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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 549 The Ancient Capital Read Novel

Chapter 549 The Ancient Capital VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 549 The Ancient Capital VERSATILE MAGE

Dark clouds gently covered all the sunlight.

However, there was no rain. Dark clouds only covered the sky, but were not aggressive.

The last passenger plane cut through this airspace. The latter means that this was the last group of people who ventured into the possession of dead souls.

Air traffic to this place is terminated. It’s good that we got on the last plane said Liu, sighing heavily when boarding.

Her eyes hurriedly looked around the airport.

This was the first time for her she left her hometown so far.

Sorry, each passenger must prove his identity and purpose of arrival, a man in uniform said in a stern voice.

Did I arrive to another country? Mo Fan was indignant.

A difficult period, please understand said the man in a control uniform.

We are traveling. This girl is my lover, so I can’t reveal her personality Mo Fan snapped openly.

Liu, hearing the words of Mo Fan, then blushed.

I couldn’t Is there anything more decent to lie? Why a lover?

A man in uniform was embarrassed. He first saw a man who openly says that he is taking his mistress.

Liu did not have a valid identity card, because according to the documents she was already dead a trick of Ne Dong.

After all this, her lifestyle changed, so she still didn’t get false documents.

She used her old ID for the flight.

And so, Liu was practically no different from ordinary people, well, except that she was very beautiful!

It was a day, so all the zombies were still sleeping peacefully in the ground.

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Sanyan was at some distance from Xi`an, so Mo Fan and Liu Liu called an agile wolf and went on it further.

One could see that Xi`an was surrounded by walls.

Since this is a very ancient city, only its center was located within the wall, the rest of the areas were located behind it. It was the city center that was especially attractive for tourists.

However, just recently, another external wall was formed, which increased the center’s space by five times. Now all the people from the outside have moved precisely to the borders of the outer wall.

This is the first time I have seen such enormous boundaries said Liu Zuo, looking around the district.

I can’t even imagine how many land magicians erected this border but we can already conclude how serious the situation is. The entire territory beyond the borders of security is deadly, said Mo Fan.

The outer wall seemed limitless.

The inner wall of the city center stretched 14 kilometers in diameter, and the diameter of this wall was hard to imagine

The entrance to the city was guarded by representatives of the magical association, and the military conducted searches.

In the daytime, the search was not so strict, but it intensified with the approach of the evening. Who knows, zombies can easily infiltrate the city.

The search at the external and internal walls was, in principle, no different. Everywhere was crowded.

The city was under vigilant protection, and the inhabitants themselves had long been accustomed to these bloody messes.

Mo Fan did not linger in other areas of the city, therefore immediately rushed to the clock tower of the magic association.

The building of the magic association, as well as the league of hunters, was located in the very center of Xi`an. These buildings rose markedly against the general background. Mo Fan first wanted to go to the military unit of Zhang Xiao Hou to find out about the situation there, but he thought that there wouldn’t be much sense from it, so he immediately decided to go to the representative who sent the message about the loss.

This person told Mo Fan that Zhang Xiao Hou disappeared without a trace, his remains were also not found, nothing was known about his salvation either. It is only known that everything happened somewhere between the settlements of Bayan and Hua.

During the raging of dead souls, settlers still exist who live outside safe borders. They themselves are intact, but they do not use electronic equipment, so any message or message reaches them for a very long time.

The news that the team disappeared came just from one of these village villages.

Mo Fan heard a lot from Zhao Xiao Hou about his mentor Fei Jiao. Mentor Fei Jiao told Mo Fan that he was very worried about the disappearance of Xiao Hou, but they could not go on reconnaissance.

Then where will we go? asked Liu.

Look for experienced people who will go with us to the village of Bayan, answered Mo Fan.

Mo Fan did not navigate these places, yes in addition, he knew that zombies were much more dangerous and worse than magical creatures, so there was no point in going there without a team. immediately made it clear that they were not interested in this. Mo Fan had no choice but to go straight to the hunting league.

Among hunters, the fear of death means nothing!

There were a lot of people in the league hall.

Hunters are always there where it’s more dangerous, so now there are so many people in Xi`an!

Mo Fan saw a large screen with missions, most of which were from the category saving someone .

Zombies were scattered around the district, so the people stuck there were ready to pay a lot of money for their salvation.

Apparently a lot of people are in danger, said Liu Mo Fan.

What can I save, they are all dead bodies, a voice came out.

Liuu turned her head and saw a man of short stature with an expeditionary appearance. Only with her head bowed could she see him.

This short man saw that a beautiful girl was looking at him, with an experienced expression on his face, said: Perhaps they have already become one of these zombies, so we should soon we’ll be called the Corpse Search League.

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