason for the witch’s anger lies precisely in this!!!

Mo Fan, having concluded such a logical chain and seeing that the witch is going to burn them with light, jumped sharply.

It’s me! I! I understand that there are people who stole your fiery fruits As I told you, there are other people who came here just for this It makes no sense to destroy everyone around. Tell me what happened, and we will help you return the fiery fruits! Mo Fan turned to the fiery witch.

The witch was so angry that when she saw people, she thought only of revenge

Even the fact that Mo Fan appeared didn’t changed her previous intentions

The fireball flared up more and more

The fiery witch perfectly understood human language. Her eyes were full of violent rage. Just one of her orders, and a ball of fire will destroy absolutely everything here!!!

She continued to look at Mo Fan

Finally, the flame covering the body of the witch began to weaken, she appeared in front of Mo Fan.

The arrogant gaze of the witch cast a glance at the military, who stood behind Mo Fan. All of them, including Nan Jue, were so scared that they could not even move, not even fight

Now they understood why Mo Fan urged them not to touch the fiery fruits. The keeper of the fiery fruits was simply distraught!!!

Tell me what happened Mo Fan said in a soothing voice.

The fiery witch said nothing to Mo Fan. She only saw that all these people were not the ones who stole the fruit, and turned to the west, about to fly away.

Mo Fan was just about to say something else, as she saw that from the back a long blue peak sticks out of a fiery witch.

A peak stuck right into her body

It became clear that this cooling peak was prepared specifically for a fiery witch This peak seemed to control the heat of her body


Most likely, the cooling peak is an artifact of one of the magicians who attacked the witch from the back!!!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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