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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 524 Axes of the corpse voivode Read Novel

Chapter 524 Axes of the corpse voivode VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 524 Axes of the corpse voivode VERSATILE MAGE

Devil’s snares: fetters!

With a gentle hand waving near Shi Shao Ju, a creeper appeared, which, under her control, rushed forward at crazy speed and braided the legs of a cadaverous monster!

The huge corpse carcass resembled a giant bull, rotted meat fell down from its body, which, being on the ground turned into a worm crawling towards the officer. cadaverous monster, but he fiercely banged his paws, like sharp axes, on the ground, so much so that a wide crack has formed!

The rock has risen, forming a wall around the military, seemingly protecting them, but they are not happier from this, because crowds of corpse monsters are waiting for them behind the stone barrier!

Their claws are sharp, so much that they can cut iron like clay, and without knowing the pain, rotting corpses will beat at least a head against a stone barrier, spraying the insides of their skull, they will cross, leaving their nails!

On the head of Zhang Xiao Hou flowed sweat, he met a lot of monsters in his lifetime, inhuman he sees them for the first time.

The cadaverous monsters don’t have any feelings, they don’t feel pain, they don’t have fear, only able to chase and destroy all life. The only way to stop them is with sunlight, but only recently dusk has come, and before dawn they will become the same as these monsters.

What if we try to defend ourselves, these rotting corpses will simply bite us we will simply be trampled by these giant corpses, shouted Vantun.

Ghosts, like monsters, are divided into slaves, pack leaders, commanders, commanders

And now they suffer from the most common ghosts rotting corpses. Usually these are those who have died in the last ten years and who have been buried in rotten soil saturated with the breath of death, but have not rotted completely.

Ghost-like rotting corpses have the lowest rank, similar to the level of a slave, only their number is huge, and they gather in droves, being the highest danger for those who roam the deserted places.

Among such crowds of rotting corpses, a huge amount of death breath energy is collected, which leads to the gradual formation of giant corpses-governor.

Their bodies are huge, and are like a giant bull, they have small brains, four paws are like axes, from the mere mention of them, the magicians-hunters get cold blood in their veins. You can consider them the level of the leader of the pack, but only here they are much more powerful and ferocious.

You can injure an ordinary monster by hitting him in the legs and he will slow down by hitting the body and damaging vital organs, their body is weak and susceptible to attacks. But wounds and injuries are not a problem for the body of a cadaverous monster, destroy their paws, blow their heads, the rest of the body will remain combat ready, to the flesh to the point that only one separate paw will fight you to the last, tightly clutching your claws in your throat.

One corpse-voivode is able to survive, or even defeat three monsters of the leader of the pack.

And now they are faced here with the corpse-voivode, who lay in this land for decades!

Continue the battle, it is a deadly event, and even if they succeed If they manage to cope with the governor’s corpse, the remaining hundreds of rotting corpses will eat them.

And now the only way out is to escape A few kilometers to the nearest village, it will be enough to cross the mountainside and you can already see it.

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Swamp stream Earth waves!

A brown shine appeared around Zhang Xiao Hou’s hands, he as if preparing for this moment for a long time, unexpectedly using several earth magic together!

Nine people stood nearby in a small area, and suddenly in one-minute earth outside it became viscous and then began to liquefy like clay, and small funnels appeared

Because of the liquefied clay, it was already possible to plunge underground, and rotting corpses instantly plunged into the holes created by the funnels half!

After returning to the capital, Zhang Xiao Hou acquired a magical item with which it was possible to combine several earth magic!

In addition, the spiritual seed of the Swamp stream gave its interesting effect, from -for which the earth became sticky, and after the rotting corpses were half-buried, Zhang Xiao Hou hardened the ground so that they could not get out.

And now half the body of the rotting corpses was above the ground, and half under it, holding them tight!

When they saw what happened, everyone was very pleased b, but approving speeches were interrupted by the shout of Shi Shao Zu: Faster, we’ll run away from here!

It turns out that the corpse-voivode has already broken their protective barrier, and at least as well as the others plunged into clay porridge, but after hardening, it turned out to be not strong enough for him! It was a great moment to get down the mountainside as soon as possible!


Behind the roar of a corpse-voivode, a gusting wave of air hit the detachment in the back!

No one could afford to be distracted, but only everyone could rush forward, and they were followed by a black shadow, gritting his teeth hungrily, and periodically emitting a piercing roar!

Despite the fact that the corpse-voivode is still just a rotting corpse, with two healthy legs, he is able to catch up even with an experienced magician if he does not have moving magic or special magic artifacts.

In addition, cadaverous monsters have amazing jumping ability, and they cross ten meters in one fell swoop, and those of the slave level are also capable of this, because the ghosts following them, albeit lame, crooked, but all the same, they also frantically rushed forward.

Ah!! Ah!!!

A heart-rending cry rang out from behind, it seems that someone fleeing was caught, and right now a covenant to help.

Leave him, otherwise all of us will come to an end!, Qin Hu resolutely commanded.

No one dared to turn his head, and everyone could only hope that the person caught was not his close friend.

She will not die, Zhang Xiao Hou turned and saw that it was officer Jia Xi.

Just at that moment, officer Jia Xi was in the tongue of the corpse governors, she is a magician of the element of ice, and with difficulty, she could use the Ice Dungeon to stop his advance, otherwise, he wouldn’t even have to stretch his tongue, but would just swallow her at once!

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