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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 552 A Woman Under a Black Veil Read Novel

Chapter 552 A Woman Under a Black Veil VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 552 A Woman Under a Black Veil VERSATILE MAGE

Next to the girl with a black veil was a guy who looked like a person from these places.

Most of the undersized team was represented by men. In total, seven people gathered in the campaign: five men and two women.

The sunrise illuminated the surroundings of the city. Xi`an, which was filled with putrid stench, for some reason ceases to be so fragrant with the onset of heat.

In the afternoon, the southern gate of the city opens and everyone can leave it.

Having left outside the outer wall, seven people, led by a stunted one, went to the Yanbai settlement.

In the south, one could reach the Qinling Mountain Range. Whether you were traveling by car or flying an airplane did not matter, so most of those heading south went on foot.

Mo Fan was walking along the road, but he was bursting with curiosity about this girl.

There was nothing strange she was very beautiful. She wore a silk embroidered cloak that seductively fell from her shoulders to the beat of her steps.

Mo Fan walked behind everyone, and he could not take his eyes off this female body. Everything in her caught his eye, stirring the imagination.

Mo Fan saw many beautiful girls in his life, but not one of them drew his eyes as much as this girl.

-Hey shorty, where did you find her? Mo Fan decided to ask and no longer torment his inner curiosity.

She said that she needed to come here, and she paid much faster than you, so I took her with us, said the undersized one, first looking at the girl and then throwing an understanding male look at Mo Fan, what, also hooked?

Yes, I just asked, it seems to me she is not an easy girl, answered Mo Fan.

But where does she come from plain? That’s all they call me shorty, and yet I understand beautiful women better than handsome men. Here is such a beautiful nymph if she will be with me until the end of my days, then I do not need other women! The undersized said.

Can you think properly? Mo Fan asked directly.

You say that I am inadequate, and who stood behind everyone and was staring at her ass, huh?

Um how much more go to yanbai? Asked Mo Fan, changing the subject.

The undersized man shook his head: You need not worry about when we get to Yanbai, but about when it gets dark.

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Shorty pointed with his hand to the sun, which was already descending beyond the horizon.

What, sunset already?! Mo Fan was surprised that time passed so quickly.

Now it is the autumn-winter period, nights are long, days are short. Do you know what? Said the stunted one.

You still haven’t told me about this girl

Have the tenacity to ask her yourself!

Mo Fan Left with nothing, he decided to return to his place.

At this time, Liu Zhu whispered to him in a low voice: This woman, her aura is kind of strange.

Oh, sure, this is an aura! Mo Fan seemed to light up.

Having looked closely at her, Mo Fan really began to notice something strange in her aura.

Surely she practices dark magic said Liu Zhu.

The cultivation of a certain element affects both the magician himself and his human qualities. Liu Zhu was not mistaken: there was a certain heat from this girl, but at the same time a dark shadow was visible.

Mo Fan cultivated an element of shadow that refers to dark magic, so he felt it. However, Liu Zhu has actually become a dark creature, so the smell for things like that was much stronger.

Of course, not all sorcerers who practice dark magic are bad. The bad ones are mainly magicians of the element of the curse. It is only necessary to observe the agreements of magical associations, because everything is done for the sake of cultivation

She is very beautiful, said Liu Zhu.

Can you see this too? Mo Fan asked in surprise.

Yeah said Liu Zhu with a little admiration and envy.

Seeing Liu Zhu’s reaction, Mo Fan also looked involuntarily.

The sun, which at this time of year shines only five hours a day, is already declining.

Mo Fan and Liu Zhu could see ghosts, but those who were about to rise from the earth could really drive anyone crazy

The area around was so huge, and it was not known under what sections the dead ghosts were hiding. In addition, this two-meter grass on the mounds also hampered the progress of the matter.

Here, eat this, said a powerful man, taking gray garlic from his backpack.

This man, Apparently, he was an ordinary person, since he did not hear a magical aura. But he also lacked a human aura.

Oh, eatable! I was just hungry Mo Fan rejoiced.

This thing was like a sweet potato, or a big garlic, and he bit it without suspecting anything.


The next second, Mo Fan spat out on the ground what he had recently had in his mouth.

Yours what did you give me swearing Mo Fan.

This is gray garlic, it disguises human respiration, so the dead will not attack. Its quantity is limited, so since you have spit out your part, at night you yourself will look for a method to hide from the attack. The undersized said.

Such an abomination! I’d rather choose a battle with zombies than there to eat this! answered Mo Fan.

After these words, the girl with a black veil shot a sparkling look at Mo Fan.

You would not rush to conclusions stop listen pronounced stunted.



Everyone died down something began to appear under their feet

It seemed that they were some kind of plant roots, but the expression on the undersized face made it clear that this was serious!

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