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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 528 Why did you leave me? Read Novel

Chapter 528 Why did you leave me? VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 528 Why did you leave me? VERSATILE MAGE

Zhang Xiao Hou’s face changed.

He took only one small breath and did not breathe anymore. A little more, and he will lose consciousness.

At this time, a skeleton from a hole stared at him his face seemed to express some doubt

A rusty knife that was in the skeletal arms of a monster, fell down without attacking Zhang Xiao Hou.

The skeleton began to sail slowly, and soon his hands fell to the ground

* Uffff *

Only at that moment was Zhang Xiao Hou able to take a good breath of air. All the rest have still been clamped, and in this state they have fallen to the surface of the earth.

The method then works!

No matter who it was, skeletons or cadaverous monsters, none of them now attacked the team. Sometimes you could see how they doubted, but in the end they all just moved on.

Commander Qin Hu, without saying anything, simply showed the team with his hand that they needed to move on.

The team quickly gathered and continued on their way. Despite the fact that they passed in the vicinity of all kinds of dead monsters, no one tried to attack them, so the military could relax a bit.

If we know this method, we can not be afraid of any dead, proclaimed Wantong.

This gray garlic is an extremely rare plant. It can only be bought on the black market, and then if you find it. The village elder gave us their supplies said Shi Shao Ju.

Alright, the most important thing is not to run into them. As soon as we find the corpses of the detachment, we can immediately return back Bill’s voice was heard.

Our speeches, apparently, do not cause a commotion here.

The military understood that their conversations are absolutely safe, therefore, they only need to monitor their human smell, seizing it with gray garlic.

The density of monsters in these parts far exceeded even the most daring early calculations of the team. Even on a hundred square meters you could meet far from one dead man. They should have opened the map and painted everything around with a blood-red color!

A few dozen corpse monsters were waiting for them at once

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Making terrible sounds, they appeared there where the detachment was supposed to go.

Without smelling the approaching lunch, they, like zombies, slowly and aimlessly moved on

We just have to go forward, they they still don’t smell us Vantun said with a grin in his voice.

However, at that moment, when they had to walk about twenty meters, these zombie monsters would the troop accumulated, and their eyes began to glow red!

Vantun froze!

* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *

A crowd of corpses suddenly rushed in his direction!

Eat gray garlic faster! Shouted Shi Shao Ju.

At the climax, Wangtun managed to eat one garlic.

The action of garlic begins immediately after you eat it, so Vantuna immediately swept a cloud of exhaled stench.

The crowd of the dead abruptly stopped right in front of Vantun’s face, as if they instantly lost the target of their attack from sight.

After some time they began to wander around, not realizing why they were rushing here!

Vantun in a zombie crowd already managed to wet his pants

Later, he became exhausted: Your mother! Why is the action of this garlic so short-term?!.

Garlic does not last long, and we have a little of it, so we have to hurry! Shi Shao Tszyu said with a frowning eyebrow.

By the time Wang Tong reached the general crowd, everyone else had eaten in the garlic too.

Cold moonlight was pouring in the district.

In those days when the dead can’t find food, they can usually try to dig up something, like some kind of bones or something

Suddenly, waves of earthy slurry began to rise in the way of the team.

In these waves one could see bones, fragments of clothing everything was mixed in.

From this vibration came something

The monster body like armor was festooned with dead muscles.

It has four hands, and the first pair of hands he was holding a huge ax, and the second a long knife! Here is such a design

This is a clumsy corpse governor! Cried Vantun.

Is he here behind us?

Rather, we are in his territory!

Eight people, seeing this miracle, involuntarily began to backing away.

Don’t panic! We ate gray garlic and yes, do not move anyone! As the village elder said, corpses of the pack leader’s level have good hearing, so don’t move! said Shi Shao Ju.

Having understood the elder’s covenant, everyone froze, staring at the governor.

Zhang Xiao Hou again carefully examined the enemy. Now it was remarkable that the governor was without a head, as if someone had chopped it off.

* rumble *

A strange sound was heard.

The neck of the clumsy governor began to shrink, and the head began to be drilled out of it!

At first the sight was very vile, but then the head took the shape of a human!

And then

This head turned 180 degrees. the face was smeared with blood or something else

Why.. why.. why did you leave me? the head opened its mouth.

The head, emerging from the neck of the clumsy governor, belonged to the dead Jia Xi!!!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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