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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 529: Zombie Deeps (Part 1) Read Novel

Chapter 529: Zombie Deeps (Part 1) VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 529: Zombie Deeps (Part 1) VERSATILE MAGE

The dead have two methods of movement. The first is through their thick mortal strength. The older the corpse, the more powerful and terrible his so-called aura.

And the second method through absorption!

They look for bones or other types of remains that do not belong to them by themselves, and begin to attach them to their body.

This cadaverous governor decided to use the head of the recently deceased Jia Xi to see. Since her head had not yet had time to decompose completely, all the inner anger of Jia Xi remained with her, why she was now looking for people who left her.

No garlic and silence could help: passed just one day, and Jia Xi still perfectly remembered the faces of all eight of the squad.

Come to me! All to me! the head growled on the body of the clumsy governor.

The voice of the corpse-voivode was heard by all the monsters that were within a radius of a hundred meters from this place. Now they have objects to attack!

Countless black shadows began to appear around. Now eight war magicians have appeared as the main dish among the crowd of cadaverous monsters.

Run, faster! shouted Qin Hu.

A lot of zombie monsters gathered in this place, and they were also led by the clumsy voivode mages can’t compete with them!

Eight magicians hastened to get out of this place. They used magic but the monsters still continued to chase them!


While everyone was cleaning away, no one remembered Lu Hong Jing with leg bones

He was a water magician, so he hastened to shield himself with a water wall.

There were an appalling amount of monsters they all literally hollowed into the wall from the water Blood dripped from the stumps of his legs to the ground

Don’t turn your head! Shi Shao Ju shouted towards Zhang Xiao Hou.

The most important thing in this place is not to turn around.

When a friend falls into the clutches of the enemy, he should never run to save. The most that they can do now is to return here at sunrise and find his remains

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In these parts of the world there is no concept of saving a team member! This means the inevitable death of the whole team! Shi Shao Ju said with an authoritative voice.

Zhang Xiao Hou bit his lip. Now he could only move on.

Meanwhile, the number of zombies around did not even think to decrease.

The corpse monsters seemed to have an unlimited supply of energy, if it was a question of chasing after food!

I I will seize you! Come to me

Zhang Xiao Hou heard a voice. Still, turning his head, he found that their commander Qin Hu was left behind

His legs were grabbed by two zombie corpses, of which the governor was already scratching his body!

Now, Qin Hu’s face has faced the face of Jia Xi.

Jia Xi’s face was laughing malevolently. With her own teeth, she pierced the commander’s body.

Qin Hu just turned his head to look at the turning around Zhang Xiao Hou.

The commander tried to say something to Zhang Xiao Hou through his mouth filled with blood. His lips twisted in pain.

Don’t don’t turn around. the commander Qin Hu said on his last breath.

The next second his body shattered. The commander’s corpse commander took over the commander’s head.

Horror!!! My God! Zhang Xiao Hou turned his head away and rushed forward faster.

He himself did not notice how fast his speed became. Neither the governor, nor the rest of the corpses now had the opportunity to catch up with him!

However, the only combat kind of magic that Zhang Xiao Hou possessed was a wind disk. So it turns out that he could neither save the team, nor stay in place and fight

He, of course, was considered a strong magician and saw a lot of things, but it was impossible to save people in this situation.

Mo Fan would be very helpful here! With his fire magic, he would burn everything here to hell, blinding these zombie slaves with the light of fire!

Even the magic of two elements may not be enough to fight in such conditions.

Would Zhang Xiao Hou be a high-level magician. It was at this moment that he desired it most!

A high-level mage controls three elements, one of which can certainly be fought with these creatures!

With the magic of high-level earth, he could turn everything around into stone or the wings of the wind with which he would not have to escape like this

Zhang Xiao Hou, don’t run that way! Shouted Shi Shao Ju.

Zhang Xiao Hou came to his senses abruptly and saw that the land ahead miraculously began to collapse.

The earth was strange moving in waves: now bubbled, then settled. This was a clear sign that there were voids beneath the layer of earth all this happened before Zhang Xiao Hou!

On the surface were several dozen zombies. After the inner void opened, they all got there!

Even with the incident light of the moon, it was hard to discern what was down there. From there strange sounds just came



The cries of the dead burst into space like lightning.

This what else is it?

Zhang Xiao Hou abruptly stopped a few steps before the precipice.

Even at high speed he managed to not fall down.

The face of the monkey expressed such horror, as if below it he saw the most terrible sight in his life

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