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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 541 Dark-skinned Demon, Ai Jiang Tu Read Novel

Chapter 541 Dark-skinned Demon, Ai Jiang Tu VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 541 Dark-skinned Demon, Ai Jiang Tu VERSATILE MAGE

Ai Tu Tu numb for a moment, and immediately after sharply turned to see who stopped her, and immediately changed her face, when she saw a courageous tanned face in front of her.

Gujian raised his head to look, and found behind Ai Tu Tu a strong, handsome dark man. There was anger on his face, he was so happy, but you can clearly see how powerful his gaze is.

He looked about his peer, but an aura of something extraordinary came from him. strength.

I’m sorry, my sister can’t control herself, the tanned strong man still, without distinct emotions, held Ai Tu Tu’s hand.

You you Ai Jiang Tu!, who knew Gujian in front of him, then looked at the palm that smacked him on the cheek, then said: She She is your sister?

Brother, I , only that she was a fiery lioness emitting her anger, and now, shy, like a little squeezed kitten.

Ai Jiang Tu nodded, and loosened his grip.

He came closer to Gujian, and said, looking in the eye: Every year my father goes with the army to fight monsters, and he allows my sister a lot, and if she has any misconduct

Listening to this Gujian was very uneasy, and he could hardly express his emotions.

It seems that this Ai Jiang Tu is afraid for the prestige of his family and Gu’s family, and if so, what could he not have done before had to endure as much as two slaps in the face!

Oh, it’s my own fault, but due to the fact that she acted in her own way, now I can’t nominate myself, the older generation of my family will not leave it like that! Gujian immediately regained his composure, something, but he must take care of his reputation.

My father has one ticket, I’ll inform you later. We’ll try to compensate you for this, Ai Jiang Tu said sincerely.

After these words, a bulletin rose around.

All those who had voice tickets were large state leaders, many senior judges, had no votes, the chairmen of the association didn’t have everyone, then who is behind Ai Jiang Tu, since his father has votes!

Is that true? , Gujian bulged his eyes.

If this is not true, then let someone write him another preventive slap on the cheek.

I have four voices, being imagine I eat military school. My father has another one that he doesn’t need said Ai Jiang Tu.

After these words, the people around were taken aback.

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Four voices!

He already has four voices!

So this type is already the chosen one!

Mo Fan, who was standing nearby, was also surprised, and changed his eyes to this dark-skinned young military mage.

He himself, being so special, was only a half-chosen member. He had already heard that someone else had been appointed there, but now, he would never have thought that it was Ai Tu Tu’s brother, and, moreover, from the military school!

Students are selected for the World University Competition from all universities of the country, and of course military schools.

I will take note of your words Since you yourself decided to compensate for everything, then we will decide on that, though, and the heart Gujian constantly galloped, but he tried to say it without expressing any emotions.

You can’t buy a ticket with a voice for any money, for him, Gujian, The yen of voices is clear as no one else.

I don’t say that we are finished, said Ai Jiang Tu.

What, what are you talking about, I will give her another slap in the face, and all because of a dispute with this Mo Fan, but you also know the foundations of families. Her fucking actions led to the fact that I lost the right to run for office, and my Gu family wouldn’t leave it like that, and if it weren’t for your father’s voice Gujian cried out right away, in fear that Ai Jiang Tu would change his mind.

Ai Jiang Tu looked at Ai Tu Tu, who waved her head, letting know that she didn’t want to blow a major conflict out of it.

But Ai Jiang Tu only raised the corners mouth, and fiercely glanced over at Gujian!

Gujian involuntarily backed away from that look.

She committed an offense, but I already offered you compensation. But only now you insulted her in your own words

From Ai Jiang Tu, a terrible energy immediately broke out.

He filled the whole space, grabbed Gujian by the throat and lifted up like a little chicken!

Gujian’s face turned red and he helplessly waved his legs in the air.

A change in mood occurred too quickly, and everyone watching what was happening also automatically took a step back.

Ai Jiang Tu immediately became like a dark demon who raised a person to half a meter above the ground.

Stop it, you all, don’t dare to cause unrest here, the three judges noticed what was happening, and immediately fell off their seats.

The star system was already ready under the feet of one of them, it is obvious that it would have been floated if Ai Jiang Tu continued.

Don’t stick your nose in other people’s affairs!, said Ai Jiang Tu menacingly, raising his hand in the direction of the three judges and pushing.

** mind **

Energy spun in the air and the three judges were thrown back on ten meters, but landed quite softly on the ground, and therefore didn’t get any injuries.

Mo Fan and Ding Yu Mian stood and looked stunned.

This person is without a doubt participant, which means that he is about their age, besides he’s a cadet at a military school.

These judges have already reached a high level, and even if not, they have already been by his side, and they suddenly set off with one push of Ai Jiang Tu’s palm on a distant flight!

You what are you going to do, I tell you, it’s better for our Gu family not to put a finger in their mouth, bite off their elbows!!, Gujian’s voice was trembling, and the fact that he was held in the air by the throat did not add clarity to his speech.

Are you discussing the family with me? In our family there are all military magicians, every day we are in the north of the great wall, except for one daughter, whom the father will not say a word of insult. And if it weren’t necessary to defend the honor of the country, I would send your whole family to dig mass graves! Shouted Ai Jiang Tu making him look like a monster.

Gujian’s legs became soft, but Ai Jiang Tu was not decisive. A barely noticeable star system or constellation appeared under his feet, but he was immediately sent straight face down!

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