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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 536 Strange Technique Read Novel

Chapter 536 Strange Technique VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 536 Strange Technique VERSATILE MAGE

Mo Fan, are you all right? Ai Tu Tu asked.

Relax, he said with confidence in his voice.

Ai Tu Tu, who had experienced the full power of two fights, now understood what kind of people are in the top twenty ratings.

According to the usual selection schedule for the next battle, a new batch of opponents should appear.

They just came here and didn’t know what happened here before. Among them was a guy with blue-green hair, who went to Gujian and patted him on the shoulder:

Ah, brother, and you are here! Today I won’t let you go just like that, get ready, it will not be easy for you!

Gujian, who recognized this blue-green head, answered with sparkling eyes:

You are the third a rival, so it’s not easy for you.

After these words he looked at Mo Fan and Ai Tu Tu.

Li Jie and Liu Xin, seeing the same head with a strange color hair, also changed in the face.

Hmm This is Xu Min Tsun, he is even stronger than Bai Yu Lana! said Li Jie in one breath.

Well, that’s it, it’s over. The third fight can also be considered lost Of course, I didn’t really hope to be on the list, but I didn’t think that I would lose all the fights said Liu Xin bitterly in her voice.

Don’t give up yet! Well, get ready! Mo Fan encouraged them.

You do not understand! Xu Min Tsong is in the top five of the wind faculty. Our magic simply will not reach him. How can you defeat him? said Liu Xin.

You haven’t even tried, how can you know?

Xu Min Tsun already found out from Gujian about what had happened, and now he glanced with a strange grin on Mo Fan.

I know all the strongest of the Mingzhu University. I, Xu Min Tsong, are not interested in such insignificances as you, said Xu Min Tsun.

People probably will not recognize you with swollen blue eyes and a broken nose, answered Mo Fan.

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Haha, let’s see

But why watch that? You could not surpass the very strongest universities that you just spoke about. Do you really have anything else to say? Mo Fan did not back down.

Xu Min Tsun was stupefied.

He simply replied: Let’s see how you will completely lick the lawn.

The team of Xu Min Tsun also had venerable magicians from other faculties. Hearing Mo Fan’s arrogance, they also stood aside and chuckled.

In the competition arena, four people from the Xu Min Tsun team had already taken their positions. As was seen from their arrangement, Xu Min Tsong was on the offensive, there was still a student with two wings, and behind, in the rear, a plump girl.

Mo Fan was already climbing the arena, but something remembering that, he turned around and asked Li Jie and Liu Xin:

By the way, what elements do you have?

The guys were a little dumbfounded.

I have the main element water, the auxiliary ice, answered full Jie.

The main one is wind, the second is fire, the voice of Liu Xin was heard.

Ay Tu Tu also stood there. She did not say anything, because Mo Fan already knew her elements.

My main elements are fire and lightning. Mo Fan introduced himself.

Ah, just like Gujian.

You are speaking, and you, Ai Tu Tu, use your magic of light to protect us said Mo Fan.

Ai Tu Tu silently nodded her head.

Three judges were waiting for a sign of readiness from the teams. After that, they gave instructions to start the battle.

Xu Min Tsong was very arrogant. Even the referee’s code proclaimed the start of the battle, he continued to stand in his place, exponentially holding his hands in his pockets.

Liu Xin had already completed the constellation and sent fire towards Xu Min Tsun.

Fire emissions of Liu Xin were released an order of magnitude faster than that of Mo Fan thanks to this ability, he was able to get into the twenty best students.

Xu Min Tsong did not even pull his hands out of his pocket. At that moment, when a fiery emission reached him, he instantly found himself at a distance of ten meters from him.

Xu Min Tsong also continued to defiantly evade fire magic at the very last moment.

Come on! Thinking of getting me through entry-level magic?- with a grin in his voice, said Xu Min Tsong.

Now Li Jie also went on the attack. First, he released an ice freeze to stop Xu Min Tsun’s movement, and then an ice prison to block him

However, he easily avoided the attack. When mid-level ice magic went against him, he used entry-level shadow magic.

Such a magician with elements of shadow and wind was really elusive!

Liu Xin and Li Jie hopelessly tried to stop him, using mid-level magic!

This dude can’t compare with Zhang Xiao Hou! Mo Fan thought to himself.

All this time in the palm of Mo Fan there was already formed the magic of entry-level fire. He did not use mid-level magic, as its aura would attract attention

This fiery outflow from nowhere flew right between Liu Xin and Li Jie

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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