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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 505 Spirit Magic vs. Spirit Magic Read Novel

Chapter 505 Spirit Magic vs. Spirit Magic VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 505 Spirit Magic vs. Spirit Magic VERSATILE MAGE

Now the ghost woman was at the limit.

Who knew that at the moment when the fiery witch was no longer threatening her, Zhao Yu Lin and Shi Gui were not dangerous either, this gang guys will decide to rally against her!

You?! So you?! The ghost woman screamed furiously. The bandages on her face at this moment began to unwind.

The bandages from her face were sleeping, and the gaze of the children appeared to her charred demonic physiognomy.

The worst thing was that under this ugly shell hid an even uglier gut.

Its third element is the element of the earth. Everyone beware of her eyes, Nan Jue warned everyone.

Everyone had heard about this ghost in Dunhuang. She killed many magicians. Favorite mentor Nan Jue also died at her hands, so Nan Jue even managed to find out a lot about the abilities of a ghost woman.

The ghost simultaneously controlled the curse of Zhao Yu Lin, on the other hand she used magic magic on magicians against Shi Guiya. Now she had only to use the magic of the earth there was no other option.

There is not so much destructiveness in the magic of the earth: it is mainly used for movement and protection. Only the magic of high-level land can kill people!

And if we take into account the fact that this gang for the most part consisted of middle-level magicians, then, turning into stone, they will not be able to escape!

Contrary to the expectations of Nan Jue, a ghost woman ran up to burning ruins and a brown cloud of stars surrounded her As long as she made up each constellation, the system, her eyes burned like the eyes of a Gorgon!

Gorgon’s gaze turned people into stone statues, giving no chance of survival!

Everything around us turned gray-white. And the ruins on the earth, and even drops of water turned gray, turning into stone!

Petrification quickly spread throughout the district. Now it was rapidly moving toward Mo Fan, Xin Xia and Zhao Man Yan. Less than a hundred meters away!

Hide behind me! said Zhao Man Yan, stepping forward Mo Fan and Xin Xia.

A golden glow appeared around. Zhao Man Yan formed a holy wall

Petrification came across a holy wall. The wall began to tremble and became dark

The holy wall could not block high-level magic

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Zhao Man Yan activated his defensive artifact.

The spell of the holy wall dissipated, and the petrification process went on.

Shield of darkness!

Mo Fan saw how much effort it all cost Zhao Man Yan, so he also hurried to activate its artifact.

Two shields appeared in front of them. However, even these expensive items turned into stones that could crumble at the slightest touch.

Water Protection: The Cycle!

Zhao Man Yan has now released water protection. He himself was sweating it was so hard for him!

The mountain curtain!

Zhang Xiao Hou, seeing that these three were in danger, also decided to come to the rescue.

The ice dungeon!

The ice dungeon!

At the same time, male and female voices were heard. Chains of ice dungeons hung over them, forming another defense!

Mu Sue and her sister could no longer look at the injustice that a ghost woman was doing with Zhao Man Yan and the others.

You yourself will not be able to compete with a high-level mage, but if you add our strength, then this is a completely different conversation! said Mu Xu menacingly.

Great! You and your ice magic can appease its earth magic. Hurry up! Cried Zhao Man Yan.

A stone can withstand even a lightning attack, but it cannot resist the freezing power of ice!

Brother and sister Mu simultaneously began to release ice magic, ice crystals appeared in the district. The magic of the ghost woman was gradually weakening

Seeing that members of the Mu family also came out against her, the charred face of the ghost woman twisted even more!

Well, great! I will sprinkle fiery fruits with your blood before eating them! The ghost woman said. Because she possessed magic of spirit, her words were heard by absolutely everyone.

Hearing her words, everyone hurried to clamp their ears.

However, her speech had the power of a sound element, which is why even the deaf couldn’t hear it.

It just scares you You shouldn’t give in Xin Xia tried to bring everyone to her senses using her spirit magic.

Petrification was no longer threatening, so Xin Xia, slowly, released the magic of the spirit, gently connecting the stars into the constellation.

Spiritual waves: Restraint!

Entrance level spiritual waves!

The vile growl of a ghost woman that has settled in people’s heads was now interrupted by the tender voice of Xin Xia, steer all at all traces of fear

You ruined everything here! Wretched girl! a female ghost was plagued by her own poison. Again Xin Xia interrupted her spirit magic!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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