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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 504 Act Together! Read Novel

Chapter 504 Act Together! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 504 Act Together! VERSATILE MAGE

Fiery fruit!

Fiery fruit then saved her from death, which means that the fiery fruit has the ability to return to life! Perhaps if you return the fiery fruits to the fiery witch, she will come to life!

Suddenly Zhao Yu Lin, who had been grieving all this time, came to his senses!

Indeed! There are fiery fruits!

Now everyone knew who the real enemy was. This ghost woman in white bandages needs to be grabbed!

Zhao Yu Lin, do you think I wasn’t preparing for all this to be revealed? said the woman, wrapped in white bandages, who was standing at the exit.

You! You Zhao Yu Lin was about to pounce on her, but he felt as if some creature was holding him back, and something poisonous squeezed his mind too.

Spiritual torture!

Think it over again! Indeed, in the underworld you will have to apologize to both your wife and daughter! The woman in white bandages said with a grin.

Zhao Yu Lin was scared. He looked around and saw that there was a huge werewolf behind him!

He really looked like a dark demon! He grabbed it tightly with his hands

Zhao Yu Lin did not feel pain in the body, but the demonic torment of his spirit made him scream loudly

I also didn’t let you rave! Cried Shi Gui, trying to grab the woman.

Old grunt! You will get it too!- the ghost woman has already finished her preparations.

While Shi Gui and Zhao Yu Lin were putting all their strength into confronting the fiery witch, the ghost woman in white bandages already prepared a curse.

Since Shi Guiyi was the hardest to overcome, a ghost woman prepared a special gift for him!

Demonic Obsession: Total Control!

The woman flashed her eyes, fixed her eyes on those eight magicians who stood in front.

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These magicians were completely spiritually exhausted, so they did not have absolutely no immunity to high level spirit magic. Like zombies, eight magicians rushed towards Shi Guiyi.

In this state, these magicians were able to release magic on the orders of a person who took possession of their minds and souls. Shi Gui, who actually reached the highest level, prepared to confront these eight.

The Beast! Of course, it was you who made them release magic! Shi shouted Gui.

Due to the fact that the eight magicians had previously created ice walls, their internal strength was running out!

So when you fight with try not to injure them, otherwise they will die immediately. But if you do not hurt them, then someone will still have to die! said the bandaged with a grin.

All the magicians of the estates spent their strength in confronting the fiery witch, and the ghost woman figured the situation before Zhao Yu Lin and Shi Guiyi

The greatest danger for her it was the fiery witch who represented it, but Chen Ying helped her so kindly to deal with her, so now the ghost woman could easily switch to everyone else.

The bandaged ghost woman continued to smile: everything went like clockwork, just as she planned. Now it remained to wait for the moment when the fiery fruits ripen, and then

By the way, the fiery fruits were about to ripen.

If she eats all these fiery fruits fruit, can it really become so strong that no one else can compare with it?!

Thunderclap: Demon!

While the bandaged was thinking about how she will eat fiery fruits, heavenly space was illuminated by peals of lightning!

A ghost woman hurried to jump to the ground. With irritation in her eyes, she looked at the man who dared to interfere with her.

Little devil! Yes, you’re tired of living! the woman cried out loudly.

She had already decided that it was all over and all that was left was to wait for the fruit to ripen, as nowhere else, a mid-level mage appeared!

The ghost woman didn’t even take him into account.

Talking with scum like you does not make sense. The sooner you die, the faster you will turn into a limp cattle!

Burning fist!

Mo Fan sent his fire directly at her!

Bandaged saw Mo Fan’s intentions: Before that I was too lazy to kill you, but then you yourself came for this

Wind disk: Heavenly nets!

The ghostly woman had not yet managed to finish her speech, as a huge whirlwind rushed from above!

However, the magic of the wind had not yet managed to gain strength, as the woman gave out a heart-rending screech The waves of her spirit magic went straight to where she was Zhang Xiao X OU. She took possession of his soul before he had time to complete what he started

A similar spiritual attack rushed to the side and Zhao Man Yan, Nan Jue

Spiritual waves: Mental protection! Now the voice of Xin Xia was heard.

Like the wind, she gently extended her arms and closed her eyes.

An imperceptible spiritual wall appeared right in front of the guys A spiritual attack by a bandaged woman, hitting this wall, dissipated.

At the same moment, the wind magic Zhang Xiao Hou again activated!

The star systems of the other guys also continued to line up unhindered.

Keep it up, Xin Xia! Cried Zhang Xiao Hou.

Mo Fan turned and saw the pale Xin Xia already opening her eyes and smiling.

My spirit magic came to your aid! said Xin Xia.

Yeah Mo Fan nodded sullenly. If not for this spiritual defense, then that woman with elements of spirit and damnation would surely have driven them all under the heel.

She simultaneously tortures people spiritually and controls the actions of that figure eight. It will be difficult for her to recreate the magic of spirit and curse again, as this requires tremendous strength. If we act together, we can defeat her! Xin Xia said.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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