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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 493 Escape with Prey in the Hands Read Novel

Chapter 493 Escape with Prey in the Hands VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 493 Escape with Prey in the Hands VERSATILE MAGE

There was no one around, just as there were no traces. It seems that some time has passed since the injury. It is likely that the fiery witch behaved unusually due to frostbite. Maybe she just woke up at the moment when they arrived. I almost swallowed the evil on innocent people.

Mo Fan almost spent the whole day in the crimson forest. Who would have thought that when he returned here, he would notice that someone had really tried to steal the fiery fruit, and at the same time severely wounded the witch.

It seems that the cooling peak has entered the body well, and can even be a threat to the life of a witch. It’s not clear how, but apparently, the witch suppressed the power of the ice poison, saving her life on her own.

How cruel it is, what a disgusting and terrible way to kill!

Those who stole the fiery fruit clearly know who this fire witch is. They even specially prepared a special magical instrument that could weaken it!

After all, who could use the good-natured attitude of a fiery witch to people?

A witch, of course, good-natured, but not stupid. After this, she will definitely be more wary of people.


And what should we do now? Asked Nan Jue when she saw how the frightening fiery witch departed. After this incident, the woman began to believe Mo Fan a little more.

It’s good that they didn’t take away the fiery fruits by force, this fiery witch is really strong.

So, what else to do? Let’s go back. While she is furious, none of the forest monsters will attack, Mo Fan said.

The only ones Mo Fan could think about right now were Xin Xia and the rest of the team. It’s not clear where they are, but what if they stumble upon an angry fiery witch

Ah? The agile wolf has returned to the calling world?

Mo Fan was so scared of the witch that he didn’t notice how his wolf disappeared.

Most likely the animal kept its last strength, because a beast from the conscription world cannot be here for a very long time.

The young man did not hesitate to ask the wolf where Xin Xia and the others are now.

The agile wolf was very exhausted. Half-awake, the wolf said that they, together with another team, were now heading to Dunhuang.

As soon as Mo Fan learned that they were all right, he immediately relaxed, but only for a second. Stop, are they coming back to Dunhuang? Why would they rush there? And what team did they join with?

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They did not wait for him and hurried to the exit. Really

A nimble wolf, damn you, wake up and say, is it by chance that they stole the fiery fruit?



At this time, a group of people appeared near the river of lost sands. It was a team of Zhao Yu Lina. It’s good that they prepared to cross the river in advance, and they don’t need a magician with an element of spirit in order to successfully do this.

It’s good that I’m with you, it will be easier for you to cross the river. The fiery witch is in an ambiguous relationship with the lord of the river, so we can safely leave, said a woman in white clothes riding a desert-fiery horse joyfully.

Chen Ying, you’re done. The juice of fiery fruit can cure your mother. And the rest of the fruits will be so much use, Zhao Yu Lin was ahead of everyone and smiled.

He did not think that everything would go so well. Is this witch so wise? Why did she seem so stupid? She shouldn’t believe them.

I , Chen Ying began and fell silent. She didn’t know what to say.

Ling Lin and Xin Xia rode on the horses.

They all saw what had just happened, but not everyone had time to think it over.

Judging by what Chen Ying had said before, the fiery witch once rescued her mother. In addition, not only saved, but also lived with her for several years. Therefore, the witch did not begin to attack them.

Only now they did not know that the fiery witch guards the fiery fruits. And even more so, no one could have imagined that Chen Ying’s mother would ask her daughter to strike a sudden blow at the witch

In truth, such a terrible act was not to the liking of Xin Xia and Lin Lin.

Maybe these burns changed Chen Ying’s mother. In the end, the fruit is the only thing that can give it a new life. And for the sake of this life, she sent her daughter to kill the witch.

Lin Lin, what do you think about this? She asked in a whisper.

Very weird. Everything seems to be more complicated than it sounds. In any case, we have already attracted the attention of the fiery witch, so we still have to leave, Lin Lin said.

Yes, Xin Xia agreed.


As soon as a group of people crossed the river, each of them breathed a sigh of relief.

The northern hot plain is the territory of the fiery witch, there are no equal to it.

However, once you cross the river, you can relax. Even if a witch chases them across the river, it’s not a fact that she can cross her, she’s wounded. In addition, she will have to think twice before doing this, because the bone dragon dwells here!

Since the fiery witch is strong, her presence alone will wake the lord of the river of lost sands the bone dragon. In the meantime, they will sort things out, the group will already be in Shanghai.


As soon as the group got to Dunhuang, Zhao Yu Lin hastened to get out of this city. A plane was prepared for him in advance, on which he planned to fly.

The flight usually takes place in a safe area. However, the airline may from time to time send the mage to clear the way. Even though there may be animals below, the plane is held at a safe height. In addition, there are special concealing magic stones on board that guarantee safety.

In order for the fire witch to not be able to track them down by the smell of fire fruits, Zhao Yu Lin chose an unusual path. First, they flew south to Xiamen, rested there for a while, and flew to Shanghai.

Although the fiery witch could fly, she still had to kill many monsters on her way first.

Even if she can figure out how the plane flew, she will still be noticed by magicians working for the airline. As soon as she is spotted, they will immediately send a mage of the highest level and he will quickly cope with it. Therefore, after they leave Danhong, it will be almost completely safe.

Zhao Man Yan, Zhang Xiao Hou, Xin Xia and Lin Lin wanted to stay in the city, wait for Mo Fan, however Zhao Yu Lin He didn’t allow them to do this and forcibly sent him to Shanghai.

Zhao Yu Lin is a very strong magician, so it was absolutely useless to argue with him.

All of them provoked with their actions the anger of the mistress of the northern hot plain, so staying in the city was unsafe. No one was sure that the power of all the magicians in Duanhong was enough to stop the fiery witch

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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