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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 531 Nomination for Competition! Read Novel

Chapter 531 Nomination for Competition! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 531 Nomination for Competition! VERSATILE MAGE

Lintong Military District.

Special military trainer Fei Jiao was sitting on a dusty training ground, sitting directly beneath a flag developing in the wind.

From whom the news came?, Fei Jiao lifted his head.

From somewhere in the villages of Weiju or Hua. They report that, while driving along the road, they saw a terrible sight: blood, corpses And in shape they understood that they were military Everyone died, the scout explained in a whisper.

Hehe, rescuers, hehe, rescuers Just a detachment of suicide bombers What a bastard grouped a detachment with my subordinate!, Fei Jiao jumped fiercely to his feet and cursed.

What the hell should I not escalate!? My student died. My student! We need to talk to Zhan Cong!, Each phrase of Fei Jiao echoed around the training site.

He continued to curse, pouring a three-story mat on all higher and lower levels.

Come, get me people and supplies Alive people, dead bodies, said Fei Jiao to the scout.

Instructor, you are quieter. They seemed to have stumbled upon the abyss of a zombie, one corpse governor would not have put in a whole detachment, said the scout.

What, what did you say?, Instructor Fei Jiao was dumbfounded.

Zombie abyss. Apparently, something was chasing them, and they landed in a zombie abyss. Therefore, even experienced wind magicians can’t do it there, said the scout.

Zom Zombie abyss How, how could something like this appear? Fei Jiao was extremely surprised, and his eyes widened.

Zombie abyss This just hell. Even if the best magicians of the ancient capital get there, they are unlikely to survive.

Whether it was the abyss of dragons, the instructor Fei Jiao was not so surprised, but the zombie abyss This is not just a destructive place for everyone, but hell

The instructor, instead of being nervous, is better to report the dead to their families. I looked at the case of Zhang Xiao Hou. He is from Bo, and since childhood did not know either father or mother. He was raised by a grandmother who did not die during the disaster in Bo, but she was already many years old Zhan Kong told you to talk to her. He also has one friend since childhood, and his closest person, after his grandmother, should probably notify him, too, said the scout.

Then Zhan Kong will do it, but first I’ll tell him everything, Fei Jiao flushed again.

Instructor, I say you’re in no hurry, it was a zombie abyss It will take a lot of living to fill it creatures

I know! Roll from here! There is never good news from you!

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Magical City.

A cold wind blew, and in the city on every corner someone was coughing, it seemed like some kind of new infection.

Don’t you close the windows before going to bed? Ai Tu Tu looked into Mo Fan’s room.

I’m a fire mage, and next to me there’s a stove, and the weather is so cool outside! Mo Fan was sitting at a computer and surfing the Internet in search of details about what happened in the ancient capital.

This was a big shock for the whole world. In those places where he had come from earlier, a disaster happened, but this time it was more serious.

Ay Tu Tu, seeing that Mo Fan was reading, did not insert her stinging phrase.

Mo Fan turned off the computer and turned to Ai Tu Tu, said: It’s already the end of the semester, and the first 20 places from each faculty can apply for qualifying matches for the world university competition, right?

Yes, Sister Mu has rarely been seen recently, said Ay Tu Tu.

She’s progressing pretty quickly, Mo Fan nodded.

Mu Well Jiao deserves respect, for a whole month, Mo Fan saw her only a couple of times, and all this time she trained.

Her family apparently decided to support her desire to participate in world competitions. And now, according to Ai Tu Tu, Mu Well Jiao has not only excellent magical artifacts and two spiritual seeds, but also some kind of secret trump card.

Which now inspires some hope of Mo Fan, because for back Mu Well Jiao one of the four strongest families in Shanghai, and she will at all costs fight for a place in the competition.

Just like the Zhao family

Zhao Man Yan has not been particularly popular in recent days, he has been practicing secretly somewhere.

He, even if he doesn’t get to the competition from the university, he will find another way, but even so, he needs to train hard.

We can say that to nominate members of his families, each the big house makes tremendous efforts.

But Ai Tu Tu

She is also a member of a great family, but compared to her friend, she is simply busty and brainless, therefore she wastes days in conversation.

Mo Fan was a nominated candidate, and in addition, he did not need to participate in anything else

Everyone was extremely busy with training, and therefore Ai Tu Tu spent whole days glued to Mo Fan, hoping that he would somehow entertain her.

I suggest you also participate in these qualifying competitions, although Ai Tu Tu did not participate, but was aware of everything that was happening

Why? Asked Mo Fan.

You have three tickets, but at most one person can get four tickets. Therefore, in order to be surely nominated, you need one more, besides, having shown yourself, you will dispel all doubts about your suitability, said Ay Tu Tu.

Mo Fan nodded, in the words of Ay Tu Tu was true.

In addition, Mo Fan likes to fight. And if you do not apply for these qualifying competitions, then why did he have to so much soar at the expense of snake armor and a small Flame Belle? She not his blood relative, but she also needs to be taught accordingly, otherwise what good will come of her!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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