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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 498 Brazier of Fire Leaves Read Novel

Chapter 498 Brazier of Fire Leaves VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 498 Brazier of Fire Leaves VERSATILE MAGE

What are you all doing? Do you want everything to be finally burned here??? Shi Gui shouted to the eight ice magicians, seeing that the fiery witch was on the estate.

How did these ice magicians know how angry the witch could be. Even high-level magicians will be hard to handle with it!

The magicians looked at each other and, not daring to procrastinate anymore, decided to use the power of a blizzard.

The snowstorm was different from other tactics of warfare by the fact that it didn’t just block the enemy, but was an ice military deployment.

The enemy was driven into the center of the battlefield while a blizzard squeezed a ring of ice wall around it.

If the enemy managed to destroy the ice wall, then the layer of ice became even thicker until the victim will not remain closed and doomed to death inside the ice space.

So, the fact that the fiery witch was already within the estate was only to the advantage of this detachment. Ice has already begun to form in the vicinity, gradually compressing everything to the center

The witch, of course, noticed this ice trap. Her goal was to destroy Zhao Yu Lin’s wife, but now she had no choice but to direct the heat of her anger to melt the ice around.

The fiery witch froze for a while, but this did not mean at all that her fiery power is not enough to deal with the detachment.

She acted simultaneously: with her left hand she drew a ring of fire, turned into a cloud of fire that broke out in a fiery rain over the estate, and with her right hand she continually created fiery blows that destroyed the ice wall

I’ll deal with you!

Shi Gui jumped up. His plastic body sharply appeared at a height of twenty meters!

Already in flight, his hands created more than ten ice chains that closed in one column, on top of which he landed!!!

Shi Gui has already reached the limits in his ice magic. He had neither flying artifacts, nor wind wings, but thanks to his magical boots and inner spirit, he could calmly release ice magic while in the air!

His ice dungeon could be strong, and flexible at the same time, she could attack and defend Shi Gui was able to create an ice space in which he himself could easily move, and the fiery witch had to resist. how Shi Gui appeared with his high-level ice magic i. Naturally, she could no longer continue to destroy the estate at the same time.

However, the fiery witch possessed other types of magic besides fire. She possessed the magic of the element of space! Spatial paws appeared right there, which literally grabbed the ice prison outside!

Spatial magic is colorless and odorless, therefore, just guessing it, we could understand that this huge invisible hand crushes all the ice into small pieces

Shi Gui, struggling in the air, seeing that his ice prison was grinded like a blender, hurried down to the ground.

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He was just about to recreate the ice prison, as he felt something incorporeal descend

A huge cuirass!

Shi Gui turned pale with fear! He hastened to activate his protective chain mail

It was at that moment that incorporeal force fell down with a roar!

As if a huge foot had come somewhere nearby The garage that was in ten meters from Shi Guiyi, it turned into ruins, and the car inside was a metal dent in the ground

Shi Gui was in the center of it all His body, dressed in protective chain mail, already fell into the ground, and the chain mail itself was already noticeably frayed.

Having got out of the pit, Shi Gui lost his temper.

This is fiery witch has the power of magic spaces!!! Everything happened too fast. Even Shi Gui, seasoned in numerous fights, almost turned into meat sauce!

What did this Zhao Yu Lin do so, what caused the anger of such a creature?!

The whole body of Shi Guiyi was already numb, but the witch didn’t even have the slightest thought to let him go like this

She put a hand to her lips and gently blew on her

With this breeze bright maple leaves began to fly around Shi Guiyu. When they came into contact with the ground, it ignited violently, turning everything around into fire Layer by layer, the leaves continued to fall to the ground

The situation turned into a sea of ​​fire, which furiously enveloped everything around!

The flame spread to the flower beds, the pool

The guards could not resist the power of the fiery witch. Without completing their magical bombardment, they hastened to hide.

The magical bombing and the destructive power of the witch were not equal in strength. Flying leaves had already reached the man whom these guards were supposed to protect

In the midst of the flame was Shi Gui. His protective chain mail was already torn, which caused the flame to gain access to his body. In addition to everything, he was an ice mage, so a similar brazier around him caused him even more suffering from which he could not hide

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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