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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 509 Little Fire Geter Read Novel

Chapter 509 Little Fire Little Flame VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 509 Little Fire Little Flame VERSATILE MAGE

Her soul did not disappear just because someone had to protect this small creature, which was so valuable that only one fact of its existence had already excited people’s minds. The creature is so weak that he needs a guardian, without whom the Flame Belle will disappear from the face of the Earth Xin Xia blurted out everything she knew.

The fiery witch crossed such a distance only because of the Flame Belle!

A Flame Belle was born in such a blameless way, arising on a tree!

* Uuuuu *

A small Flame Belle rushed joyfully around, not even suspecting that this place became the epicenter of devastation and death

Mo Fan thought about how frivolous he was: in his whole life he had seen to deaths and rebirths, but nothing touched his soul like what happened to the fiery witch. Her flame was gradually extinguished, a small cub was running nearby, and Mo Fan could not even beg the words

The little Flame Belle did not realize that a fiery witch, who was actually her mother, was dying nearby. The cub was not aware of the difficult path of his birth.

The forces of the fiery witch were completely exhausted. Mo Fan believed that at the last moment, when the witch sees the baby born, she will feel joy. Mo Fan also believed that the fiery witch would not regret what she had done

The little Flame Belle was already tired of rushing around and perched on Mo Fan’s chest.

Mo Fan was surprised. The cub really revolved around him all this time, did he really think that he was his dad?

When the fiery witch adjoined you, entering your body, there were traces of her presence in your soul. As a result, the cub now considers you a kind of mommy. Mo Fan, Jiao Feng hopes you can take good care of the cub, said Xin Xia.

Mo Fan first looked at the cub on his chest and then at the disappearing fiery witch

Of course, he wanted to get a Little Flame Belle as his contract beast, but he couldn’t even think how everything would turn out.

Mo Fan sighed heavily.

-If she still hears us, tell her that at a time when the fire threat will come again, I will take a Little Flame Belle under that same tree said Mo Fan Sin Xie.

Xin Xia shook her head, It was the last fire threat, and this is the last Flame Belle.

Why?! Mo Fan asked in surprise.

Xin Xia couldn’t answer anything. She only occasionally remembered the recollections of a fiery witch that there would no longer be a fire threat and that a fiery fruit would no longer appear on a tree. This cub is the last of its kind. On the day that Flame Belle will die, there will be no more like it in the world.

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Good. I will try to take good care of the cub Mo Fan nodded his head.

Who knew that this would be the last calf of the Flame Belle

In fact, all the information that was known to the hunters about the fire of getter was groundless. The hunters themselves, having met the fiery witch Jiao Feng, mistook her for that very Flame Belle. And the real Flame Belle is now sleeping on Mo Fan’s chest. A small and helpless creature

Having come to his senses, Mo Fan recalled that he should compose a star system of invocation.

Having reached the middle level in invocation magic, Mo Fan it was never given the opportunity to use this magic. Mo Fan went astray several times while plotting the system before he succeeded.

After completing the star contract appeal system, Mo Fan contracted over the sleeping cub.

The cub of the Flame Belle itself did not resist what was happening at all. He just rolled over and fell asleep again, like a child who was awakened for the sake of goodies, but he never received it.

Yes, by the way. Will you feed your baby with your breasts? Said Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fan only frowned. In order not to wake the cub with his cry, he only said with his lips: Roll!

He needs to be fed with fragments of spiritual seeds, naturally, fiery ones, Nan Jue said with confidence in her voice.

What?! taken aback by Mo Fan.

Does he eat spiritual seeds??? They are very expensive to just feed them to this tomboy After all, he (Mo Fan) has Xin Xia, Tang Yue, Mu Well Jiao, and another dofig of other beauties that he must contain!

Fan-ge, do you have enough money to feed him? Zhang Xiao Hou asked quietly.

Mo Fan’s face went dark.

Who knows how many spiritual seeds a Flame Belle will eat before it grows

It’s good that we scored a lot of things on the northern hot plain

It’s still not enough. They say that fragments of the spiritual seed are of little use, it is advisable to feed the child with whole seeds.

Yes, yes. All right. The more whole spiritual seeds to eat, the higher the pet’s level will be when it grows up.

Mo Fan gave Zhao Man Yan an unambiguous look.

The level of the Flame Belle is very high, and it doesn’t matter that Mo Fan has not much money now. The day will come, and the Flame Belle will pay him back in full!

Eh I have to go back to the military unit, otherwise they can expel me, said Zhang Xiao Hou.

Monkey, I can’t let you go empty-handed. These seeds

Fan-ge, then you helped me with the spiritual seed of the earth, which costs a lot of money. And these seeds are best used to feed your pet.

Mo Fan only lowered his eyebrows. Zhao Xiao Hou just hit him He still remembers that spiritual seed!!!

And I only need this, said Zhao Man Yan, pulling out a ghostly woman’s bracelet. He, of course, is not very precious, but also worth something.

Xin Xia also took the magical spiritual instrument that was worn on a ghost woman.

Although they all did not acquire such a valuable find as Mo Fan, all the guys did not leave empty-handed. Unlike Mo Fan, who, despite all the collected spiritual seeds, still needs to think how to feed the cub further, the guys obviously did not go into minus.

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