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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 557 Snake chain mail Read Novel

Chapter 557 Snake chain mail VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 557 Snake chain mail VERSATILE MAGE

As soon as the clumsy corpse-voivode realized that he was chasing in the wrong direction, he turned around, and the girl managed to shout to Mo Fan at that time.

The smell of death, along with the rain, hit Mo Fan in the face. He wore bloody boots, so he could easily avoid the governor’s attacks.

The voivode waved the blades of his guns in different directions to such an extent that the undead that were next to him were already torn to pieces.

Spikes of shadow!

As soon as the governor was about to attack again, Meng E managed to release her shadow magic!

Girl’s magic It was much more powerful than Mo Fan’s shadow magic, and all because she used stronger spiritual seed!

Three spikes of shadow appeared that were not noticeable in the rain.

Meng E (a girl with a black veil) did not intend to intentionally hide her shadow spikes, because she knew that the situation was critical. She aimed the first thorn directly at the governor’s clumsy corpse!

The initial lightning magic of Mo Fan could not paralyze the governor, but the reinforced shadow spike could stop him!

The very first thorn nailed the governor to the place where he was, not allowing him to make even the slightest movement.

During the attack of the second thorn, the governor only growled, his hands dropped, and only his eyes looked deadly at Meng E.

A third thorn pierced his soul, causing his body to convulse!

The released shadow magic allowed Mo Fan to release his lightning magic.

-Thunder rattles: a dance of passion!

Lightning began to form around Mo Fan and head towards the governor!

Electric discharges literally cut the victim into pieces

Blood began to pour out from this body in streams

And although he was considered neither alive nor dead, electric discharges could not cause permanent damage to creatures like him.

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Skin, muscles they could all restore it at the expense of others, most importantly energy, which kept their existence, was not broken.

The governor roared, he wriggled so hard that the spikes of the shadow began to break apart.

The blocking ability of the spikes is very limited, therefore, as soon as the victim’s resistance force increases, the spikes also begin to lose the power of their impact.

The clumsy governor managed to get rid of the spikes, apparently he had not suffered such torment for a long time. At this time, a long blood tongue protruded from the girl’s head, which was pulled over the body of a monster.

The tongue went towards Mo Fan, even with bloody boots he couldn’t dodge!

Tongue grabbed Mo Fan by the leg, throwing him into the air.

Mo Fan, hanging in the air, now lost its spatial orientation, but he felt that the governor was getting closer.

Even if the governor’s body was turned into a mess, the head was ready to bite him

Although the head once belonged to an ordinary girl, her mouth already occupied actually half of her face, and her throat seemed to extend far beyond the skull!

A girl with a veil saw Mo Fan raking with her tongue, she did not know how to save him, and at that moment she heard the cry of Mo Fan: Use another magic!.

The girl, without thinking twice, began to build a star system.

Around Mo Fan began to appear Black rays.

The black rays did not scatter, they enveloped every part of the guy’s body until he was completely in them!

* Jin *


The voivode had already lifted his hatchets, aiming them at Mo Fan.

They had to hit right on the chest, causing anybody the man was supposed to fall apart

However, with the contact of Mo Fan, the weapons made a metallic ringing!

From the blow, Mo Fan fell down. When the governor realized that he had not died, he began to stomp his feet.

In a suspended position, Mo Fan felt dizzy, but he was still able to release the magic of shadow, therefore, at the moment when his feet only touched the ground, he immediately went into the shadow.

The governor did not understand which shadow he had gone into, so his two hands with hatchets waved in one direction, and two other hands to another.

Mo Fan came out of the shadows, and immediately received a blow from the scope of the governor! His body immediately flew up into the air, and, describing the trajectory, fell into the mud with a roar!

Mo Fan was unsweetened, he barely got up, there was blood.

He bowed his head and saw that on his snake chain mail there was a long trace from the blow of the cleaver. And although this blow didn’t rip open his belly, Mo Fan felt his guts shake from their places!

Meng E looked at Mo Fan in surprise.

Obviously that the black chain mail on the guy’s body is simply of the highest quality, since it didn’t shatter into smithereens from such an enemy strike!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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