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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 554 Disappeared Yanbai Settlement Read Novel

Chapter 554 Disappeared Yanbai Settlement VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 554 Disappeared Yanbai Settlement VERSATILE MAGE

There were small pebbles in the salt pond, which, saturated with the smell of death, could become a food for ghosts.

On the way, Mo Fan noticed that some ghosts were sorting out the sand as if washed with gold.

This bunch of ghosts was far from the outer wall. They just wandered around, without any purpose, in search of something that might at least be useful to their body shell.

When is there such a good way to avoid the attention of the undead, do they not seem so scary? the girl with the veil asked the mustachioed man.

Gray garlic is more expensive than gold. It is very difficult to find and impossible to grow on your own, it grows only in places of accumulation of these graves, as it is fed by decaying flesh. People from these villages know how to harvest it, but the amount of garlic is always very limited. If one of us would not have a relative in one of these villages, then we would not be able to get garlic for you. Said the stunted man with a smile.

At that moment, a healthy man smiled at the girl, since he also saw such a beauty for the first time.

Ahead is the village of Yanbai, the night is long, so we’ll stop there for a while and rest, said the short man, pointing to the foot of the mountain.

There are rules in the village that you better follow, a healthy man warned.

Everyone nodded their heads, making it clear that there would be no issues with this.

Very soon they reached the foot of the mountain. People really wanted to see the settlement, which manages to survive in such a dangerous place, however, coming closer, they saw only the earth!

They went back and forth and did not see anything but the hills of the black earth and the pits!

Have you fooled us? Said the man with the mustache.

I I really don’t know what happened, said the undersized man. His face turned pale.

The eyes of a healthy man too scurried back and forth, not believing this.

He ran down.

Among no huts could be seen in the trees, not like settlements!

The man scurried like a madman, not paying attention to several ghosts that were nearby.

On the map the place is clearly indicated that the village of Yanbai should be here. said Liu Zhu, looking around the district.

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Yes, yes. The map cannot be mistaken, we didn’t deceive you the undersized man said excitedly.

But where is the village then?

I don’t know

Only if

The look of a healthy man wandered, hoping to find the location of the village.

However, the village totally disappeared!

If if there was a wooden fence, ruins of houses or something else, it would prove that the village existed, but there was nothing around.

Could it be that the village could not escape the attack of ghosts? Asked Liu Zhu.

Perhaps the new supreme ghost country decided to show them their power.

A group of people again went around the hills. They found traces of scorched earth and ash, most of which were already blown around the district, leaving only black haze in place.

There are no corpses either, there are only traces of fire. It’s not clear what happened, the man with the mustache said to the girl with the black veil.

How can we assume that something happened if we do not see the corpses? Mo Fan said, and ghosts were already wandering around.

If the villagers died, then perhaps they also turned into ghostly monsters that roam around. Fire destroyed even possible traces of blood.

And then what shall we do? the girl with a veil asked, we can go to the next village, but if there is the same

The undersized thought the same.

Mo Fan and Liu Zhu too They agreed to go further.

Well then, come on, come on! Maybe they just migrated to another place, don’t be pessimistic, the undersized guy told a healthy man.

A healthy man calmed down, and now he rushed towards the village of Hua.

Hua village is two days away from here. I thought that after spending midnight in Yanbai, we could save a little gray garlic, but until we get to the settlement of Hua, there will be nothing left of the garlic said the undersized everyone else.

Now the lack of gray garlic was the most urgent problem.

The undersized first suggested returning to Xi`an and getting more garlic there, but a healthy man said that he would have to wait for the next supply of garlic a few months

Going back, we will lose too much time. Better lead us further, the mustachioed said.

Mo Fan and Liu Zhu were of the same opinion.

We will not be reckless, now the girl with black with a veil, on the way I noticed that these ghosts are far from everywhere. In the second half of the night we will not use garlic, only when there are too many ghosts in the area, then we will use it.

Sounds good said the undersized, approving.

Mo Fan also nodded his head, thinking that they still had to meet further.

According to the proposal of the girl with a veil, in the second half of the night no one ate gray garlic.

After about 3-4 kilometers from the settlement of Yanbai, everyone began to notice that the ghosts around were not quite friendly

They walked around two or three monsters, they looked like creatures of the level of a servant, and apart from their human appearance, there was nothing special about them.

They are here said the rest undersized.

Ghosts with stones in hands suddenly sensed a human smell, and began to turn around. Their eyes lit up with green light, and rushed towards the girl with a veil.

In the eyes of the girl there were no emotions that could cause these disgusting creatures in an ordinary girl.

She took a step towards her mustachioed companion, whose feet had already formed an ice element system

Ice Dungeon!

Ice crystals began to appear in the hands of the mustachioed.

The ice chains immediately grabbed the one who followed the girl, having fettered this ghost.

Destructing bones!

The ice chains as to pull like with steel chains

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