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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 502 – The Hard Truth Read Novel

Chapter 502 The Hard Truth VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 502 The Hard Truth VERSATILE MAGE

Chen Ying had already approached the fiery witch and looked into her eyes. The girl immediately recalled various events related to the witch.

Chen Ying did not understand one thing. If she pierces the witch now, then she will not die right away. Does this mean that the monster will have a chance to burn it?

While Chen Ying doubted, Jiang Feng used spirit magic on her daughter. In a flash, the girl’s eyes filled with the desire to kill!

Chen Ying took the ice spike with both hands and hit the very heart of the witch!

The ice cracked, the front of the spike pierced with a sharp spear into the body of the witch.

In addition to the sound of broken ice, a strange sound was heard

It seems that the previous spike that she stuck into the witch remained in it. It turns out that he was in her body all this time.

The first spike went right through the body of the witch and was pushed out by the second!

The fiery witch raised her head, and from her lips a piercing cry broke out.

The ice cracked and began to pour from her body

At that very moment the fire, like a freed beast, flew in all four directions!

Chen Ying regained consciousness and when she saw that the fire was swallowing everything around her, she was dumbfounded.

The ice shackles fell, which means that running away is already pointless!

She had resistance hidden fire, however, this did not mean that a destructive fire would not harm her! Moreover, the girl was already convinced with her own eyes how this fire works.

Flames began to lick Chen Ying’s face, the girl closed her eyes and lost all hope.

Only now, a few seconds passed, and Chen Ying did not feel the heat from the fire

She opened her eyes and noticed that everything around was on fire, everything except the place where she herself was.

A fiery witch stood right in front of her and with one hand tried to take out an ice spike from her body, with her other hand a witch called a destructive fire devouring everything around

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Chen Ying was stunned!

She couldn’t believe what she saw!

The fire was everywhere around them, the flames seemed to reach heaven, only now didn’t harm the girl.

How can this be?



The magic of the spirit element how can you use the spirit element? cried Zhao Yu Lin.

Jiang Feng quickly reached a high level of magic. She was gifted. However, after the ill-fated event, she could not practice magic.

Zhao Yu Lin clearly remembered that the main element of Jiang Feng was fire. The first collateral is earth, and the second is space. This means that she cannot have an element of spirit.

Fools, this scoundrel is not Jiang Feng! Shouted Mo Fan, freed from the effect of the spell.

The look of a man in white clothes suddenly became cruel.

She didn’t say anything, she just looked at the pierced witch and laughed

Mo Fan became so angry that he felt anger filling every cell of his body. Only when Chen Ying entered the hidden fire zone did Mo Fan understand what Xin Xia wanted to say.

She’s not then who is this? Chen Ying thought.

Exactly when she applied the magic of spirit to her, it immediately became clear that it was not her mother!

Chen Ying knew her mother very well and remembered perfectly what elements she possessed. Her mother cannot have an element of spirit

The main element is fire, the side elements are earth and space.

It seems that the fiery witch also had an element of space

Chen Ying suddenly felt as though a hole had been made in her head and screamed!

Why did she pierce the fiery witch?

Why, when the witch came to take revenge, did she take Xin Xia?


Chen Ying, are you blind? Have you noticed that the witch herself removed the hidden fire? What a dumb woman you are! Yes, if she wanted to kill you, she would have done it right away! Mo Fan swore loudly.

Chen Ying began to recover and noticed what Mo Fan said about the hidden fire.

A man in white clothes was so sure that the witch would not destroy Chen Ying and there was only one explanation for this the fiery witch is Jiang Feng!

She couldn’t harm her daughter Chen Ying!

That’s why the witch was so good-natured to people

She and she herself was once a human!

She immediately recognized Chen Ying and wanted to hug her, but it’s bad luck her whole body is covered in fire.

And now her my heart was pierced by an ice spike that did not kill her, but it brought terrible suffering!

How so? How did it happen? All that she said was a lie? Chen Ying said brokenly and looked at the witch. Even after what happened, there was not a bit of hostility or hatred in the eyes of the witch.

A fiery witch looked at Chen Ying. Even if she wanted to say something, she still would not have succeeded.

She was really consumed by that ill-fated fire. And she really was saved by the animal that fed her fiery fruits, but this is only part of the story, said Xin Xia, who was going here with the help of Nan Jue. The girl’s voice echoed in every person’s head.

The fiery witch first seized Xin Xia because she wanted to tell everyone the truth

It’s a pity that the man in white clothes didn’t give her time to do this and made everyone immediately attack the witch.

At the moment when Xin Xia and the witch made contact, Xin Xia found out the whole truth, only now she was overtaken by a curse that plunged into a nightmare.

This same curse was created by the same man in white clothing. It was she who did not allow Xin Xia to wake up and tell the truth. No one could have guessed all this. Only when Mo Fan tried to stop Chen Ying did she openly use the magic of the spirit, which she betrayed herself.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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