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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 522 The whole map turned red! Read Novel

Chapter 522 The whole map turned red! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 522 The whole map turned red! VERSATILE MAGE

Hello, brother Mo Fan * (hereinafter, these are all replicas of Zhang Xiao Hou)

Are you asking about Sergeant Major Zhan Kong? I myself do not know, I have not heard his instructions for a long time. If you hadn’t recalled, I myself would not have remembered him

I am now on a mission and have not contacted him for a long time either. However, I heard that his footprint got cold right after he cut off the head of that wolf. I myself do not know when I will return to the military unit.

Good. If there is any news about him, I will let you know right away.

How’s the Flame Belle?

Nothing will happen to me. Of the whole team, I run the best, is that not enough? We are military, not fugitive warriors! Others may have problems, but not mine.

Zhang Xiao Hou moved forward while talking with Mo Fan. They have not yet reached the surroundings of the Xi`an pond, so Xiao Hou did not need to be on the alert yet.

Wangtun, who was walking next to him, said joylessly: Who are you clicking on troubles there for? If we are in danger, then I guarantee you that you will die first!.

Come on, I just blurted out for an example Xiao Hou was embarrassed. -Do not need such examples. Who are you talking to on the phone? It seems to hear the word brother, didn’t you say that you are the only child in the family? asked Vantun.

We grew up together, and for me he is like a native. From an early age he takes care of me. Zhang Xiao Hou answered.

Damn, you’re a military man, and besides, one of the most powerful mages of the middle level, why the hell do you care? Asked Vantun again.

He’s much cooler than me

The forces of our military unit are not so powerful, they don’t think they can clean out all this dirt from here.

A group of people gradually entered the vicinity of the Xi`an reservoir.

Xi`an can not be called land, rather it is a piece of surface on which not a single plant is visible. Clay soil is interspersed here with white sands

White sands are the bones of the dead who have been dried into dust here, but it may seem that this layer of salt. Locals do not call it salt, they simply called the place salt water * (the character Xi`an means salt).

The salt water is not a plain, it is located in a lowland. However, looking at the map, you can decide that it is a natural body of water, which is why it was called that.

Safe borders extend to the northeast of this place. In the remaining parts of the border are represented by fortresses, outposts, etc. Due to the fact that magical barriers intersect in this order, they make these places interesting for the military, hunters and magical associations.

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However, regarding the ancient capital * (the city of Xi`an) we can say that its borders security is not particularly stable, therefore, surrounded by a wall of sand.

The sandy wall was made by earth magicians and also has the ability to move. However, those settlements that are located inside the secure border cannot get outside.

On the coast in the southern and northern parts, the degree of danger is not the same as inside the safe border. Even without having existed for several years, the settlement can be completely destroyed by magical creatures.

However, there are people who have the skill of living with ghosts, so there are many settlements outside the borders of security. Such magical villages were called marvelous by international magical organizations because their inhabitants are really real brave men!

Our first goal here is in the village of Yanbai. Located at the foot of the mountain, therefore, it belongs to the northern foothill settlements of Qinling. About 30 people., Said Qin Hu, the squad leader, looking at the updated map.

The map was really cool: it was constantly updated as they moved on.

And the name of this village is memorable * someone said reddened (Bayan is literally translated from hieroglyphs as ’lamb eggs).

Let’s not talk about the boring, Qin Hu said, with eyebrows.

Before this settlement we go about four kilometers, and the sun will soon set. We have to do something, said a girl named Shishao Ju.

Let’s get through! I don’t think that any small soul essences can stop us we will destroy them! said Lu Hong Jing.

Don’t be naive. Do not forget that this site has already been investigated and attributed to the orange zone! Qin Hu began to get angry.

Orange zone, red zone. I better know Wantong interfered in the conversation.

Hunters very often draw maps of the distribution of magical animals, and then draw their density with flowers.

The more magical creatures than they stronger, the color changes sharply from white to orange, then goes red, and the last one is black.

The green zone is the safe zone.

The white zone means that animals in this territory are very scattered.

Orange color means that there are entire settlements of magical animals in the territory, which s represent a danger for hunters, mages etc. Even high-level magicians here will be hard.

Red the color of blood. Marks the zone of death. There are a dime a dozen of magical monsters.

There is another purple zone between the red and black zones. Purple colors indicate the dominion of magical animals. Even mages of the highest level may not return from these places.

And finally, the black zone. It is also called ’lifeless: not only has man never stepped into these lands, even magical animals are afraid to approach here.

Green, white, orange, red, magenta, black only six colors. The last 4 colors represent a direct warning and a threat to life.

During the tragedy in Bo, the danger level was red, which means the second level of threat.

The ancient capital is a place clusters of dead souls, therefore it is considered the epicenter of threats throughout the country. As the locals say, they rejoice every day when they hear the ringing of a clock announcing the arrival of a new day.

On the electronic map, when the sun is at its zenith, in the vicinity of this ridge there are no flowers other than green and white, and all because the local magical creatures just hide

However, as the sun goes beyond the horizon, all the territory outside the safe borders immediately turns red!

The onset of twilight means that all people must disappear.

The military unit of Lintong is no longer lit. teachings of the setting sun. The aura of death began to fill the whole space here

Somewhere under the ground strange sounds began to be heard, like chomping and knocking on the door

Zhang Xiao Hou was in such a place. It was extremely collected and carefully looked in all directions.

Suddenly, a formidable paw began to sprout from the ground like bamboo five meters from Xiao Hou!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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