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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 519 But This Must Be Applied Read Novel

Chapter 519 But This Must Be Applied VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 519 But This Must Be Applied VERSATILE MAGE

The magic of the nine palaces of Mo Fan, of course, was inferior to the scale of the similar magic of Ding Yu Mian, but the power of Mo Fan was what was needed!

The high-temperature flame quickly reached the borders, causing the boundaries to stagger, and the audience sitting in the stands, they could feel the heat waves coming from the arena.

Seeing the flame of Mo Fan, Ding Yu Mian immediately rushed to activate her magical armor and helmet. It did not look like they were made from the skin and bones of magical animals, rather they were of plant origin.

Despite the fact that the girl herself was a fire mage, she used her magical protection to cross the flame of the fiery rose of Mo Fan. The fire of Mo Fan was 2.5 times stronger than the usual flame, which caused Ding Yu Mian to back away.

Mo Fan knew how terrible his opponent was, so by attacking once, he would not give her more opportunities to release magic!

The magic artifact of concentration continued to work, and Mo Fan drew the star system again.

Dark purple electric echoes began to be heard around.

Qian Jun / Thunderclap: a dance of passion!

The electrical system was forming at the feet of Mo Fan, and the discharges were already with were dripping over Ding Yu Mian’s head!

By Mo Fan’s order, a flash of lightning struck the girl’s body that was standing on the ground.

*** Buh!***

Seed Qianjun further increased the vibrations that covered everything around!

One by one, lightning strikes fell on the girl’s body and her armor. Particles of earth could already be seen in the air

Ding Yu Mian did not possess any of the movement magic, so all she had to do was trust in her armor and magical protection.

The magic of mid-level lightning of the third level turned out to be much more violent than the spell of nine palaces. As a result of such an electric attack, the girl’s armor simply fell apart!

The lightning around her created an electric space, preventing her from moving at all, making her limbs completely numb.

Ding Yu Mian began to tremble

The blue-green pieces of her armor slowly began to crumble down. All this time the girl’s face became paler

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You don’t have any protection anymore, said Mo Fan and took one more step forward, enhancing the electric power of his discharges.

Mo Fan should only be ordered, and his lightning would immediately pierce through the body of Ding Yu Mian, who was already unable to resist.

Only this your magical artifact of concentration of attention does not allow me turn around! Ding Yu Mian said heavily.

A fierce boor!- That is how Ding Yu Mian appreciated the magic of Mo Fan, who first cast a spell of nine palaces, and then the electric dance of passion.

Lightning magic was even more impudent compared to fire magic. Ding Yu Mian had not yet encountered a similar attack from other opponents, so her magical armor was so plastic and soft that she could move without turning into a sitting target.

These armors could easily cope with a one-sided attack, but could not withstand such an onslaught of Mo Fan!

As soon as Mo Fan started to attack, the girl had absolutely no way to resist

Eh two kinds of destructive magic in one opponent. If the Ding Yu Mian armor were more powerful, then Mo Fan would have completely lost!

There are all kinds of ifs. But he won he won!

Most of the time of this fight, Mo Fan was beaten he was overcome by the fire magic of the girl.

Unfortunately, the fact that Ding Yu Mian the magician of the element of spirit, means that at a time she can only release the magic of one element, which is why it is not so easy for her to resist the violent flame of Mo Fan.

It was the magic artifact that helped Mo Fan at the last moment concentration of attention. The girl initially thought that she had already won, but at the last moment everything changed

Mo Fan had only one attempt to attack, and he used it!

Mo Fan won!- the voice of Wei Rong was heard over the competition venue.

All those present knew about the skill of Ding Yu Mian, and even taking into account the use of the magic artifact of mindfulness, no one expected the victory of Mo Fan.

Mo Fan himself was only now able to breathe deeply.

If he hadn’t developed the mid-level lightning magic nebula to the third stage last month, he would have failed.

My flame has a delayed effect, here, take this one so as not to suffer, said Ding Yu Mia after some time Nan, handing Mo Fan a bottle of strange brown contents.

Mo Fan was wounded. In addition to the visible burns from the flame of the girl, nothing had time to come through.

Thank you, said Mo Fan, drinking the drug.

Ding Yu Mian looked at him with a thoughtful look.

Mo Fan thought she was fascinated by his impudent behavior and he also thought about how many girlish smiles should now be directed in his direction!

Ding Yu Mian she pulled out something brown again and handed Mo Fan: And this must be applied

A smile at that moment slipped from Mo Fan’s face.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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