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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 517 Natural Capture Talent! Read Novel

Chapter 517 Natural Capture Talent! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 517 Natural Capture Talent! VERSATILE MAGE

This is the wave!

Mo Fan continued to remain in a hovering state. Of course, he already knew that the second element of Ding Yu Mian was an element of spirit, but only now he fully felt that there was no point in resisting such magic of spirit.

Ding Yu Mian formed constellations very quickly, releasing magic within borders. Mo Fan couldn’t even collect the constellation, what can I say about the star system?

Can this girl really read his mind? If so, then with her spirit magic she can hold her impregnable position for a very long time!

Flaming fist!

Ding Yu Mian did not give even the slightest opportunity to Mo Fan release the magic. Her own magic magic echoed echoing in Mo Fan’s soul, and she was able to use this period of time to finish the stellar elemental system!

A furious red flame with thunder began to accumulate above the girl’s hand.

The effect of this fire spell is very extensive: it will not allow Mo Fan to come closer to her even 10 meters!

Where does her fiery fist have such a wide range of action? Mo Fan tried to think in a blurred mind.

He was at a distance of about a hundred meters from Ding Yu Mian, and already could feel the heat of her flame. An ordinary fiery fist is given off by heat within a radius of 20 meters.

Even if you step back, it is impossible to hide from the fire!

Unable to cast a single spell, Mo Fan had no choice but to activate his bloody boots. However, those first flew away under the influx of fire waves, having managed to burn it!!!

When the fiery epicenter was 40 meters from Mo Fan, sweat began to appear on his forehead.

Is this her natural talent? The fire, which is much wider than the flame of an ordinary magician?

Mo Fan was surprised. Now he decided not to speculate about the level of cultivation of her magic.

There was no point in trying to overcome the Ding Yu Mian with aggression and assertiveness the method of waging the battle was simply unpredictable

The bloody boots still continued to function, so Mo Fan still managed to escape from the girl’s flame, however, when this magic artifact ceases to be, it will be even harder for him.

Flaming Fist: Nine Palaces!

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In appearance, Ding Yu Mian looked like a beautiful flower, but her fighting power simply did not give a damn about Mo Fan, he is dead for sure.

At that moment, again under her feet one could see a fiery element system that began to draw the silhouette of the spell of the Nine Palaces!

In this interval, the mind of Mo Fan finally began to clear up. Now that he’s got at least some chance of releasing magic, Ding Yu Mian has already completed her star system

Mo Fan only had time to release entry-level magic. There was no point in releasing the initial level of fire magic against his opponent’s fiery fist, so Mo Fan decided to use shadow magic.

If he uses the shield of darkness now, he can get to a safe place.

No! Will not work! If I lose, then at least I will know that I used my trump card! Mo Fan sharply changed his mind, starting to compose call magic.

The usual call is an agile wolf!

A silver constellation began to form in front of Mo Fan, in which a gap appeared immediately.

A graceful beast emerged from the breach, whose blue wool fluttered in the wind.

Faster, run! so hastily called here, had not yet had time to really understand what was happening. Only by looking at the girl in the distance, who released the magic of fire, did the wolf realize that he needed to run fast.

*** Search ***

*** Search! ***

*** Dysch! ***

The pillars of fire have already shaken the earth around with their appearance

Flaming fist Nine palaces is the most extensive destructive fire spell. Half of the pillars have already appeared on the territory of the arena.

Under the additional influence of the natural talent of Ding Yu Mian, the competition arena turned into a red-hot area. The audience at the top did not even see a single piece of land where one could step everything was engulfed in flames!

*** Awww! Awww! ***

The wolf howled in pain the flame burned his body!

The agile wolf was a fairly tenacious animal. Among the columns of fiery magma, he still managed to find the gaps through which he passed. Mo Fan acted very wisely, deciding to call his wolf, otherwise he would not be able to hide from this devouring flame!

Isn’t he a natural magician of two elements? He has already blown this round! said the displeased Huang Xing Li, who was sitting on the podium.

Mo Fan, who was so eager to get into the top ten, now felt the full heat of the flame of these magicians. Mo Fan could not even breathe.

A magical artifact of concentration of attention can help me withstand the spiritual attack of Ding Yu Mian once. She must not know about it. Since I want to win, I have to use everything I have thought Mo Fan, whose face was stained with soot.

Mo Fan is not able to release the magic of his elements under the influence of the spiritual magic of Ding Yu Mian. It’s fortunate that once Director Xiao presented him with an artifact of concentration in the form of a necklace that he can use!

This gave at least some hope to Mo Fan. Until he tried this artifact, he had not lost!

You just need to wait until Ding Yu Mian misses! It’s good that I have a nimble wolf that will help me to delay time! Mo Fan thought to himself.

There were already many burns on the body of the wolf, which markedly reduced the speed of its movement.

Wolf, bring it down soon! ordered Mo Fan.

Ding Yu Mian suddenly closed her eyes, and the stars began to create a system with great speed.

Waves of the spirit: Pacification!

Ding Yu Mian opened her eyes and soft vibrating waves sparkled from them in the eyes of the wolf

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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