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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 556 Corpse Massacre under the Rain Read Novel

Chapter 556 Corpse Massacre under the Rain VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 556 Corpse Massacre under the Rain VERSATILE MAGE

Bad, a large herd of rotting corpses is approaching us, as if this corpse-governor commands them! shouted the accompanying Ali.

Beihuang, Alzian, Ali, take on yourself the rotting corpses, said black-haired Meng E.

Her hair was already wet from the rain and her black veil was slipping from her face.

Previously, thanks to this veil, her face could not be distinguished but now she was not going to hide. With a flick of her hand she sent the veil to the ground, showing her beautiful white face

I didn’t need to peer to understand that she was a pure European, her eyes glowed like a star, her long eyelashes were slightly wet, and it was simply impossible to look at the distinctive features!

Mo Fan tried to catch a glance at once all the details of her appearance, but before him stood a huge smelly corpse-voivode, therefore there was no time to admire

Meng E saw the power of Mo Fan and ordered her subordinates to sort it out with the approaching undeads (pp ghosts are a thing of the past). She herself was instantly next to Mo Fan and Liu Zhu, and said in a clear and strong voice: We will deal with him together!

Run. Take your feet off soon! We are not opposed to a huge corpse-governor!, The short man intuitively felt that he needed to turn around and run as fast as he could.

He spent many years in the ancient city and perfectly understood how terrifying these corpses of governors.

The vast majority of undead are servant level, but because of their number, they pose a mortal threat even to a squad of mid-level magicians.

But a skirmish with a corpse governor means almost certain death. The corpse voivode can call up corpse monsters from all sides, located kilometers from him. Even if several hundred undead are slaughtered, no one can fight off their thousandth army.

The corpse voivode is already a nightmare for a mid-level mage, what can one say about this, gathering death energy for itself in undead land for decades, a huge corpse governor!

Only a high-level mage can handle a huge corpse-governor, and even a squad of selected middle-level mages is doomed!

Undead are everywhere here, and the rain cut off our way back, so that flight in an incomprehensible direction is also good for nothing leads. Soon dawn, and we just have no other choice but to wait, said Mo Fan.

Both Mo Fan and Meng E thought alike. In this position, flight is not a good idea, besides strength, the speed of a huge corpse-voivode was extremely high. One roar will be enough for him to collect all the undead in the area, and then there can be no question of any escape.

And while the crowd of undead has not yet run up, it would be nice to deal with this huge corpse Governor!

Liu Zhu, distract the undead in that direction! said Mo Fan Liu Zhu.

Liu Zhu nodded and disappeared into the dense veil of rain.

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Can she handle it? a strong man asked fearfully, looking to the side where Liu Zhu disappeared.

Don’t worry, she’s not as weak as you think, Mo Fan said.

Now Liu Zhu’s strength should be even greater than that of that vampire Not Dun, but even then, she was already astounding!

Let’s all follow me!

The clumsy corpse voivode let out a cry that made his blood run cold.

Suddenly it started to rain cold, a huge corpse governor, waving his stupid axes, arrived snuggled up to Mo Fan and Meng E. This monster obviously didn’t chop it with its axes, but rather, like a heavy hammer, it destroyed all living creatures with axes!

Absorption by the shadow!

Absorption by the shadow!

Immersed in the darkness of Mo Fan, quickly overcoming more than twenty meters.

In the same way, the dark-haired girl Meng E used the magic of shadow of the third level, however, a little slower than Mo Fan.

Having overcome the distance to the governor’s corpse together, Mo Fan said, looking at Meng E: Use the spikes of shadow to shackle him, and I will try to distract him.

Dark-haired Meng E nodded, disappearing in the dark.

Seal of lightning!

Mo Fan instantly created the initial lightning magic level. The stamp of the fourth stage lightning created electrical curls around his body. Drops of rain falling on sparkling arcs evaporated, making a cracking sound.

Driving the seal of lightning, Mo Fan pierced her ground, created an electric field under his feet, and directed it towards the corpse-voivode.

The corpse of the governor took a step and stepped into an electric field, a discharge pierced his legs, and a large amount of bloody water in him gave an additional effect, and the discharge passed through his entire body, but this was not enough to paralyze him, and only slowed down for a while.

Even though he was pierced by the seal of the fourth stage lightning, this did not cause significant damage to the corpse governor, only angered him even more. Stepping back a bit, he rushed at Mo Fan at a crazy speed!

Bloody boots!

Mo Fan crossed ten meters in a sweep, dodging the jerk!

However, only Mo Fan appeared on the ground, the corpse governor already appeared in front of him, and immediately waved all four of his axes!

Mo Fan left his heels, how much this corpse governor is quick, apparently a short man still told the truth, and even a squad of middle-level magicians can’t cope with him!

Fortunately, Mo Fan was ready for this, and when he jumped to the side, he made sure that there was a shadow in the right place.

At the very last moment, when the axes were already right at his head, Mo Fan disappeared into the shadow

The shadow was getting away, and rushed to the side, like a black cat in complete darkness, in which only one sparkling eye can be seen.

The clumsy corpse governor noticed some strange movement, and realized that his prey was trying to sneak away, and instantly sent the axes in the direction of an incomprehensible shadow

This corpse The governor is obviously stronger than the magical monster plant! Mo Fan said quickly jumping out of the shadow!

Monsters of the leader level of the pack are also divided into several sublevels, for example, the unusual strength of the monster plant when their squad of mid-level magicians fell into a trap

Only this corpse-voivode turned out to be even stronger, even more cunning, that an ordinary hunter magician is clearly he is not an adversary!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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