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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 501 A woman in white clothing, the magic of the spirit element! Read Novel

Chapter 501 A woman in white clothing, the magic of the spirit element! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 501 A woman in white clothing, the magic of the spirit element! VERSATILE MAGE

Chen Ying looked fearfully at her own mother. She did not understand why mom forced her to do such things. Since the fabric covered her face, the girl could not see her mother’s face.

Are you crazy? Why are you forcing her to do this? Zhao Yu Lin shouted loudly.

Even a high-level mage will be burned if he approaches. If Chen Ying comes closer, won’t she die in that second? The fact that the last time it turned out to suddenly attack does not mean that this time the same method will work one hundred percent!

Believe me, said Jiang Feng.

But I , Chen Ying hesitated and did not know what to do.

Chen Ying, listen to me, do it, faster, the witch cannot be restrained for too long, do you really want to so that all the people here are killed? Do as I tell you. There will be nothing, you kill her and then no one else will suffer. Moreover, the fiery fruit will heal me, and your father will be upgraded Jiang Feng said excitedly.

Chen Ying bit her lip.

She believed her mothers. A huge ice spike appeared in the girl’s hand.

The ice spike is similar to a peak, with the only difference that the spike is pointed on both sides. The thorn lit up, which meant he was poisoned.

Don’t worry, go, nothing will happen to you. Come to her and pierce her heart! Jiang Feng continued to persuade Chen Ying.

Chen Ying obeyed and, clutching the ice thorn in her hand, went to the fiery witch.

The fiery witch froze so much that it resembled an ice sculpture. Only unlike sculpture, the witch saw that Chen Ying was walking towards her.

The girl was a little over a hundred meters from the witch. This meant that the girl should come a little closer, and a hidden flame would burn her to the ground.

You used to be different, Zhao Yu Lin said, looking at Jiang Feng.

Everyone is changing, the woman replied.

What if Chen Ying is burnt by a hidden flame? Zhao Yu Lin calmly asked.

There won’t be one

Where does such confidence come from?

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I wouldn’t do this to your daughter

She is also your daughter, Zhao Yu Lin hastened to remind.



Since the fiery witch was with shod with ice, the flames went out around.

Mo Fan and the others were looking for a way from here and saw Zhao Yu Ling, Jiang Feng and Shi Gu, as well as Chen Ying, who was heading for the fiery witch.

Ge-Ge, wait, said Xin Xia.

What happened? asked Mo Fan with incomprehension.

Stop Chen Ying stop her, Xin Xia was weak, she still did not recover from what happened.

After these words, the girl said something else, but no one could make out the words.

The only thing that Mo Fan understood was that Xin Xia understood something and wanted him to stop Chen Ying.

Look after her, Said Mo Fan, putting Xin Xia.

The young man immediately ran towards Chen Ying.

Since Xin Xia wanted to say something, that means important.

The fact that she was able to wake up briefly in order to say this meant that this information was extremely important.

Chen Ying, don’t go there, you will burn alive!, Mo Fan was a hundred meters from the girl and loudly shouted this phrase to her.

Chen Ying stopped, turned her head and looked at Mo Fan.

Mo Fan stayed for some time next to the fiery witch and knew that she had two types of fire. Since Chen Ying managed to hit the witch last time, then this time the last one will definitely take some measures! Trying to do the same is just like dying!

Don’t listen to him, do as I tell you, nothing will happen! Why don’t you still want to believe me? Jiang Feng shouted, seeing that doubt had crept into the girl’s heart.

And you shouldn’t get into your own business! the woman exclaimed, turning to Mo Fan.

Mo Fan did not want to get involved in all this, only the fiery witch saved his life, he could not stand idly by.

It seems that Jiang Feng somehow influenced Chen Ying’s body, because the latter did not take any damage from hidden fire. Only God knows how much a woman hatched this plan. Everything, starting from a vile attack and defense, ending with defense against hidden fire, she thought through everything in advance.

Chen Ying decided to listen to her mother and went straight into the zone of the hidden fire

This step was given to her with difficulty, as if she had entered the gates of hell. However, she really wanted to help her mother get rid of the pain and suffering that she had experienced for many years. If the fiery witch agrees to give the fiery fruits, then the girl will not touch her with her finger

Zhao Yu Lin and Shi Gui are worried. Just one more short moment, and maybe they will see Chen Ying turn to ashes forever!

However, a second passed and nothing unusual happened.

Chen Ying was alive, nothing happened to her when she entered the fire zone.

Chen Ying opened her eyes and looked at herself.

Hurry up! She could soon be free! said Jiang Feng.

Chen Ying was glad that her mother had not really deceived her. However, the girl did not waste time thinking too much and went in the direction of the witch. First you need to kill her, and the rest later.

The girl ran to the witch, the ice spike in her hand was already waiting in the wings.


Mo Fan stood not far from Chen Ying and scaredly watched what was happening.

Chen Ying was able to withstand the power of the hidden fire?

Does her body really have any special resistance to this magic?

It can’t be like that!

She has no resistance!

Chen Ying, quickly, back! She, Mo Fan understood everything in a second and shouted loudly to the girl.

Don’t stick your nose out of business! Jiang Feng cried out in response.

Jiang Feng’s pupil flashed with some special radiance, from which goose bumps came. It seemed that her gaze penetrates the very soul of the one she is looking at.

The magic of the spirit element!

It seems that Chen Ying’s mother is a magician of the spirit element!

Mo Fan wanted to stop Chen Ying, but as soon as he tried to do at least something, he realized that his body wasn’t obeying!

The magic of the spirit paralyzed him, the young man even could not say a word!

Why are you frozen? Kill her!

Jiang Feng shouted this phrase loudly after completing the attack on Mo Fan and directing the energy of the spirit element to Chen Ying.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

Chapter 501 A woman in white clothing, the magic of the spirit element! VERSATILE MAGE online free

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