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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 523 Attack a bunch of corpses! Read Novel

Chapter 523 Attack a bunch of corpses! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 523 Attack a bunch of corpses! VERSATILE MAGE

My leg! Leg! It is unknown whose voice cut through the darkness.

Zhang Xiao Hou turned his head and saw Lee Hong Jing standing some distance from him, and his legs were holding several hands that had burst from the ground.

The cadaverous hands crawled up the body of Lee Hong Jing, and one cadaverous monster crawled out and got to his stomach, grabbing it well

By the time all the other members the teams managed to think about the time to save the person, only bloodied bones remained from his legs below the knees.

Do not fall! Shouted the commander of the Qin Hu squad.

Lee Hong Jing fell backward. Yes, these animals eat faster than piranhas!

Earth waves!

Zhang Xiao Hou created the constellation faster than anyone.

Using magic land, he managed to turn a swampy piece of land into a stable stone.

The frozen surface prevented the monsters from moving. Now they could not get to Li Hong Jing, who was lying on a stone.

Save him, ordered Qin Hu Wangtong.

Wangtun at first was dumbfounded, but then quickly used the magic of the wind and headed towards Lee Hong Jing.

There was no meat left on his feet. Vantun picked it up and delivered it to the center of the squad.

*** Ahhhhhh! ******

More monsters began to protrude from the ground. Their eyes were filled with bloodlust

The ghosts buried here were once human. Xi`an survived many dynasties, revolutions and other things, which means that there were also many different battles. That is why the number of ghosts here significantly exceeds the number of animals. Over the millennia, so many dead have accumulated here that the surroundings are literally saturated with a cadaverous smell. As soon as the rays of the sun disappear, these corpses again sprout from the earth

However, it is not clear under the influence of the curse of these places, but no matter whose spirits live here (people or animals), all they degenerate into ghost corpses with elements of the human body.

Even if it is an animal with four limbs, then its skull is human!

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It is possible that they themselves are like they are assembled from parts of animals and people!!! Maybe there were parts of those people who died recently

Well done, lad! Quickly respond! We can assume that you saved the team member commander praised Xiao Hou.

Zhang Xiao Hou smiled. Ever since he took possession of the spiritual seed of the earth the swamp stream he has felt even more confident.

We must move forward. In the village of Bayan, there will be safer. You have to wait until the suns rays appear, and then all of them will disappear, the girl said.

There were no healing magicians in the team, so all that could help Li Hong Jing in the detachment was to carry him and try stop the bleeding.

He lost a lot of blood, and he urgently needed treatment. Those drugs that the team had, not that delayed his death, they could even speed it up!

I will go first! confidently said Zhang Xiao Hou.

Well, your spiritual seed can act faster than these monsters come from the earth.

Gods! How many dead people hunt us!

How can this be?! This area is marked in red!!! Where did these crowds come from?

How many dead people should be here

At first the whole detachment was lost, but later they were able to gather their thoughts and began to release magic. Ice, fire, lightning and wind turned monsters into dust!


A girl named Shishao Ju was a plant element mage. When she saw that several corpses blocked the path of the detachment, she released the magic of mid-level plants, blocking them.

Through the jungle of the dungeon one could see the eyes of the dead

In reality these dead were not stupid. They attacked only when they saw that the person himself was approaching them, which happened to Lee Hong Jing

Come on! Do not hope that you can kill them! Shouted Shishao Tszyu.

Everyone followed Zhang Xiao Hou.

Zhang Xiao Hou opened the way for the detachment. If he saw that there were marshy soils ahead, he immediately turned them into rock, which made it much easier for everyone to walk. theyll definitely be safe.

The inhabitants of the village had a way to avoid the attack of the dead, so it should be calmer in the vicinity of their settlement

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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