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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 551 Living and Dead Read Novel

Chapter 551 Living and Dead VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 551 Living and Dead VERSATILE MAGE

It was easy to find a hotel, the ghosts pretty much exhausted the tourist services of the ancient city, and therefore, housing prices are extremely low.

They left only on the second day, and Mo Fan was in no hurry to sleep, but instead, he called on Liu Zhu to look at the outer walls.

A ghost country is a world famous place, Mo Fan could not even think that there are such places on Earth. Everything here was as if saturated with dying blues.

The outer walls were high and surrounded the city relentlessly. Mo Fan presented a hunter certificate to climb them. Climbing the endless wall, he was very surprised that there were ten times more sentries now.

A cold wind blew from afar, merging with the stench of rot. The guards called him the smell of death.

From these walls were seen wandering dark silhouettes on the ground.

Dark clouds floated low over the city, covering the ground with a shadow. From the soil, after disastrous rains, monsters burst from their graves, rising, they opened their green burning eyes and re-examined the world.

Sensing the smell of living things in the distance, they were going to kill with their whole horde!

In an instant, these restless souls, driven by their diabolical mechanisms, turned towards the ancient city!

Black silhouettes ran for their food, gathered together they already resembled a huge black wave beating against the rocks of a high wall. Their predatory gaze and eternally hungry womb scared countless magicians.

** s-aa ** ** s-aa **

** Prr- ** ** R-u **

Their cries were either quiet or rising again, they came closer and closer, and even people living in the very center of the city could hear their disastrous groans.

Gathered under the wall, they scrubbed their sharp claws, gnawed their rotten teeth, trying to destroy the obstacle that prevented them from obtaining the treasured prey. They fought so hard against the wall that parts fell off their rotting bodies.

My knees are shaking, Liu Zhu said in horror, standing on the edge of the wall.

Mo Fan looked at Liu Zhu and decided to play a trick: Aren’t you dead yourself?

Liu Zhu frowned and puffed up red cheeks, if I am a dead human, then a dear dead human.

Why are there so many of them here? Liu Zhu said, turning her gaze into the distance.

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The wall was extremely long and stretched like a mountain range, but under each a watchtower on it, one could see a herd of ghosts.

Many of them are about Tawau motionless body under the wall and stepped on the body other ghosts who want even more to cross the wall.

The guards, in turn, could not allow that even one ghost broke through the defense. Flaming fists, Ice and hoarfrost, Thunderclap, hurricanes all the magic merged into one, representing a breathtaking sight and destroying uninvited guests!

Loafers, go away!

It’s not clear where it is coming from, a voice rang out across the wall.

Mo Fan and Liu Zhu they never watched such night battles, and this time they had no opportunity to stay to watch, because they quickly left the city walls, but only they went down, as Mo Fan saw a huge dull shadow under a cloud on the horizon.

After Mo Fan, everyone was thinking about this shadow. It looks like the dull shadow is the commander of corpse monsters, and this whole army of small ghosts is his work.

He thought that the line between the living and the dead was becoming more blurry

And it shocked him so much that he couldn’t calm down for a long time!


The night was very short, especially for those who didn’t fall asleep at all a long time ago.

The battle on the external walls was still ongoing.

Mo Fan took a little nap, and now the dawn came.

With the dawn of the day, the vibration from far away completely calmed down. Mo Fan opened the window and looked at the courtyard through the dense bars, then on the road. A bright billboard was visible there, people walked around as if nothing had happened at night.

Mo Fan looked into the distance, there, it seems, the battle had completely subsided.

You’re could not sleep?, said Liu Zhu, looking out of the balcony window.

If I knew what was going on, I would never have gone to look at this nightmare from the walls, Mo Fan grinned.

Well, nothing, we live outside the inner walls, and even if the outer ones fall, then the inner ones will not remain a defensive line? said Liu Zhu.

Girl, do not fuck this nonsense! The outer walls are defended by more than a thousand magicians, what a breakthrough there is. And if it does happen, then how many people will die So don’t be nonsense! The old gardener suddenly intervened.

This hotel has its own significance, the apartment building of wealthy residents is located below, and there is a hotel above it.

Sorry, Liu Zhu bowed her head.

Young people are always like that, they don’t respect their elders, they will hide behind the high walls of the city and send everyone away from high bell tower, the old mistress began her long story.

Mo Fan and Liu Zhu did not listen for a long time, and prepared to leave the south gate to meet from the low m a man and move on.


Going out of the south gate, Mo Fan could not find a short man hanging out in the crowd for a long time. Talking with Mo Fan on the phone, he jumped up so Mo Fun could see him.

Only when he saw a short man, people gathered around him right there.

The people around looked the most ordinary people stood out among them, perhaps only a woman in a black veil.

All wore respirators, or at least thick gauze, but this woman’s face was completely hidden.

And it’s not clear, this was done in order to hide her face, or she hates the urban stench for so much.

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