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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 506 Demonic Obsession – Total Control Read Novel

Chapter 506 Demonic Obsession Total Control VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 506 Demonic Obsession Total Control VERSATILE MAGE

She didn’t take these mid-level magicians into account because she thought that her spirit magic could control them.

Who knew that this girl in a wheelchair would block her magic? If she could release high-level spirit magic, then Xin Xia with her level could not prevent her However, she already used total control over those eight magicians, so she could not release this magic again

The magic of the elementary and middle levels was destroyed by this girl!

Healing spirit!

While the ghost woman was thinking about how to overcome this girl, Xin Xia was already drawing a new star system White butterflies surrounded her

Healing butterflies slowly headed towards the fiery witch. They sank right down to where her heart was pierced.

Just a little more Xin Xia understood that her healing magic could not resurrect, but could slow down the process of how vital forces leave the fiery witch’s body.

The witch’s face showed a grateful smile, which she said thanks to Xin Xia.

Healing spirit! Xin Xia did not waste time in vain. Having finished the star system, she began to draw another one.

The lines of white light that formed on her tender palms now rushed towards the wounded Shi Guiyi.

Shi Gui received injured while fighting a fiery witch. Conventional medicine was powerless against his wounds, and besides, he himself was very exhausted.

He was very surprised to learn that this girl with an element of spirit was also a magician of healing. The fact that she was able to release healing magic several times in a row meant that healing was her main element.

The healing magic helped him a lot. Burns on his body tormented Shi Guiyu. Now, after Xin Xia’s help, he was able to breathe quietly.

A crappy girl! I will find a curse on you that you can never get rid of! Cried the ghost woman.

Xin Xia released healing magic on two sides. On the one hand, she tried to prolong the life of a fiery witch, and on the other, to pacify the suffering of Shi Guiyi. All this greatly infuriated the ghost woman, because she simultaneously tried to finish off both the witch and Shi Guiya.

In addition, the ghost could not bring down all its power to Mo Fan, Nan Jue, Zhao Xiao Hou, brother and sister Mu, who five decided to combine their magical powers against her.

The ghost woman had no soul seed, so after she released several times the magic of medium-level earth, she had to resort to activating her defensive artifact.

Dodging the attack, the woman gave her an angry look Zhao Yu Lin, who was about to let out his last breath.

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She wanted to immediately take Zhao Yu Lin’s life, but if she does not release the magic of the curse now, then it will be impossible to deal with everyone.

Deadly spider trap!

Dark bloody threads appeared on her palm, which looked like threads of a web.

At that moment, Mo Fan saw some kind of thread appear in the dark space above his head. that creature that looked like a spider.

The spider was about ten meters from the head of Mo Fan, but his huge paws had already grabbed him

Spider paws in then Nost repeated movements of the hand of a ghost a woman. The threads of the curse immediately forged the body and soul of Mo Fan

These threads can take away life, soul. Very soon, Mo Fan will suffer the fate of Wang Xiao Jun!

Mo Fan panicked. He didn’t even have time to notice how the demonic woman managed to envelop him with these damned threads!

Mid-level curse magic, a deadly spider trap, belongs to traps. The spell sets the nets that the magician must fall into.

Mo Fan did not see the ghost woman set a trap around him, he couldn’t feel the effect of the curse right away!

Brother Mo Fan, do not lose your temper! came the voice of Xin Xia.

Mo Fan knew how terrible the spider trap was. Feeling spiritual discomfort, he immediately began to make every effort to avoid the action of the curse.

Now, having heard Xin Xia’s voice, Mo Fan himself realized that he was too zealous. Spirit magic can crack the effect of curse magic, so he just needs to let Xin Xia act, and then no one will take possession of his soul or body.

Xin Xia again began to create a star system, which is why a sly grin appeared on the face of the ghost woman.

Demonic obsession: Total control!

Turning, Mo Fan saw that the ghost woman was already standing next to him and was creating terrifying star system

Watch out! She changed the subject of her demonic obsession spell! Shi Gui shouted.

Xin Xia, busy creating her own star system, couldn’t even think that a ghost woman would make a trap for her using Mo Fan

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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